Homosexuality in Qatar

I'm new to qatar but i have been reading the discussions on qatar living for a couple of months and was wondering about how widespread being gay in qatar was. although i am not gay i am coming from a culture where it is widespread and considered acceptable and legal. i saw a discussion on this site from a couple of years back but it was really old.

my new colleagues tell me that homosexuality is rampant but deeply closeted and i am pretty sure one of the locals in my office is as gay as gay can be.


My boyfriend says that its widespread, but i'm not so sure...

i like to suck on beers after work.

Gay(s)is not allowed here in QATAR, if you are..then just show it indoor. LOL!

Gay or straight.. Nobody really gives a shhh.. Unless u make it obvious in Qatar public.

Why not ask the guy out and find out? You can always stand him up later if you get nervous. Or just tell him you'll pick him up in front of City Center, and that he will know it is you because you will be driving the white Landcruiser with the go-faster-stripe.

I never saw a guy holding another guys hand in public until I came here...

holding hands mean gays...........lol

pappajohns it is rampant here but officially it is banned.

Ofcourse there is homosexuality here, but holding hands is more of a social thing. It happens all over the Gulf and Indian subcontinent.

holding hands dont mean gay in qatar, and arab contries, thanks brit expat for clearing this to them. In america i remove my hand when arabs try to hold it as friendship! i tell them this mean you are gay around here!

csymllr...I dont have any girls in my 'friend's circle', I go out with my friends (boys), (At times) we hold hands, we exchange hugs when we meet or depart...so that makes me a Gay?

You know, you need to understand the cultural things when you move outside your home country...No? Men holding hands may be a bit abnormal from where you've come but not in this part of the world.

Why you dont want to hold hands in america. What you are afraid of. If people think you are gay so what. You are not gay .. right?

Holding hands between male friends and relatives is absolutely fine here in the Middle east.

thnx guys for clarification, else i was in doubt about my friends circle :P

still sounds fishy to me

Sure, Scotiabank. WE BELIEVE YOU you don't hold hands with men in America. Weren't you just talking about measuring penis sizes in another thread?

Why it is fishy Casey. It is about time to learn culture and norm of other countries.

linc...are you sure, he started the 'measuring' thing in THAT thread?

I don't know if he started it, but he was certainly engaging in it with references to male genitalia.

i like homos and kuboos.

lots of gays posting this thread.

They are everywhere, at college, the gym, the club, malls, everywhere...i don't think it's illegal, but to all the gay people out here, PLEASE act a little manly and stop trying to get with straight guys, it's amusing but can get uncomfortable.

Thank you.

LOL.. lobot isa ka sa ila?

Translate: a55, r u sure?

I thought that argument was getting a bit like d*ck waving, and made the reference ;)

visper anovahhh....lol...

The problem is with lack of understanding, acceptance & respecting other culture, norms & social values from both sides. If someone (not all) from this part of the world sees a woman in revealing clothes in public, he/she labels her as a 'bad woman'. If someone from the other part of the world sees two guys holding hands, he/she labels them as gays.

It would be better to learn & accept the cultural & social values of your hosts....be it in the east or west. You dont need to adapt but just acceptance would do.

lol lobot.. I thought ur straight.. No more crush on you.. :))

Karoge to maroge

If you will do you will die for sure, bcoz it caries HIV virus.

I have seen many "straight" Russian males kiss on lips as a form of greeting. It was too cold for me to shake hands, so I used my nose instead :)

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gays are also human beings but their behavior can be considered as unnatural.

there was one gay who shook hands with me and i was nervous by the way he was looking at me and holding my hand

ohhhh gave me a nightmare

There is enough hatred in the world already; why punish two people for loving each other in this world? If the major religions are right, they will suffer enough in the next.

i dont believe in homosexuality or a person can be either STRAIGHT OR BISEXUAL

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Mod I meant Gay=Happy... :(

BTW mod how many members are there?... the numbers are hidden now a days ...why?

Oftentimes, I see men holding hands here while walking.....

HHWW----holding hands while walking. Okay, so there's nothing wrong with that; but what about some men in the park, lying in the park and cuddling each other? The man is lying on his back while the other men is lying on his chest??????

What's this??

Oftentimes I see men H.H.W.W........ ---holding hands while walking.

So it's normal here? Fine.

But what about those men in the park cuddling each other? The man is lying on his back and the other man is lying on his chest. So, this is normal also here?

lol.. haha...

The problem is that if tens of thousands of male workers are put into camps, forbidden to engage with women for years at a time. it is a lot like prison. And prison-like homosexuality must be rampant. The court section of the Gulf Times sometimes has some scary accounts of the sorts of male-on-male assaults that take place in worker residential zones, and I think it is safe to say that this sort of stuff is under-reported.

the amount of homosexual experimentation in the schools here among boys and girls. In many ways, it is a very unnatural society for many of its residents (and even some qataris by the looks of things).

this thread is

digging in the dirt

You can always ignore it, one shot. Unless the subject interests you ;)


it seems like you are offended ex.ex.ex.ex.ex.ex.ex. but


Since Qatar has a large number of expat children, it means that they must be experimenting also ....

Perhaps it's a phase many go through... Like trying drugs, porn, alcohol, sheep etc..

Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin, openly-gay.

According to Wikipedia, he coined the famous German phrase 'Ich bin schwul, und dasist aucht gut so' which means "I am gay, and that's all right, too."

I think it's fantastic that one could be a politician regardless of their sexual orientation...

Or Taliban? lol

But yes, kids experiment. If they don't have access to the opposite sex, they'll often try with what they do have access to.

A person after my own heart. You've obviouslyy walked the Yorkshire dales with wellies on and cum upon the odd sheep .. :O)

I have to say I have never personally cum upon a sheep, but I have heard about it :)

thanx for the comments. appreciated the mix of humor and seriousness. sounds like ql and qatar are more tolerant than i thought. kudos.

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