Heaven - who has a chance?

Personally I believe that if you lead a good, honest life and repent your sins to God you will, God willing, end up in heaven.

I have a Muslim friend who obviously believes only good Muslims will go to heaven (Jana) and I have a Protestant Christian friend who also believes that only good Christians will end up in heaven.

So why did God create all different religions if not everyone can find paradise?

Is there a religion out there that believes everyone can have a chance of reaching heaven?

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    I dont know about others...but I have reserved my seat long back..:)

    God created only 1 Religion Islam the rest ones r created by the non-islamic or non followers

    According to muslims its not exactly right that noyl muslims will go to jannah

    Actually muslims believe that whoever believes in the oneness of God might go to jannah whether a muslim or not,as long as he doesnt reject islam due to arrogamnce.

    abt deciding to put in heaven or hell is entirely God's decision as only he knows whats in the hearts

    Beautiful gates :)

    most of the religions are as a deviation from islam and Even Adam believed in 1 God..and he didnt believe that Jesus was God.

    as Jesus pboh was jsut a messenger f God..even he worshiped 1 God like a msulim

    Very interesting :)

    So Muslims do actually think that non-Muslims have a chance, God Willing, to reach heaven @Mimas100?

    now ANYONE should go that only way. And heaven is where God resides. So it's HIS rule. HIS way, HIS commandments. Anyone who wants to end-up in heaven SHOULD follow HIS rule. And HIS rule is very simple if you view it HIS way. But since men view this rule on man's view, then that where the difference comes-in.


    yes they do,God isnt unjust.and islam is fair.if u udnerstand it from the right source with the right explanations,

    people have tried to distort it a lot,we should focus on reading the basic texts ourselves and if v dont understand and then ask for explanations

    LOL.. FS .. Do you want me give you a one-way ticket to heaven now? :p

    Well its not true that ONLY good Muslims will get paradise...as mamas100 said.. Anyone who belives in oneness of God, can go to heaven .. Even after spending their punishment in hell, people can still go to heaven...

    I have a Protestant Christian friend who also believes that only good Christians will end up in heaven.

    Christians follow Jesus-I.S.A(P.B.U.H) who is a Muslim

    they still r confused if they r Christians or Muslims

    Note :Atheist can keep clean from this type of topics as it is a religious discussion. no religion - no discussion simple logic

    Yes...but my Protestant friend believes that Jesus Christ was a Jew and the Son of God as you probably know and you and my Muslim friend of course believe he was a prophet and a Muslim.


    LOL @Captain_Lost....if you have one then yes please! :)

    we believe in the Bible and Muslims believe in Quran. In the Bible, there is no mention of Islam, so let's leave it that way.

    flor how many times the bible was revised testaments changed how can ppl believe the bible

    for eg : pork prohibited , alcohol prohibited in the first testa and in the second it changes


    BIBLE possibly consists word of God,but as u might know it also consits words of many many humans and many changes in many versions and testaments.

    and u should watch the video in youtube ''is Quran God's word'' too, by zakir naik

    zakir naik is also a schoalr of the bible,i read it myself, u might realise its not from God,or that it cant be from God if u read only chapter 23 book of ezekiel

    likewise in Quran Alcohol was haram is haram will remain either Muslims drink or dont drink in Quran it remains the same Haram

    had the mistakes, not the original text.

    But hw can u believe in somthign of which u dotn even know what the original text says?

    u shud read surah maryam in the Quran..it talks abt mary and Jesus pboh's stry

    its interesting do read


    so which one is the correct one ? n how can translations mistakes happen in religion case ( as it important bible or quran )

    It is for Him alone to decide. As for us mere mortals, it's upto us to follow God's commands and live and die upon good deeds and righteousness as much as we can, and then hope for His rewards, aka paradise.

    Lol.. MT .. Hope you got a visa or valid RP for heaven

    and I respect that. I believe in the Bible and I believe there is only ONE God and Lord Jesus is man and NOT GOD! Am I a Muslim?



    Missteacher said Yes...but my Protestant ...

    Yes...but my Protestant friend believes that Jesus Christ was a Jew and the Son of God - My God is Allah and ur or ur friends who is God pls specify ??

    flor ur a muslim by birth as Allah gives life to everyone , every child is born a muslim later the child just follows as his parents r taught or follow the same religion and the ones who realize later revert back to Islam

    MissT... with all due respect, The Great Almighty did not created "Religion". HIS creatures did. And "NO ONE" among us believers can judge "who can" and "who cannot" enter Heaven. Everyone has the chance to enter Heaven... Of course, depending on how one live, ones life here on Earth.

    The TEN Commandments is the greatest guidance given to Mankind by The Great Almighty to enter the Pearly Gates of Heaven. Live with it (though I have not... yet...)and surely you will not have tears in Heaven but pure laughter and ultimate happiness.

    And please don't disregard to practice "Charity" to the needy.

    Hope to see you in Heaven... MissT.

    The Great Almighty bless You always!


    flor ISA , Jesus (P.B.U.H) said

    dont eat pork who follows - I Follow

    dont drink alcohol - I follow

    so if u say ur a christian i m more Christan than u coz i follow his teachings

    then who you are?

    Any way You are a great man dear!

    to the true sense. Islam started on a certain period of time but not during the first creation or as someone said, "'til the time your Prophet was visited by Angel Gabriel".

    The Bible is very specific about that, people before the birth of Christ were called. children or people of God. Christians started when Christ started His teachings.

    Old and New testaments of the Bible is very CLEAR, there is only One God and Christ is man in nature from the time He was born until now that He sits on the right side of the Father and when the time comes that He will be sent by the Father in the day of judgment, He remains a man.

    Old and New testaments of the Bible is very CLEAR, there is only One God and Christ is man in nature from the time He was born until now that He sits on the right side of the Father and when the time comes that He will be sent by the Father in the day of judgment, He remains a man.

    who created the bible and if Jesus (ISA P.B.U.H) is a muslim how can u be a christian and also explain if Jesus is the son of God who is ur God

    A Muslim can just be a Muslim by name, and not have an ounce of Iman.

    But all Mu'mins (those with Iman) are promised to enter Heaven eventually, even if they had the tiniest amount of Iman in their hearts. If a person had lived a corrupted lifestyle, but had done something good in his/her life just once with sincerity in his lifetime, he has a chance to enter Heaven someday.

    None of us are free from sins, that's why we should always repent and ask Allah for forgiveness. The doors of repentance are open as long as we are alive and breathing in this world.

    as per Quran? It's the same God as in the Bible!

    Thanks everyone...

    @Highlander88 you say, "MissT... with all due respect, The Great Almighty did not created "Religion". HIS creatures did". So is Islam not a religion? & did God did not create Islam....you say his creatures created it? I thought Muslims believed God created Islam - meaning submission to the will of God and obedience to His law.

    @BG - My friend believes the son, (Jesus Christ), the father (God) and the the Holy Spirit (both) are all the one God...hence they call it the Trinity.

    @Captain_Lost - haha! I bloody well hope so!!

    Christianity was a true religion 1430 years before until the Last Prophet came, same is case of Judaism, Jews were on right path, till Jesus starting preaching,

    So Binladan , Gaddafi are in Hevan? , if only muslims are allowed to get in the Hevan?


    islam means submitting urself completely to God

    its a way of life.:)

    btw i dont think highlander88 is a muslim,i think hes a christian.:)

    btw i agree that other way of life than islam was created by humans by their own personal desires or beliefs



    flor 1212

    Yes bible's God and Quran's God is the same.but christians attribute divinity to a human and a great messenger Jesus pboh.thats what i disagree with

    the book of acts,which record all the deeds (good or bad) made by each individual (yes, these books are handled by individual angels who do the recording.

    But what we should be concerned is the other Book, the Book of Life, which God Himself handles. On this book, all the names of those who will enter heaven are listed. And this is what we should be concerned about, let ourselves be included in the Book of Life.

    flor and in the last what did christians do with Jesus ( ISA PBUH )hanged him on a Cross ??? this is what u do to the son of God

    if highlander is a muslim im srry its my misunderstanding

    if highlander is a muslim im srry its my misunderstanding

    Very nice read @mimas100 Thank you.

    @Jothish - no i asked whether Muslims believe only GOOD Muslims have a chance.

    the divinity bestowed to Jesus by the Catholics and other Christian denomination religions.

    But my belief is Christ for everything that He had done (the ultimate sacrifice of giving up His life for those who will be saved in the end time) is entitled to be worshipped BUT not as God because there is only one God. There is one verse in the Bible that says, "all knees be bend...." upon him. I worship Christ as the Savior, as the Son of God, as the Mediator BUT not as GOD.

    "Christians" hanged Jesus to the cross?

    Islam has only one Allah no other God ,i wld like to know how bible came into creation , and by whom and why did the changes in bible occur , its a God Holy book as per u flor or as per Christians so how can there be mistakes in it

    I'm quite confused by your sentence!

    Jothish, Who knows :)

    maybe you are referring to the translated text?

    and was God sleeping that time when ppl crucify his son doesnt he have power to save his son

    Oh dear me....

    isn't this to be posted in "Religious group" rather then "Problem or Comments"....?

    "what did christians do with Jesus ( ISA PBUH )hanged him on a Cross ???" You posted this at 2:30 pm

    Jothish: who said only Muslims are allowed to heaven?

    Surely those who believed (In the one true God down the ages) and those who are Jews (Followed the true teachings of Moses) and the Sabians and the Christians,( who followed the true teachings of Jesus) whoever amongst them believed in God and the last day and did good, they shall have no fear nor shall they grieve." Maidah {5:69}

    Baburao, you are going in the wrong direction, try to refine your words prior to posting it,

    It was Jews who hung Jesus Christ on the cross as far as I was aware. (Jesus Christ also being a jew himself according to the bible)

    @Rizks - I was trying to find religion as a group and I couldn't see it. So I figured its a problem/issue I have in my mind and would like people to comment to help me :)

    flor1212 said Who is your God, BG? ... Allah

    as per Quran? It's the same God as in the Bible - Allah

    Congrats Flor ur a muslim we must circumcise u asap

    lets leave this debate and come to common terms ppl

    islam says abt the same God as in Christianity.

    islam is the only religion other than christianity to believe in Jesus

    muslims follow Jesus's teaching as well.but we dont follow Paul's teachings.

    Quran acknowledges that the Gospels wer from God,but those wer changed

    "and was God sleeping that time when ppl crucify his son doesnt he have power to save his son"

    You must know how powerful God or Allah is!

    Missteacher i meant in "Religious Teachings Group" here :-



    christians philosophy errs aa bit .taht Jesus took all their sin and God let him sacrifice himself

    if u understand,,,if u r neighbour commits a crime,,do u kill ur own son to forgive ur neighbour

    Flor yes my Allah has already saved him and will bring him down on the Day Of Judgement but why didnt ur god save him this is the question

    Read ma signature..if you still dont understand, I can only pity you all.

    Whats all the fuss about ... anyone who's in a hurry to go to heaven soon .. pm me, i can give you all one way tickets to heaven... :P

    at least then, i can have some peace here :D

    Oh and there's an offer going on... Buy one get one free !!!

    shut up captain u fool ppl by taking them to banana island and later locking up urself in the washroom no ways i m coming with u

    Arien yes u can believe that the big bang occured on its own and the whole of universe came to existence suddenly through a blast,,,

    but have u ever seen a blast of energy resulting in creation of small universes?

    so hw com u believe in no God?

    The jews crucified him because they did not believe that Jesus was the son of God and thought he was committing a crime of blasphemy.

    @BG - In the bible does it not say that God did save him as he rose again to sit at the right hand of the father?

    there are three great division of time. The time of our FORFATHERS (from the creation of Adam to the time of birth of Abraham), the time of the PROPHETS (from birth of Abraham to birth of Christ) and the last division, the Christian Era, from the birth of Christ until the second coming or judgment day.

    Doha Chap

    Muslims said only muslims are allowed !

    i dont know which bible to read n trust it always keeps changing as i had heard till he was crucified abt his raising up is sum thing new for me

    for it is written :

    "In the beginning is the Word;

    and the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us"

    "I and the Father are One"

    He is the Alpha nad the Omega

    Well. According to Hebrews 5:7

    God actually saved his son.

    King James Bible

    Who in the days of his flesh, when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto him that was able to save him from death, and was heard in that he feared;

    Did you not read my above answer @BG???

    The jews crucified him because they did not believe that Jesus was the son of God and thought he was committing a crime of blasphemy.

    The Bible has not changed;

    google "The Dead Sea Scrolls"

    Jothish: I don't care what other ppl say, I only care for what the Scriptures say. And that one came right out from the Scriptures.

    khokhoy i had already a discussion with a respected Qler quoting the bible is corrupt

    I don't understand your comment @ BG

    All is predicted in the Bible, including the rise of the new Roman Empire (European Council)

    precisely that is God's rule, each individual is answerable for each sin committed. As to how Christ somehow "circumvent" that rule when He died in the cross, I will discuss that in person.

    Let everyone follow their own religions, why so much of fuss and arguments ? :(

    Its not us who decide whether we go to Heaven or HELL - its obviously our GOD !

    Havent our religion thought us to Love and Respect everyone ?

    saiah 65 & 66 declare Christianity to be a false religion!

    The sections of this article are:

    1- Isaiah 65 and 66, the future of Israel, and the cursed ones who eat pork.

    2- So what is it? Is pig's meat allowed today or not?

    3- Wrong interpretation of Christianity? Or a complete failure of receiving the Holy Spirit?

    4- The Holy Spirit, the conflict of inspiration between Paul and the other Disciples.

    (a)- Paul was declared to be a false apostle and a liar by even some of the disciples!

    5- The Bible's overwhelming corruption, even according to it's own theologians!

    Mimas , so you have seen all those crap you preach here?

    you can easily say "Bible is corrupt" but if we say the other way, we are charged with the big "B".

    Please let us have a "healthy" and "civil" discussions!

    So really I denote from this discussion that the general opinion is that if you believe in the oneness of God, and lead a good, honest, repenting life; God Willing, you will have a chance in heaven.

    The judge of this ultimately will be our upon our creator.


    The Bible's books and gospels, according to its own translators and theologians, were

    Written by mysterious men.

    Written by an unknown number of men.

    Written in unknown places.

    Written in unknown dates.

    Paul never even met Jesus Christ in person while the latter was on earth. It is falsely claimed that Jesus appeared to Paul while Paul was on his way to Damascus after the "crucifixion" (Acts 9:2-4. Note: Paul's name used to be Saul. Yet, Paul admittedly wasn't even sure whether the Holy Spirit was inspirning him or not).

    None of the disciples, even in the false writings attributed to them, ever claimed that their writings were inspired or Divine. Not only that, but we even ironically see that:

    Luke for instance, wrote his "gospel" for the sake of another person and not GOD Almighty. See below for details.

    The disciples even fought with each others [1] [2].

    We read about direct invitations to dinner and other occasions between the disciples in the "books" [1].

    According to the commentaries below, all of the books of the bible were altered and corrupted.

    The Bible's own theologians even admit that the bible contains "fictions", its original manuscripts "had been lost", and contains "fairy tails and fables".

    flor flor flor let me remind it was not me it was one among u who admitted this

    Damn you monkey.. you love that place... BANANA ISLAND... and thats what you call heaven :P

    and tats the best you can do ?

    or more least give calls from your net so tat ur number is not traced ?

    Shame on you Monkey.

    Yes this is what I mean about being a good person and respecting others regardless of what religion you are. When people start to be nasty and disrespectful to one another this is how the problems start in life.

    Even in the Quran it tells you to respect other people and their religion. Of course you will think the other religions are wrong as this is your belief but we all need to be sensitive to each others beliefs.

    You're the one who posted it, right. You said "Bible is corrupt". Give me the link, if you may!.

    The way you argue, I will not be surprised if even your fellow Muslim will disown your comments!

    Calm down, Padre!

    That gate doesn't look familiar to me and I reached heaven many times already.

    Once told us that heaven is a place on earth, so if true we can all go!

    Apologize Missteacher for a bit off topic...need to show tat monkey his real identity !

    Cheers and carry on.

    Bryan Adams' been to heaven also.

    Ok, guys you need guns and weapons.. i have a huge collection .. :P

    BG.. you ugly monkey... BEHAVE NOW !! and sit right there...

    May I remind people that the question was asking if there is a religion that believes every good person has a chance of reaching heaven. The question was not what religion is right or wrong.

    comment was correct, this thread should be in religious teachings!

    I can not debate your way without risking myself for something worse. I hope you understand!

    classified, on main board or in group?

    Right above pukhtoo in Qatar and below Romanian group!

    Ok... Flor and BG .. what are these code words you guys are exchanging on this forum?? :'(

    I want to understand too.. :P

    to comment, right?

    They should transfer it in the main forum section, so such thread can be place there and anyone can post.

    Say, put a "religios posts or threads" section, not in group forum!

    "blasphemy". Do you know that law?

    - The Holy Spirit, the conflict of inspiration between Paul and the other Disciples:


    1- Paul conflicted with many of the Disciples, despite the fact that all of them declared to have been inspired by the Holy Spirit!

    2- Paul was declared an infidel by many of the early Christians, including even some of the disciples!

    3- Paul contradicted Jesus' teachings on several occasions.

    4- Paul demanded financial fundings from his followers in almost all of his letters. He also called himself the authority, and he has put to death some of those who opposed him.

    5- The Holy Spirit had certainly failed to inspire the writers of the New Testament (and the Bible for this matter), because these declarations about the Holy Spirit inspiring them are nothing but lies.

    Allah Almighty Said in the Glorious Quran: "Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and then say: "This is from God," to traffic with it for miserable price!- Woe to them for what their hands do write, and for the gain they make thereby. (The Noble Quran, 2:79)"

    Oh dear I did not expect my forum would cause so much debate and argument :S


    It is clear that Christianity is in a clashing contradiction with Isaiah 65 and 66. The pork eaters are cursed till the Day of Judgment in these two chapters while Christianity allows for eating of pork. Where is the Holy Spirit in all of this?! The New Testament is also filled with clashing contradictions that resulted in having Paul getting declared to be a false apostle and a liar by many of the early Christians, including even some of the disciples. Again, where was the Holy Spirit in all of this?!

    the HS is good, your posting are NOT!

    @BG - conclusion has nothing to do with original question. you have created your own forum topic within mine.

    Yes that relates to the topic question!

    the possibility of the peeps reading this to go to heaven is very rare... thats hard fact.

    My GOD baburao what stamina u have...u can go on and on and on...Don't u become tired at anytime.....BTW by this you yourself are proving that u r surinder...

    and I forgot to write that religious topics are your favourites..

    Everyone as a chance to go to heaven. Whether we'll actually get there is not for us to say...

    i Believe and obey Jesus.

    NOT Paul

    BE, but actually getting there is for us to do......

    If someone said Jesus was crucified by the Jews, then this someone is a bloody idiot. He doesn't know anything! ONLY the Romans had the right to crucify people in their provinces!

    If only Maximus Decimus Meridius , General of the Felix Legions had been there to protect him ;0(

    Had this been a discussion on the other religion, thiis would have not reached 10 comments :)

    My religion will/would/could not save me, so i forget about it... But i have my own faith! I accept Jesus and it will keep me saved. :)


    A man arrives at the gates of heaven. St. Peter asks, "Religion?"

    The man says, "Methodist."

    St. Peter looks down his list, and says, "Go to room 24, but be very quiet as you pass room 8."

    Another man arrives at the gates of heaven. "Religion?"


    "Go to room 18, but be very quiet as you pass room 8."

    A third man arrives at the gates. "Religion?"


    "Go to room 11, but be very quiet as you pass room 8."

    The man says, "I can understand there being different rooms for different religions, but why must I be quiet when I pass room 8?"

    St. Peter tells him, "Well the Jehovah's Witnesses are in room 8, and they think they're the only ones here.

    I'm a Pastafarian...any of my co-religionists around?

    So basically the Flying Spaghetti Monster is your God?

    He is a monster and cannot be god especially after he jumped into the sea of japan and created that tsunami, i wouldnt think of him as god...

    just that I like pasta and bob marley..


    Thank you for your debate & spirit to spread truthness from Holy Quran (The ONLY EXISTING TRUTH prevails on the face of Earth), which all should understand & should realise that sometimes we should have to accept true though me doesn't like it and even being following by our Ancestors baselessly (already proved & declared false).

    Let them decide by reading the wording of God (i.e. Holy Al Quran), if they want success here & hereafter. It is for those who wants sucess and not to get astery.

    My lord and savior the PreZ eagle I know there is no such thing.

    Live long and prosper Doha-Chap!

    Hail Me As The Camel in the suit.

    Hail Me As The Son Of the outbacks.

    Hail Me As The King Of Yours

    For in the scrolls of the Ancient prophecies

    I’m the chosen I’m, the Ever-living!


    What if Mankind will embrace a "Universal Religion" to have Peace on Earth...

    And if Mankind embraces a "Universal Religion"... then Peace on Earth shall prevail... then Peace between Baburao-Ganapatr and Flor1212 shall also prevail. For sure!!!

    So what if?

    To DiD.... spread your Faith.. you're making Peace.

    BTW can I join you?


    You of all people must know that "There can be only ONE"

    Follow me now and you will not regret leaving the life you led before we met you are the chosen and the sacrifice!

    Actually they CAN all be right, they can all be different peoples and cultures looking at the same thing.

    Brit... I might be misconstrued of my opinion... Yes you are definitely right that there can be only ONE. I am 101% with you on that. But what I mean is... All Mankind having One Religion, praying for ONE GOD. And for sure Peace on Earth will prevail. I might be dreaming, but anyway dreaming is for free and as well as an exercise of Liberty.

    I am sorry to say this.... but Religion have cause divisiveness among the Human Race.

    Tats why I want to join damselindistress... if welcomed.


    @ LincolnPirate - It was me that said Jesus Christ was said to have been killed by Jews in the Bible and he was said to be a Jew. Christians came about after Jesus Christ, those who believe that he is the Son of God. Jews are still waiting on him to come and don't believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the messiah they are still waiting on. So be careful because you inevitably disrespecting and calling Christians who believe this stupid.

    i there for conclude that.... haist... I got tired reading all the comment. All I know is whatever your religion is, if you are bad and do bad things, i'm pretty much sure you that you will not be booked to that golden gate.

    there is no whatever religion only one Islam

    Isa (PBHM ) is a Muslim then how can his followers be non Muslims ?

    This is what you believe BG and you have every right to and this is the truth for you.

    However, other people have different belief's and interpretations.

    So we need to respect other people's beliefs and not shove it down people's throats and make them feel like they are stupid because they think differently to you.

    What you could do if you feel strongly about people not believing the same as you is simply pray for them.

    MT i dont think i need to make u feel stupid if u see

    ISA ( PBHM ) is a muslim and if u not following him what else shld u feel ?

    *NOTE* you are not making me feel stupid.

    I have not said anything different to what you are saying im simply stating what different religions believe...not what I believe.

    If you dont respect other people and their religion you are not following your own teachings from the Quran.

    I say it once again: Jesus was crucified by the Romans! The Jews had no rights to execute anybody under Roman occupation! Read your history books again!

    how can there be another religion when i m saying u ISA(PBHM) is a muslim and whom do u follow ? so who r u

    And by the way, the Romans didn't really believe in anything. They had a couple of Gods, derived from the Greeks, but more or less just to have parties and festivities. Caesar did not seriously consider a God when it came to leading a battle! He counted on his charisma and the abilities of his officers!

    Actually the Roman's were the ones who allowed it and gave order to do it but in the Bible the Jews are the ones who decided whether he was going to be set free or be crucified. The Romans did not want to specifically kill Jesus Christ as they believed he had not committed a crime worth crucifixion but the Jews wanted him dead. So actually they are the ones who set him to be killed on the cross.

    BG ...there you go disrespecting again...

    but it turned into such a nasty argument

    I know....not what this was intended for.


    flor is this correct MT said So actually they are the ones who set him to be killed on the cross.

    if you don't believe for what I believe. Fine. But you better read again whatever you're reading about RESPECT.

    who do I follow? who am I?

    both of which questions I neither want or need to share with you.

    so keep waiting.

    P.S It wont be me who will be crying if you chose to live your life disrespecting people.

    BG...LOL..i dont own QL ...but i do own you... now you better be an obedient pet ..else you wont get any bananas.. :P

    U don't have to agree to others religion but show them respect how would u feel if ppl treat u the same

    first pls (as u can see i m requesting no disrespect) tell me who crucified Jesus as i m still in dilemma )

    Easy question but I m not going to answer it for u its better u r stuck in some kinda dilemma :)

    BG... dude why don"t you google it?? why do you criticize other religions and give them a reason to criticize yours??

    come on !!! are you in some kind of contest or something that you want to win??

    Live in peace and let others live !!

    Oh dear, here we go again.....yes same lady who made a typo and same lady who was disrespected by you by making a big deal out it and saying I should quit my profession and that teacher's don't make mistakes.

    as my signature says.......

    why am I feeling that we are talking to a kiddo....

    Until I read the comment correcting me....

    MT i hope u do ur homework on the weekend till then cya ! have a nice weekend without typo errors

    for others who agree to MT where u folks sleeping the other day when she was making fun by saying Quran as Qaran and now the same lady teaches me respect

    But then u provoked her to do it again by insulting

    U r getting boring repeating same things and no more fun to talk to

    Can some one tell me the ACTUAL difference of being a Christian and a Muslim, doing away with nitti gritties like alcohol and what not?The more I live here the more the boundaries[ if ever it exists] are becoming unclear. As I see it, both are following the same text ,taught by different teachers, and I see my Muslim brethren giving more respect to Jesus[PUBH] than Christians reciprocating to Mohammed[PUBH], even to Jesus[PUBH]himself! The Davinci Code was made by a Christian and was banned in a lot of Muslim countries,….I hope to see the day when Both Christians and Muslims realize how similar their texts are, the brothers that they are and truly be at peace with each other…..

    Well said. We need to focus more on the similarities, than the differences.

    In addition, we need to learn to accommodate all others no matter what their beliefs.

    polka..you did it again!!! Big "Like".

    Well said polkadots..

    Frankly it depends on the Deeds of the Person, No one can reserve a Place in Heavens, Only GOD knows....

    HI there, I am a protestant, In my religion WE believe that when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we are save and can enter the Kingdom of God.

    I am not against with the muslims and i have great respect for them. Love your neighbor as you love your God.

    Well said @Polkadots :)

    @metoyou...so you think that only Christians have a chance then, same as my friend, as obviously Muslims believe in a different Jesus Christ and Jews don't believe the Son of God has come yet.

    Then there are atheists who don't believe in God. Where do they stand?

    Hello there Missteacher... I am not saying that only Christians can enter the heaven. What I am saying is base on what i believe in. (Who knows at the end we are all going into one place which is called "Heaven" but different entrance" :)

    Have a nice day to you! :)

    it was God who instructed to build the Ark and while he is building it, he kept telling the people at that time that the will of God is for those who want to survive the flood should come to the ark. And many people actually al except the his 7 love ones believe him and look what happened.

    In this modern times, the only problem is there are so many arks being preached so for sure, mere believing will not save you, ONE need to enter the "ark" because it is the way to be saved. Now it's up to one individual to choose which ark to enter because mere believing will not save one.

    is Islam a religion? It should be because religion means "the way to God". It's an organization per se since you need to be converted (other called it "reversion") to be a Muslim (believer of Islam, right?).

    My next question is, how can people who live before Prophet Mohammad's time be called Muslims when Islam was preached in the 5th century (not sure though).

    BG said I am a Muslim since I believe in the ONENESS of God but I am not. I am a Christian since the Bible also teaches only ONE God and I believe Christ as the Savior since He is the Son of God who's final task is to come back and get all those people (children) of God who will be saved comes Judgment Day. Good afternoon everyone!

    heres an clear cut answer between scholars..just watch and understand

    risk my salvation to a recorded or taped film or whatever in Youtube. You want clear and clean answer, make it personal!

    Flor if Isa PBUH is a muslim how ? how ? how ? can his followers be non muslims


    for those who beliving in other religions means ur agreeing there r God or Gods other than Allah ( which is Shirk )

    In Islam, shirk (Arabic: شرك‎ širk) is the sin of idolatry or polytheism. i.e. the deification or worship of anyone or anything other than the singular God, or more literally the establishment of "partners" placed beside God. It is the vice that is opposed to the virtue of Tawheed (monotheism).[1]

    Within Islam, shirk is an unforgivable crime; God may forgive any sin if one dies in that state except for committing shirk.[1][2