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I'm moving to Doha soon, for five months initially, though it's possible I may settle long-term. I'd like some advice on any good gyms in Doha. I can't seem to get any comprehensive information on the net. I'd like a pool, sauna, gym, and a climbing wall would be a big plus. Any ideas or recommendations. How much would it cost?

Thanks for any help you can give me.


there are a couple of 'pure' gyms i know of SAS Gym and Gold's Gym (this one you may not know of it unless you are American) which cater for the gym freaks ... the latter gym i believe is spoofed in Dodgeball (w/ Ben Stiller and Will Farrell) However, there are a few that are health clubs which is what you are after in your description they are:- Al Dana Club Diplomatic Club Doha Club (but closing soon) and clubs in major hotels Intercon Ramada Ritz Sheraton etc plus Al Sharq Ritz Carlton opening soon and some other hotels I think most are pretty full. Prices for singles range from 3000qr to 8000qr per year appr. Do not know of any with climbing walls. Can I ask do the numerous stadiums have gyms that can be used. Also, somewhere like Aspire, can you use any of the facilities there? PLus, many housing compunds have all these facilities ... the quality depends on the compund offcourse, some are real nice such as Mirage, Al Fardan, Beverly Hills, Tbah etc some not so.
Hi, would you know how much Gold's Gym's membership is? we have a lot of those in the Philippines. Also, would you be able to give me the address of the Gold's Gym?
I haven't got a clue, Angel Face, but I'm glad you asked the question. Maybe some Doha veterans will help us out. I heard about Gold's Gym, but there doesn't seem to be website. Not a good sign.
I believe it's on D-ring road...somewhere in the vicinity of the airport/lulu's.
i personally have not been to it, but i would think that it the vast majority would be men ... correct me if im wrong and I think you'd feel uncomfartable. They are located on D-Ring Road, between Mall R/A and Airport lights, they have a big building and it is gold coloured. Don't know about rates but my guess its not cheap as usual members would be weight lifters and bodybuilders.
gold's gym is close to the harley-davidson showroom (at least i THINK its a harley-davidson showroom) on D-ring road. it's a big ugly golden building so you pretty much can't miss it. i don't know how much the membership costs but i've been told it's a bit on the expensive side.
Don't get taken in by the name.
Golds Gym or Diplomatic Club. Just curious Angelo
Hey e46M3 Thanks for the input. What do you mean 'Don't get taken in by the name ...'. Do you mean it's not very diplomatic, it's not killer, or it's not expensive?
This might help, Gold Gym 3500 yearly Gym near jarir (Active or something) 4000 QR yearly Ramada 5500 QR yearly. Above are for single membership, for guys..Women pay far less for membership. Ramada is good as they have a pool. Gym is reasonable not very good Gold Gym is good for pure gym but no add on's like pool. Active is alright not very impressed with it. Beast666
they have an international website,, they just don't have one for Qatar yet. Their equipment are top of the line, and in the Philippines, they rival Fitness First and Red Corner Boxing Gym.
can i take it for just 1 month? probably I'm just stay in doha for 1 month...
Yes you can take it for only 1 month :) , im a member there and i like it a lot .. ask for "michel" for your coach .. his a nice guy and he will help you with anything you want ^^ .
It's probably not on the Golds gym website cause they probably just stole the name here! Not surprising, plus they took the word gold a little too literaly with the building! :)
@San Diego Transplant .. i dont think someone can just take the name like that , if you enter the gym you will see that most of the stuff has the offical gold's gym mark carved on them and all the coach's have the offical uniform on .. ooh ya and they have a big sign about the worldwide gold's gym on it .. you can get pepsi in Qatar , but that dose not mean it was made in the US ^^ , it's business my friend :D .
I am new to Doha and signed up for Gold's. The gym is pretty good, the machines are not the latets but they are in excellent conditions and there is lot of variety. I am very happy with the place. It cost 700 for a month, 1300 for three months or 4000 for a year. They have steam, sauna and jacuzzi but they never worked wich is a shame for the price they charge and because I really enjoy the steam bath after a hard workout.
Few weeks back I came to Qatar. I know nothing about local and Qatar. Anybody can let me know where can I find gym in bin mahmoud area or al jazira street?
The best gyms are in the hotels. However they are pricey and they aren't like gyms in the USA or in Europe. Sheraton by far has the best gym in Doha, the best beach.. ok the pool kinda sucks but luckily the whole place is going under remodel in a few months! As far as Gold's yes it's ugly and I don't know if they are really Gold's Gym licenced or just stole everything All I know is that nothing is like Equinox, Sports Club or 24 Hour Fitness here.!
If yearly in the Golds Gym QR3500 how much monthly?
yup, also, they are not in linkage with the worldwide gold's gym affiliates. I'm a member of gold's and was able to use my membership in the USA and Canada, but when I arrived here in Doha, I was denied :-(
Hey ladies and Gents. I know this has been discussed before, but i just arrived to Doha and who knows maybe some new gym opened between the last post and now ;) Can anyone tell me where is the best gym in here. I went to golds and I was about to throw up when i saw it. I just need something a bit modern, quality machines and not too stinky with good ventilation system, STEAM room a must and mixed not just guys! heheh. My standards are somehow high as I spend many hours training every day usually. I know good ones are in hotels but i find it preposterous to pay almost 10,000 riyals a year (sheraton membership price) Many thanks people!
I might be wrong, but i think the reason its called Gold's gym its because the building is gold and not because it belong to the Gold's gym branches but i might be wrong
Finess First is cheap but a headache to get to + no pool. Golds is indeed a disgrace Al Massa - not mixed Hotels are just expensive, its the way it is. Ezdan Health Club is absolutely one of the better gyms for average users, not body-builders.
Found that gym facing mandarin in al mansoura. Not bad and clean and most importantly, i can have the sickest fresh juices after my training :) too bad it is men only, i'll have to get used to the ridiculous sausage-only idea in here i guess heheh. cheers,
I went by Gold's Gym 14 Aug 09, and I think it has been closed
hey rye can you teach me the way to that gym in mansoura. I am living somewhere in musherb area. Thanks!
Rye, Any change you could let us know where that Gym in Al Mansiura is? I drove around tonight looking for it with no luck I'll be in town for the next 7 weeks and would love to use the time to get fitter Thanks DMK
i am having the worst time finding a decent gym. Ppl told me to go ot the Aspire and I went 4 times and all 4 times they were closed. They close Fridays and Saturdays (wat the hell kind of gym closes on a weekend) and other days too. I dont want to go to a gym that opens twice a month. And opens late and closes early. Also there was a gym near the Ramez on the airport road and it was like 600 QR a month.. which i think is a bit expensive.. thats 180 dollars a month...
I heared that there is gym in Alsadd area and it has swimming pool also, does anyone know the name or website . I think it's like gym fit or gym inn etc.
hey guys im looking for gym were they have martial art programe tai boxing and full contact sport ..i like to continue my training .....any idea
Ok there is a brand new gym just opened in the Mumtaza area just up from The Centre on the road that links The Centre and C Ring Road - I have no idea of the cost or the terms and conditions and frankly I have no interest in going in to find out - but it is very well presented and offers great visibility from the road - in other words you can see the members beating themselves up on the cross trainers and running machines and as we know in terms of spectator sports, there is nothing funnier than seeing an overweight Qatari sweating his nutz off on the running machine. I think its name is the Qatar Fitness Centre and I guess as it is SO very new, it is offering all sorts of discounted memberships to get the ball rolling. For your information ...........
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depends how much is ur weight,,,,& minimum period should be 3-5 months with propoer diet control...go to just gym,,,,Its the biggest gym in Gulf,,,2500sqm...behind doha college in al-sadd,,,Swimming pool is also gonna open in 2 months,,,,Next month they are opening MMA(mixed martial arts i.e Kick boxing,,ring boxing,,tai boxing,,etc...
doesn't matter what i role i play for the gym,,,,its a challenge,,,if u once have a look at,,,u will be impressed for 100%,,,,i am not doing kind of marketing,,,its just a suggestion,,,take it,,,or leave it
Al Massa gym is quite good
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guys is there any gym with boxing facilities and the coach..???
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hey rye wuzzup! I recently joined this fun and helpful site. In addition im also new to mansoura, and i want to start again a good workout. Please show the exact place/phone/landmarks of this gym. Wanted to try this friday. Thanks.
Is there any Gym for men beside Bin-Mahmoud Area
I stay at mansoura and am looking for a gym. Please inform if you could locate a gym in mansoura. Thanks in advance.
I am looking to transfer my Membership of Fitness First Gym (Westbay, City Center), 4 months balance remaning anyone interested can contact me 55839252. Thx
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