Guitar / Music Shops in Doha

Hi guys,

Anyone know anywhere where I can get a good quality acoustic guitar here in Doha? I have a trip coming up to Dubai and may be better off getting one there maybe. Or import my Takamine from London.... Would prefer not to spend the cash on the shipping!

Any suggestions welcomed... Thanks a lot!


There is one shop on Kahrabaa street where modern hone is located. There is another shop near clock roundabout in the souq area.

Badie Studio and Stores. Tel. 4423554 or 5565052. On the roundabout on Jabr bin Mohamed Street. Lots of instrument and accessories :)


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This is brilliant, will pop down there today and have a look. Thanks for your help.

Not far from Rydges

Hi QatarKiwi,

Welcome to Doha. Hope you are settling in.

As far as quality acoustic guitars here in Doha, there is basically nothing to speak of. Modern home has a very basic Yamaha (although I had heard they were going to expand), but the Souq selection is woeful. Al Badie is quite good for gear and amps, some string, but nothing really for acoustic. (Phone number is 442-3554, give them a call if you like) If you are going to Dubai, check out Zak's Electronics near the Post Office in Karama or some of the shop at Fish Roundabout (taxi's will know these places) Strings are cheaper there than here in Doha and much more selection. Zak's is primarily electric (Fender, Ibanez so on) but they have some nice Fender, Yamaha and Guild acoustic guitars too. I haven't found Takamine anywhere out here, but depending on the airline, most will take a guitar as extra for minor fee. Better to strum your Takimine out here for whatever that fee is, than to pay over the top for a substandard no-name you'll find out here.

Anyway, good luck and let me know what you find. There are a few of us who get together to play semi-regularly, so if your interested, let me know. No one is that great, but we have a good time.



Thanks a lot for the info, sounds like I may be better off waiting for the Dubai trip.

Would love to meet up for a bit of a play around, Im actually a bass player originally, although well out of practise. Do you guys need some bass support? :-)

Will check out the places you recommended in Dubai, or get a quote for sending my stuff from London over.

Glad to hear that Doha is not a music free zone! What sort of music do you guys play or are into?

Thanks again,


I got a fender squier stratocaster that i'm selling for 1600QR with certain other accessories. You can contact me for more details...

I am looking for an acoustic travel guitar. Has anyone seen one in any of the music stores?


to QatarKiwi / recgirl83 - try to see badie studios in souq along the round about don't remember the street. look for Rey - 5674011. i bought there a Ibanez acoustic/electric guitar it's good though for practice or rehearsal (i am really looking for a Taylor 300 series here but can't find one) hope this will help. ciao!

if u want really good guitars like fenders theres this dealer hez near Lulu hypermarket hez gt a very good collection of fender electric stratocasters telecasters p-bass and acustic u bettr chek out wid him

there are many places like near modern home (51 east) its sell yamaha and there is albadee it sells admira i bought mine from there its so good and also vergen in villagio its also good it sells yamaha :D i hop i help you

there are many places like near modern home (51 east) its sell yamaha and there is albadee it sells admira i bought mine from there its so good and also vergen in villagio its also good it sells yamaha :D i hop i help you

there are many places like near modern home (51 east) its sell yamaha and there is albadee it sells admira i bought mine from there its so good and also vergen in villagio its also good it sells yamaha :D i hop i help you

there are many places like near modern home (51 east) its sell yamaha and there is albadee it sells admira i bought mine from there its so good and also vergen in villagio its also good it sells yamaha :D i hop i help you

if you want any thing just post me messeg!

why repeat ?

hello every body i want just to know where can i buy a left electric guitar , thanks

Hi der...i wanted to know who the fender dealer is..near lulu hypermarket? am planning to get myself a could u advise me abt it?please mail me at its kinda urgent...thanx dude...peaCE.

I'm glad I found this thread.

I live in Scotland and I'm moving to Doha in August and was wondering whether there are any decent music shops in Doha, but it doesn't sound like there aren't many. I'm going on holiday to the States during the summer so I think I'll buy something there and just bring it over with me.

Any open mic nights in Doha?

Exactly the same thing going thro my mind when i got here, left my Taylor, epiphone, guild etc back in Blighty. Badie music great if you want amps (inc acoustic) strings and Peavy electrics, but i would get my arse down to modern home opposite mannai. I bought a CPX 700 elctro acoustic Yamaha with built in eq and tuner. Having played and gigged for the last 20 years or so, i have yet to find a better acoustic for the price 3000QR or so. This guitar sound great and is a piece of art. Virgin also sell them in Villagio, howver dont rely anywhere on technical answres except for Badie which are very profficient. You can get a hard case for this at Badie inc stand and cappos etc. Couldnt recomend the CPX700 enough, have a look on the review sites for guitars, they will be of the same opinion, also you tube has a section for the CPX 700, hope this helps regards Rich

Thanks for commenting on this post.

So there is at least one decent music shop in Doha then? I've also been gigging for the last 8 years or so and I'm just looking to buy a half decent electro acoustic guitar to tide me over whilst I'm in Doha, possibly to use for open mic nights as well if there are any. I used to work in music shop and am (slightly) familiar with the CPX range, I'll have a little look online.

Thanks for your help :)

Wow guys, I thought that my original post died a death!

Yup, half decent is the way to put it unfortunately. The price vs. quality is still pretty shocking. I don't appreciate amps from Roland or Yamaha either.

What I would suggest is getting a Aramex account and buy your stuff in the US and have it shipped over. I got an excellent Fender Jazz bass and also a SWR amp for half the price and payed for the shipping. Excellent sound and cheaper than you can buy something crappy from here.

Good luck, we need more musos in Qatar!

Can you please give contact onfo or adress of that shop near Lulu Hypermarket with Fender and Ibanez..?)

Sent to this email

Thank you so much..))

Great thread guys was nice to hear like minded individuals are based in Doha. Are there open mic nights in Doha? Is it quite a close-knit music scene?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.....

I am also looking for pubs or bars that do open mic nights, it would be great to hear from anyone who has any knowledge of anywhere in Doha that does this sort of thing.

Much appreciated

it would be great if someone started a group for musicians and music lovers... anyone?

as per instructions...he never replied. I thought I would share some tricks with you about home recording on the cheap and we could have a proper place to discuss and notify each other of events, promotions but...:-(

Hi, hope all is well with you and by now you have found what you were looking for (there's a song in there somewhere). This info may be all too late but might not be as well (glass half empty 'V' half full).

If you are travelling to Dubai you might check out Taylor Guitars, take a look at the website. They are wonderful guitars, I recently purchased a Taylor 616ce from the USA (had it mailed to me here in Qatar)and I couldn't be happier with it. They are quite expensive but worth every penny. No, I'm not on the Taylor payroll but yes, I am completely impressed with them. The address for the Dubai outlet is below, if you're interested I suggest you give them a call before hand to check stock etc. Good luck.

Sadek Music

Shop No. L2-21

Burj Dubai

Souk Al Bahar

Thank you Rich

nsl nsl

sir hannibal cant help but notice that you mentioned that every once in awhile you and your friends get together and play some tunes?? u see ever since i got here in doha ive been trying to find some jammin buddies to jam with but unfortunately until now havent found one yet if its no trouble...can you tell me more regarding your jammin sessions like usually what days you get together and what type of music you play? stuff like that and if you would permit me id be honored to join your group i play guitar and i like all types of music but mostly i play the blues, rock and roll etc.but i can be flexible you know. im no eric clapton but il try my best... hope to hear from you guys soon. ciao

nsl nsl

sir jaco ive been tryin to find some jammin buddies here to jam with every weekends but unfortunately still havent found one yet... i play guitar not an eric clapton but still trying to hahaha if you play any instruments hope to jam with you in the future.

There is a fab music instrument shop which sells good music instruments. Plus you can get your piano tuned or repaired and that goes for any music instrument.

The shop is Continental Traders. Its near Souq Al Jaber - Standard Chartered Bank - near UBL Bank. Contact no. is 4314734.

Plus he has a store in Al Mansoura for those who find it difficult to go all the way to the Souq!

Give it a shot and good luck.

i'm selling my Yamaha acoustic guitar. very well maintained and polished regularly.

price Qr.550

contact me if interested.


Hi Danny, kindly advise if your yamaha acoustic guitar is still for sale? please send an email to; i would like t know more info. regarding your guitar like how many years you've been using it. please send me a message.

I went to visit this Yamaha store near Jarir Bookstore in Ramada. It was OK; though they had very limited guitars, with roughly less than 10 models to choose from. I am so perplexed and amazed how limited the guitars in Doha are. To think they have their own Qatar PhilHarmonic Orchestra made me think that Doha/Qatar upholds music as much as other places do. But mercy me, they don’t. They don’t even have a bar with open mic sessions here.

The sadder thing is, Fender and Taylor are not available in the city. Equally horrible is the fact that I got to speak to a store personnel, who is supposedly selling guitars in one of the only two reliant stores here, has (quoting him) ` not [NOT] heard Taylor or Fender`. !!!!

I don’t know what is wrong with Doha. I was hoping someone could shed me light with what’s going on. lol.

Very simple, guitargirl: they are all bloody amateurs here. Fender, Gibson, Guild, they never heard of it. Ask them for a Martin D-45, they'll say: which car do you want?


Is your guitar for sale still available?

What model is it?

Hahaha, good one LincolnPirate.

Disappointing though. Very frustrated when you think about it.

--- errata on previous post:

Very frustratING when you think about it.**

Buy online. I got a Telecaster from england here in 2 weeks time.

Hm. I never want to buy anything online. Isn’t it risky to buy a guitar online? How much is the shipping, and do the items come in very good condition? I would definitely wanna save myself from any trouble of calling a company’s sucky customer service just to report a damaged shipped/refund the item I ordered. It’s just a domino effect from there.

Would have really loved it if guitars are available so you could grip it, test it in person, and just have a `feel` of the instrument. not to mention you could check the item yourself, and pay in cash. Oh well.

Sure, you can do that in the Western World, but not here. They write the year 1428.

Exactly my thoughts.

What would a basic acoustic guitar cost me in Doha?

I'm moving to Qatar in a couple of weeks and am thinking of buying a new guitar rather than shipping mine from the States. I'm just looking for a basic six-string acoustic guitar. Any idea what that would cost?

I took mine on the plane with me without any charge from UK with Qatar Airways

the most decent store i can recommend would be yamaha. depending on the model, they can range from 590QR to 4000QR. go check the ones near Jarir bookstore Ramada & at Virgin Records in Villagio.

good luck. ;]

yes...the guitar is still for sale....the one that i actually posted is already sold...i hv one more though....same model a lil cheaper because its a lil older than the one that i sold b4. so lemme know at 3677448 if ur still interested.

Ps.. even i'm looking for ppl who would like to just jam once in a while...

danytphilip, what model is the yamaha you are selling?

Hi Guyz, why dont you'll check the Continental Trader Music Shop which is near the souq, near Standard Chartered Bank. He offers good instruments at a reasonable price. His stock consist of almost all kinds of music instruments and of different brands.

Contact Info. - Jackson - 5510764.

Hope this info. helps.


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i hope i can find other guitar brands... other than yamaha ,ibanez, sx.. i hope there would also be a musicians club here in Doha.. such a nice country but sadly, not that technical in own point of view... correct me if i'm wrong,, hope to jam with some musicians as well.. :)

need a place that sell cheep amps can some 1 help me

i just get a new guitar from DXB, now i need someone to give me lesson to play it :)

pls PM me.


Hi Victoria, If you have any joy on the lessons can you let me know. I've been been playing on/off for years but still really a beginner. About time I made a proper effort!!! Thanks Ian

Hi Ian...right now im learning to play on my own coz cant find someone who can give me a proper lesson.

just working with notes and strumming. strumming, im not good at.

yes, lets make an effort..once i found someone who can give a lesson, ill let u know. pls let me know if u find one too.


hey..vic and ian, i can teach you if you want to..i'm a guitar player..i'm a self-taught player..although i don't have a proper guitar lesson, i think i can give you some inputs in playing guitar..been playing since i was grade6..

hey folks,i wanna buy fender telecaster...guitar...and i don't even know the shop here..and the plz guys help me\m/

If anybody is interested: I have an Ovation Balladeer electro-acoustic 12-string guitar for sale. Built in 1991, including hardcase. QAR 2.500 Riyals.

dude...wad up?? i'm havin' a worst time here..even i wanna jam with some musician but can't find none...if u are interested then let me know...i ain't got no instrument...anyway we can catch sometimes if u really deserve...\m/

Hi people check this out its an online store based in Qatar

they are the Official dealer for B.C Rich guitars and Randall Amplification as well as others Rami will be more than help just contact him as all details will be in their website WWW.SHREDDERSPLANET.COM

Also I'm Looking to jam with other musicians but i only play Heavy Metal if any one is interested just give me a call to set something up 55079229


Mohammed Al Malki

is al badie closed already?

I hope we could jam too... soon.. :)

Anyone selling a guitar am interested to buy wanted asap please contact 74060019

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