how much donation for engineering?

Sir I'm going for Engeering. To India

So I actually wanted to noe how much does the collage people take for the seat...I mean donation money. other language
rishwat? How much they take for engeering admissions
Any guess plzzz its reaally urgent for me to noe this!!!! I want to arrange some money fot it b4 o go plzz


I'm not quite getting this, are you asking how much you should pay for a bribe?


Ya exactly!!!

Well, the obvious answer is NOTHING! Bribes are illegal.


Uff lol... I noe that!!! Its illigal.... Evry1 in this world now noes tha the word bribe is changed to donation. .. so that people don't feel awkward. ..

Do hv any idea how much donation??? Any idea. . Or ur frnzz. Its impnt for me to noe!!!

it depends.

if you can clear the entrance test with good rank. then you don't pay anything any extra. you will get in merit category.

the other option is to get in management quota. where days they charge you higher fee per year as compared to merit student.

No donation/bribe is required in many colleges.

This management quota is approved by the government.

Changing the name doesn't make it right, you know.


no need for donation if u pass on Merit

But still I want to noe the figure?

you can write to the university/college directly and find out.

May I translate this inquiry? Dear QL members, I am way to stupid to get accepted by a college on my own merits, so I am going to have to make an illegal bribe to one of the officials at the school. Even though any degree this institution grants can't be worth the paper it's written on, I am too dumb to understand this so I still want your opinions on how much of an illegal activity I should commit to.


Ah, he's Indian, that explains it! I have been told, by my Indian friend, that this is actually how it's done over there.

Ah, he's Indian, that explains it! I have been told, by my Indian friend, that this is actually how it's done over there.

It has nothing to do with stupid or smart. It's just how it's done.

Don't agree NM, the smart ones DO get in. The marginal ones bribe their way in. And don't get me started on, "oh, that's just their culture"!


Mandi, it's very much possible that the smart one can be swapped with the one who paid "donation"...

But the point is.. not only the fact of "donation" is awful, but I don't understand why QL has become a hub for all types of semi-criminal elements who feel free to ask any illegal question on how smoother and easier to violate a law.. Why Mods allow criminals to share tips and advices regardign all types of law violations?? While the thread about finding a home for a kitty gets deleted immediately..

Really disappointing Mods' actions .

Will have to check this point with the authorities..

Exactly!!! You are my long-lost twin, QS!


Mandi, I detest that kind of thing too, for sure. BUT, it IS some places. And as QS said, the smart ones may even be swapped with the ones who pay a "donation".

And QS, why is this so on QL...what do you think???? Who do you think the MODS are? :P

But even in India they are carrying on a "no bribe" campaign. They hate corruption, but it's so hard to break the long-standing practice. If individuals start standing up for what's right, it may have an effect - someday.


was deleted.

This thread should have the same ending!

And maybe the language barrier, does the Mods understand all languages silent rule?

Flor, you don't like it, don't read it, as simple as that.

Or, flag it.

But stop this incessant ranting. ( no, I am NOT accusing you of incest...I do wonder sometimes though..:P )

anyway, I think you are the one with a problem, not me. If you want me to differentiate incessant and incest, just ask me politely! OK?

well, if you know what rant is?

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