How much the iPad in Qatar will cost?

does anyone know?


I cant understand why people buy electronics in Qatar. I get all my stuff off of Amazon and have it shipped by Aramex. It costs me about 25% less even with the cost of shipping.

Whatever you buy in Doha will be overpriced and out of date.

The only advantage would be you have a local one year warranty, but those are rarely honoured anyways.

@Secretagent69: How did you shipped by Aramex, do u need to have account on Aramex? I checked and the price is really good, please help me i want to buy a laptop. Thanks in advance :)

Sure. Just go to the Aramex office and set up an account. It's cheap and easy. Then use your credit card on Amazon to buy the laptop and have it shipped to Doha by Aramex. It will arrive in about a week.

and how safe is it?i mean the online transactions for huge amounts.

Online transactions are safe if you know your way around a pc. If your in doubt - use a pre paid credit card. I use aramex as well. The service is not all that great. They received two items from amazon on the same date and shipped one a week after the other. But amazon customer service is very good.

You don't need to go their office to set up the account. You can register online from their website for a ship and shop account as well. Only reason why I would buy something from here over amazon/aramex is when I feel the local warranty is required or if I need it immediately.

prices will be roughly as reflected at

I would suggest to order online on

I got my iPad in 3 days via aramex provided good packing also

I also ordered ipad accessories from them

you can also check out prices are pretty decent compared to whats available else where.

we were at the Phone souq last Friday and were told an iPad costs 3,500 QR

jamilly check out the ad: ;)

if anyone is interested in iPad 32gb, I'll be receiving a brand new on May 2-3, 2010. I ordered two initially and have received the first one a couple of days ago. The second one was for wife but she doesn't want it anymore. Shoot me a message if anyone's interested.

smokey, thanks for the info.

that shipmypad thing looks fishy. That's the only item they are selling....

deepb that site is set up only for the IPAD and i can personally vouch for it as i've mentioned it my name as reference. shoot me an email if you need any more verification my friend :)

Check this link;

You can get your iPad in Doha today!

i want to get a nintendo wii on amazon because in qatr it's 1,000 or above but online it is QR728 but it says only shipping to within usa so how can i get a nintendo wii plzzz help me

sapandeep its better to purchase it here coz with shipping costs it will come up to the same amount.

smoke, is it cheaper to buy from that site than to buy here in Doha? prices and see for yourself. From shipmypad you get 16GB wifi for Qr. 2635 including shipping. Ipads are still NOT available in Doha and if they are people are charging double the shipping costs etc coz they ordered it themselves and trying to profit out of it...same old Iphone drama if you ask me.

If you need more info email me on :)

thanks smoke for the info.. :)

Can you guys include more products than just the ipad? I'll end up saving a lot of money wasted on aramex and won't have to deal with their horrible mess ups. is definitely safe. (I run Haroon United Group).

It's been set up specifically for the iPad only and for deliveries to the GCC.

PJMedia (the company who designed the site) is the same company that did the Vodafone website, website, etc...

Plus it's both registered in Qatar and in the UK. :)


Also, Apple do not allow Aramex delivery anymore. They cancelled Aramex orders (that's why was set up).

In import stores in Qatar, prices are around 3,700 QR for a 16GB and up to 6,000 QR for a 64gb!!

On the site, it starts from around 2,600QR to 3,300QR for a 64gb and delivery is sent special delivery, trackable, and insured.

Plus if you write 'SMOKEY' in the Option 2 field of the address you get an extra $10 discount!

well as the site succeeds, more products will be added like accessories, Nooks, iPhones, and other awesome import goods.

The iPad is just the first product to gage market interest.

So it'll be greatly appreciated if you could also spread the word!

That's nice to hear. I'll spread the word amongst my friends, and will wait for the new products. I would be very interested in the HP Slate, when it releases.

Hi. I got my iPad from this shop Digitek , next to chilies at Ramada. Well its better to buy from a local person here and get a six month warranty , than buying online and not knowing what to do if something goes wrong....

I am glad i bought it, the apps are amazing.....

appledoha how much did you get it for?

The prices are really expensive at Digitek. I bought mine from AppleGuru. Very good price and of course, very good product. Got the iPad in my hand when I paid. Cant be safer than that.

I love my iPad :-)

@appledoha, You ARE buying from a local person with

(should be clear from Haroon United Group logo at the bottom of the site and the PJ Media logo (the people who created Vodafone's website, worked on , etc...)

You are buying from a Qatari, in Qatar, and with a legally registered business (in Qatar, the UK, and the US). You're also buying it at a reasonable price and not paying something extortionate. (I've seen places sell 16gb at 3,700 and 64gb at 6,000 Qr!)

Can't get any better than that.

Here are shipmypad's prices:

16GB Wifi - 2640 QR

32GB Wifi - 3000 QR

64GB Wifi - 3,360 QR

16GB Wifi + 3G - 3110 QR

32GB Wifi + 3G - 3473 QR

64GB Wifi + 3G - 3870 QR

If you want to have your iPad tonight give me a call/sms and we can set up a meeting right away. My number is 314 6566.

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Please see this newly updated ad;

A few brand new iPads might still be available.

If you call now you can have your iPad in Doha today!

what about accessories do u have also? ur 64GB too expensive?

Hey, I'm selleing it it's about 2800 QR (unopened brand new)!

iIf you want it just contact me !

apple ipad 16 GB Wifi

I have just received a new shipment of brand new iPads from Apple. Units are now selling fast at new, reduced prices; please check out my updated ad;

PS! I have also just received a few items like the original Apple iPad Case and Apple iPad Dock. For these items, very limited stocks are currently available.

Call me today on 3146566 if you're interested.

to : snake9677

My name is: Khalid Mohammed abdulMalik


I'm interested to buy from you . Can you tell me how . and are the keyboard Arabic . and I want a respond or i give you money to buy it for me


I want a quickly answer

Check CArrefour

i want 64gb wifi plus 3g........

Carrefour sells the iPad for 32oo + QR for 16 GB and 3900 for 32 GB

I have 32 GB wifi available in Doha today.

Give me a call/sms on 314 6566.

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where I can buy Ipad camera connection kit?.

hi all!

let me know today if you need any ipads. my brother is coming from USA & he can bring it for you.

contact 5505867


I got some new prices for IPAD in Qatar

anyone Intrested please mail me.

16GB Wifi - 3100 QR, 32GB Wifi - 4000 QR, 64GB Wifi - 4500 QR

I got some new prices for IPAD in Qatar

anyone Interested mail me for details.

16GB Wifi - 3100 QR,

32GB Wifi - 4000 QR,

64GB Wifi - 4500 QR

This ad is just updated;

I am getting mine IPAD 64GB 3G straight from USA for 3300/- through a friend by the end of this month.

i totaly agree with the author but with one comment.

The one year warrantee is not a joke, it's really important to take in consideration.

I do the same, however i purchase many items from the US not less than 15 items a month eBay Aramex etc.

In some occasions i receive the material Dead on Arrival, this will cost me to ship back to the US not less than Qr. 500.00 and here it's the problem.

If you were unlucky and your unit got deffected your only choice is to pay very high price for shipping and there is a big chance that the unit once its repaired and shipped back to you via Aramex will cost you more than the unit local price.

I had many incedent with the Iphones and finally i decieded to buy it from the local market to avoid this hassle.

after all your point is valid with the comment that if your unit is deffected on arrival, you will find your self in really bad situation loosing time and way more than what you have saved.


iPad 64gb WIFI+3G for sale. Original packaging and 1 year Apple warranty. Only two pieces left. Call/sms me on 3510162...

Ad here:

I have ipad available from US here in qatar.....

prices are less then what have been mentioned above.

for more details send me an email at with more details......will get back to u....thanks


I'm now selling brand new iPad 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G at prices lower than ever before with this special Ramadan offer!!

Please see this newly updated ad:


how much is the IPAD now? how much is the discount? Please pm me. Thanks

do you have ipad 64gb wifi only not 3g?

Hi, I used to buy on in my own country and sometimes we got importation taxes(around 20%).

Since I am in Doha I never bought anything from them.

Can you shed some lights on what are the issues (taxes?) if importing a Pc or any other eletronic devices from the Usa with Amazon ?

tks a lot

Yes I am interested. Please tell price

Why would I order from you and not eBay, which secures my money and rights, arrange shipping for me and is about 30% cheaper for me?

Answer me why?

Not to mention the prices you have put up there are the same as available in the "local" market, where i can just hop in my car drive down and get it rather than wait days on end to get it through shipment.