How Do Arabs Greet.

i have seen many times that when Arabs meet each other,they greet sometimes by touching their noses, sometimes by kissing on cheeks, sometimes touching their cheeks,sometimes by kissing on heads and sometimes by kissing on shoulders. what are the criterias or circumstances for these different types of greetings(among males)
can we (non arabs) also greet them similary.


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Being a doctor U must know, each individual like different sexual position, so does the greetings :P

cryspy....does it indicate their sexual mind set? i am confused, can u be more specific.

immi.. it goes as follows:

-When friends meet they touch their cheeks

-When a blood relatives meet they touch their noses

-When a youngster meet and elder of the family the youngster kisses elder's forhead and sometimes shoulders

Their is nothing sexual whatsoever. Non-arabs can only touch cheeks with them.

in my country (lebanon) if u wanna greet ur close friend u kiss them 3 times, (right cheek) (left cheek) (right cheek), when i came to qatar, i found out that some people greet by 2 kisses on the same cheek, so i kissed them on the first cheek, transferred to the other while they kept freezing in place and then BOOM ! almost kissed the mouth LMFAO ! it really takes a while to get used to other countries and cults

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