How was your 2012?

It's the end of the year. Time to tally up the last 12 months and label it a bad/good/great/forgettable year.

Me? It was a great year. I got married, visited several countries and started a new career here in Qatar. Hope next year is equally rewarding!

How about you?


No so good started Bad, had some nice moments but over all an very average year, glad its coming to an end looking forward to a better one next year!

My best year so far.,Hope the New year will be better :)

I hope 'usual' is 'good'. ;)

sob sob.. left my home,

Not too good, but musn't complain. I have a good family to support me.

Allhumdulilha all good

Sure there were some downers; some unavoidable trials and negativity, but for the most part 2012 was a pretty good year!Some of the highlights would be my nephew's birth, my mom visiting us twice, my daughter getting accepted into the new school without much ado, made some dough via freelance work, etc.

Hope and pray now next year will be better for us all!

it has its ups and down.... but it is unforgetable for sure ....gone through alot .... good n bad.... but i can say similiar to UK ...allhumdulliha i have a good family to support

It's really a wonderful year. Learned a lot of new things in life, Wasted a lot of time, Enjoyed a lot,realized that spend a lot of time for analysing each day for a better ideas. Spent a lot time & money, Got many experiance for entering the Year2013.

good oppurtunity was given to me for the year of 2012....

BAD year of LIFE EVER !

yeah yeah yeah i get it, i have ups and downs. so therefore nothing more its balance -_-

Nuh...thanks god it was miserable

It was very good with few bad days :)

Good and eventful! There were challenges, of course, but those are there to be mastered...and the ones that have not been mastered in 2012 get a new chance in 2013!

Mostly good by God's Grace;I discovered new things about myself and others around me.But then,there were difficult times too when a few of the months were very daunting and emotional.......!I believe it's all part of the game!

Anyways, I am looking forward to a hopefully wonderful year with more outcome and improvement in my life.

Wonderful and great..

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Fantastic on professional front. 50/50 on personal front. Overall a reasonably good year.

It was great and i Thank God for it, but on the other side it was very suffering and full of trouble.

Alhamdulillah very good year by god's grace

I found the man of my dreams, happily engaged and looking forward to getting married in a few months. I think 2012 has been the best year of my life so far.. Thanks to my sweetheart, the love of my life, my John..

BAD year of LIFE EVER !

started with bad news, now still recovering from 2012......

hope 2013 will erase all 2012 memories and bring some good thing in life.......

to paraphrase pink floyd

" day after day, love turns gray

like the skin on a dying man and

night after night, we pretend its all right

but I have grown older and you have grown colder

and nothing is very much fun"

zombie whiskey and coke always warms you up..:)

Alhamdulillah,more good than planning for next year

alhamdulillah the good moments were more than bad..

Got a niece in january...august got graduated..september flew to qatar...having the time of my so happy to be at qatar...tomorrow the last day of 2012....n its my sisters Birthday!!!!

Not that much good, But still there were moments of happiness..

Hope 2013 bring more happiness and peace of mind.. Insha Allah!

Good i got taller!

mmmh it was a perfect one not bad looking forward for abetter 2013 with lots of resolutions lol....

Not so bad . Travelled around and drank a lot .Hopefully it will be same for 2013

2012 is the toughest year for me,been all thru many trials but i may say it make me feel good cause i realize even all the trials it made me stronger n better person cause i cope with all of it,so far so good........:)

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