Home movie footage of Doha in the 1960s

I have updated the "Will someone photograph my old house?" thread but thought that others will enjoy seeing something really quite rare- movie footage my father took of Doha in 1968. I am uploading this over the next weeks and in several parts but the first are available to view on You tube now -"Doha in the 1960s". Over the coming weeks expect to see further parts with archive footage of the Shell Lodge,old airport, town centre as well as ariel shots taken from helicopter flights over Qatar.

Doha in the 1960s - Part 1

Click here for parts 2 to 6.

Doha in the 1960s - Part 2

Doha in the 1960s - Part 3

Doha in the 1960s - Part 4

Doha in the 1960s - Part 5

Doha in the 1960s - Part 6


How very interesting and great that you are sharing with us some of Doha's history. Will look forward to further archive footage - my how Doha has changed over 50 years!!! Amazing!


this is awesome dude tnx for sharing


Amazing and thanks for sharing!!!

TFS.Awesome post.

WOW! So Touching (: almost cried watching it LOL! > Loves Oldies!

Thanx a million dude.. I went into flashback. Will it be possible to upload it on some site so I can download and keep a copy..phuleez!

When the plane is landing there are so many trees. It's practically a forest! I'm surprised. We need more forests to suck up the CO2 from the Landcruisers now.

mozzie: I believe in the " Trees part " the people who did this amazing vid were taking a trip back from the Levant region. Probably Syria or Lebanon. All the lovely mountains and greenish landscape, looks so much like Lebanon.


Wish i had a Time Machine, would have Happily gone back in the 60s.... :(

Awesome Many Thanks for sharing

very nice!

awesome video , thanks for sharing...

wow i love this.........and what a coincidence my dad know your dad ....my dad is also working in helicopter company and he met your dad

Superb.. Remember the BOAC well :O)

Great days and quiet life... Where did it all go :O(

It looks like to me, an old treasure is revealed!

hope you dont mind us keeping a copy and sharing it with others?

Thanks a lot....

some memories of places that were virtually unchanged in the early 80's.

Thanks for the memories.

still remember Al NAsr Stores - one of the best toy shops in town at the time near Mannai roundabout...

Enjoyable to see these and how much has changed.

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