Hamad Women's Hospital..wonderful

I got a baby boy , the delivery was from Hamad Women's Hospital......loll....such a lovely nurse i had got, cant forget her face....and will never forget too......her name is Sajitha....sooooo sweet behaviour she had.....very very caring....can never forget her in my life......she was like a sister for me at the time of labour pain.....loll..love her soo much.....and the facilities in that hospital was excellent.....
But one negative experience i got was from the women's emergency...there is one nurse in Emergency section......she is a bit fat and short and brown complexion.....whenever we ask her some doubt, she answers in such a way that we have asked something wrong......whn i got labour pain i wanted to just sit and sat on a chair near to the doctor's room.....this nurse just came and took away the chair from me......there were a lottts of chairs outside and she wanted to take the chair only from me.....i felt really very sad, coz i was getting pain and wntd to sit...but she.....horrible lady she was...not only that day....everytime i go in and ask, she gvs answers in a manner as if she has the hold of the hospital......
others alll r sooooo lovely...only this lady....


Congratulations on the birth of your boy..

congratulation on the birth of your boy,no doubt teh facilities are very good in hamad but some nurses are realay treated very badly but good & bad both persons are every where.thanks to God he bless you.

Congratulations shamsiec!!!

Good job!! we need MORE boys in Doha.. they are definitely in shortage here!

Osh Osh

Forget the bad egg and remember the good nurse.... most of them are really kind , you occasionally get one who thinks she's the cat's whiskers... !!!!

 Great Congrats

send him to the Orion next weekend will like to meet him ;D



i know a lot of them in HMC. Just try to understand them. By the end of August they will be kind because they will recieve their salary increase and bonus.

CONGRATULATION AS UR CHILD IS BORN HERE,HE IS QATAR-BORN(MAULOOD DOHA)and in future this will help him a lot inshalla as in all govt sectors for job first prefence goes to qatar born...

shamsiec congratulations!!! Sorry about the nasty witch of a nurse. There's always a rotten apple.

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mabrook! Take the complaint to the top about this nurse, I particularly like your description! Don't let her get away with it! By the way people, do not excuse nurses for their unprofessional behaviour by saying they don't get paid enough! Thats rubbish!

Congratulations on you little prince :) x


Good job!! we need MORE boys in Doha.. they are definitely in shortage here!

Don't you get enough attention from the boys already?


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lol....i'm the exception lol

and i only suck sweets btw ;)

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