Hair Salon in Doha

Can any girls recommend a good hair salon / hairdress in Doha? And what should one expect to pay...


Have you tried Toni & Guy in the Mall ??

there is Tony and Guy in The Mall, and you pay an arm and a leg for hair cut. I do my hair cut in Elegance Salon, with Doris. If you come from Al Saad traffic light it is the road before Toys r Us. x

U r quick. lol.

Finding a good hairdresser is always something really important to a woman - especially if you had a good one before. I suffer a great deal as I have very fine and thin hair so it really needs to have a good cut. Fortunately I found a very good hair cutter in the Childrens Hairdresser in the City Centre she makes me a brilliant cut and I always leave her feeling great.

there's jack dessange saloon in salwa road

skin and soul near he mall

The wife recommends hairdresser at Al Dana club named Vicki. 150 for cut and blow, 300+ for colour. Apparently there's a new guy at the intercon but need to book way in advance

My girl goes to the Marie Claire place on Salwa. If you're coming from cholesterol corner, it's on your right, just after the Al-Rifai roastery and before the decoration RA. Everytime I've dropped her off and wait, I 've seen a fair amount of ladies coming and going. Plus when she calls to make an appointment, it sounds like they're short on openings.

Don't go to the Intercon male hairdresser. The guy is rude, arrogant and worse of all not a good colorist. I gave the guy 2 chances with coloring my hair. On my second visit he looked at my hair and said "who did this awful color" I answered you!

Do not go here unless you want the World,s worst haircut. My 9 year old daughter went for a trim of her bob.(all one length totally straight.) She ended up with a fringe and sloping sides. The fringe comes down to the bridge of her nose and was expertly blow dried straight down so she could not see. The hairdresser just laughed, refused to modify it and ran cheerfully out to her bus.

Hi everyone!

My friend Hillary does the best hair cutting I've ever experienced. (And I've lived all over. you name it- california, seattle, NJ, London, Doha)

She is not only talented, but down to earth, friendly and LISTENS to you!!!

I've had the worst experiences in Doha with my hair and I was getting so upset and frustrated at the lack of hair proffesionals.

Anyhow, Hillary just opened up a new salon and spa off of Salwa Road, and it's called Glow.

She trained in Manhatten, New York at the Redken 5th avenue. She does weddings and I've been sending all of my friends to her for fashion shoots.

I'll give you her contact info & please tell her I sent you! :-)

Glow hair studio and spa


take care in doha!



isnt this your third post about it...


just hanging out and watching dvd's with helen keller... kind of a quite night.

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just hanging out and watching dvd's with helen keller... kind of a quite night.


I plan to come to doha and look for a job. I would like to allpy as a hairdresser in Doha , can send me someone addresses from correctly good salons in Doha, (possibly also with Web address).

Thanks anja


I plan to come to doha and look for a job. I would like to allpy as a hairdresser in Doha , can send me someone addresses from correctly good salons in Doha, (possibly also with Web address).

Thanks anja

hi alexa

The reason is that my boy friend will in the future working in Doha for his company.

Since we are already living separately,

since 21/2 years,and now I'm also looking at Doha for work.I know the salary will be not high,but I can not longer wait -I will stay with my Boyfriend.make-up and Hair Artist is my job,but I be ready for any work.Do you have an idea?


Alex it's very nice that you give to me all the info's.First I will get all Infos about doha and will wait what my boyfriend will said about Doha.He is comming tomorrow to doha.we have a very strong situation,because he is sri Lankan and we have fight now 3 years that he can come to germany, but not chance.He get a good salary,but he needs to in-live time to in Doha.We must find a solution, no matter how...

Thank you Alexa,if you have a good idea,let me know it.

A nice evening


canarybird~ childrens's hairdresser isnt for children only? do they do rebonding? do you know how much?

function~the marie claire place, do you have their no. i wana call and ask the pricing first. Are they reliable for hair rebonding?

Thazza~ how much is it to rebond ur hair at the Al Dana club? do you have their no.? Is it reliable?

butterflykisses thx for the post, i'm gona call her like as soon as i tink the shop opens.

I hope hair rebonding is not too expensive.. coz where i come from good hair rebonding is like S$120 which equals QR300.. seems impossible to get this price.. help me!

hahar and oh yea how much is rebonding in tony and guy?


concerning the post sent by butterflykisses about the Glow hair studio & spa, i would just like to know if they are good with short hair (my wife is trying to find a gd hairdresser to get a nice haircut). thanks in advance,


I went to Ellie and Jeans Hairdressers in the Sheraton Hotel. Jad colored my hair and gave me a short cut. I was so pleased. He matched my previous hair color perfectly and after he cut my hair, styled it nicely. Coming here from the USA and not knowing anyone, I happened to ask a young lady in a restaurant who her hairdresser was and she recommended the Sheraton. I got lucky that Jad was the one who did my hair.

I highy recommend him! ;}


can you tell us about the prices in Ellie and Jean?

Thank you

I have a brochure/card with the prices. Their website is : Jad is who did my hair. He was fantastic!

This is just a small sample:

cut 150 riyals

color (roots) 300

blow dry 120 * (depends on length of hair)

If this is a bit pricey, so be it. I just don't skimp on my hair....icecream, maybe, but not my hair.

Hope this helpful. Good luck.;}

17c 17c

I didn't get satisfactory results at all from glow

You could try Cloud 9 in Lusail on the opposite side of the road from the exhibition centre. Najat is wonderful at doing what you ask for. She will also make suggestions specifically for your hair type if you want to try something new. I think she did a great job with my hair.

how much do u pay 4 ur haircut?

try Glamour Beauty Center in al-nasr, the most professional salon especially in hair,lots of styles and modern looks. there is Mme Amal there specialist in hair extension that products for all needs, best prices for high quality.

this is the number if you want 77248616

Najat at Cloud 9 (across from exhibition center)

She always does my hair better than anyone else, and her experience is unmatched.

Amal Aouad hair expert,Glamour Beauty Center owner..shes wow and very professional. watched her episodes talking about hair on YouTube.i recommend you all to go all will be satisfied

Hala Beauty Salon is a very nice Beauty Salon in Meither. The Prices are very customer friendly and the staff is very nice. I went to many Beauty Salons but this one was realy amazing, they have a Sauna, Fitness Center Marrokanian Bath and much more. O before i forget they got a website

have a good day

Nahida :)

Men Hair Styles 2011 cool short hair styles really thanks..

Men Hair Styles 2011 really thankss

la diva de quafeir beauty saloon....55299944

I went to Glow recently and what a mistake that was. My God...

Haircut was a disaster...done by an American lady with dreadful untidy curly ginger hair. I should have known better just by looking at her hairstyle.

She claims to be an expert in hair colouring, yet she did not cover my roots and grey hair which I pointed out to her. I had to cut off some wispy strands when I came home.

I paid 950 riyals for it. Do not go there. I looked around and did not notice that any of the customers looked really good or happy with their hairstyle while leaving the salon. Way below average.

you better visit Amal Aouad in Glamour Beauty Salon that you can never find better regarding hair and hair products like hair extension and wigs and lots more. the number is 44428828

i want eyelashes extension can you tell me where i salon do that ? thnx

Please do not make the mistake of going to GLOW!!! Iam from melbourne and I had a terrible experience over there and vowed to never go there again. The hairdresser "KYLIE" was rude and obnoxious. I felt extremely uncomfortable. Just horrible and too heavily priced for its value.

I would recommend DADOS instead, the prices are very reasonable and the service is EXCEPTIONAL.friendly staff and lovely atmosphere.


Can you guys help me find a salon for my short african hair please

You can try Princess Salon (44111233) next to Landmark. The prices are decent and the quality is really good.

Hair styles are a primitive one and often linked with the popular and demanding styles in 60s and 70s both in men and women. A parallel hairstyles approach is still followed for girls and women in modern amazing hairstyle with a little untidy that confers a rock & roll look to your hair. This shag style has gone through slight changes over the time. Unlikely to older

HI,i know 1 salonGlam n Gkitz good in hair cuts n all kind of treatments,its owner is trained from Toni n Guy,i hd very experience....:)

HI,i know 1 salonGlam n Gkitz good in hair cuts n all kind of treatments,its owner is trained from Toni n Guy,i hd very experience....:)

HI,i know 1 salonGlam n Gkitz good in hair cuts n all kind of treatments,its owner is trained from Toni n Guy,i hd very experience....:)

Hi, try AFROCHIK (African) LADIES SALON at Gharaffa Mobile Phone Market. Behind Small Doha Bank. Very good/and customer friendly salon. You can call this number:-55782284

The only proven black hair growth system, provides step by step instruction for growth and maintenence of black hair. Beauty Schools in provo

i got to Radisson Blu previously called Ramada!! The only person i trust and allow my hair to be styled and cut is "Bilal" ... he is the best hairdresser in the salon. He is always booked... If needed, you should book atleast a week in advance to get him!!

there is professional hairdresser in Sinyan ladies salon, at abu hamour area, she is very professional in hair color, cut and styling, you can find more details from this salon website.

you must try kaira beauty the prices are reasonnable,and the staff is lovely the filipino does the nails art and the two european girls hairdresser are amazing they are a way better than any salon here in doha.

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CLOUD NINE Spa (Cloud 9 Spa) Dafnah, Doha

The legacy and traditions inspired by the masters all over the world are available at CLOUD NINE Spa in Doha, Qatar. An expert staff, designers and technicians offer consultations and treatments featuring Italian natural products featuring Dikson (natural hair colors and beauty products).

Rose' Salon by Rorrita, is a high end salon that provides all beauty related services such as hair styling and color, make-up, nails, body and face treatments, using top notch quality products. The services are performed by highly trained expert team with international background and extensive salon experience.

For reservations please call on 33316827

Or visit:

Today i went to EJ Hairdressers for highlights !!! It was just sooooooo perfect! As far as I can remember, I've never been satisfied with my hair done at salon before like I was this afternoon (well let's be honest, I was once back home! The hairdresser was an old lady and veeeerrry well experienced ;)

At EJ Haidressers, as soon I entered that door, I felt like a princess ^^ I felt so relaxed as well, well you can say that was a long time I didn't do something for myself :o ! I deserved that gooood treatment :p Roger did the highlights for me, he actually had many clients.. (The principal hairdresser I think) by the way he speaks French, that was great!! I could explain to him what exactly I wanted ;) I expresses myself better then (--.) you can feel their hospitality in this salon believe me! And it's not fake, it's true , it's not all about money, you can see when someone likes his job!!! This man he does! The result was awesome! Highlights on brown to dark hair, just as imagined ;) (y)

Well some of you could think that I could be one of the stuff at the salon, cause that's what I always think, I even try to analyse the style to know if it's a real experience ... :p clever me :p jejjejeje

But that's true it's the salon in Sheraton oh I almost forgot to tell you it cost me 540QR no blow dry. It worth it ;€ oh yeah and it took me arround 1h and half (1h30)

Does anyone know of ellie(illays) the hair stylist at diplomatic club? He has left them. I just went once to him n he was awesome! Looking for his cell no.

Any other good hairstylist? Is roger still here since Sheraton is closed now?

no roger is no longer in doha. there is someone called elie, technical consultant of l'oreal. he's good. try him 66913531

Hey ladies... How good is this elie guy from loreal? Is he the same elie from diplomatic club? I'm looking into a good cut n color( ombré)... whose the best in Doha? How's tony n guy? Anybody else? Any feedback would be appreciated.. Thnks.

May be .............................

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