I would just like to know if others are facing the same problem as I am, when trying to access . I wanted to download the application form for a friend, when I enter the URL I get rerouted to . I guess its a DNS problem but just wanted to know if its only happening to me????


By the way who hosts this site qatarairways or some ministry???? 


This is an old problem.

Shows you how net-savvy the folks at QDC are. Just go there and tell them.

Enlighten us folks!

QDC is Qatar Distribution Company... the only place you can buy booze for personal consumption....

I called them and tried to clarify the problem, but the person on the other end was like I don't know what you are talking about and who gives a S*&#, come here and get an application form... so much for complaints and websites....

can any one provide me the full address of the QDC Department. I am living at al-khor

Will guide you from Wholesale market R/A.

Please take the 3 lane wide road towards Medical Commission from this R/A. You need to drive approx. 2/2.5KMs. On your right hand side, you will see Qatar Technical Training School. There is a road next to this school which will take you to QDC.

Please - someone tell me when they will re-open!!! Im down to my last bottle of Magners.........

hubbies just been and stocked up, yehaa

Jumping in the 4x4 as I type .............

Its obvious the site administrator is drunk !!!

I was in and out in less than 20 minutes at 10:20 am this morning (they opened the doors 10 minutes early). Much better organized than last year except they really should have someone from QDC directing people on how to queue rather than those already in the queue making sure that johnny come latelies and the "willfully" ignorant don't jump the queue.

Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"

they are open.... went there today to renew my license...

I just get pissed off with the Qatari's queue jumping... there is no need... we're all in the same boat!!

Oh sorry, wrong thread....

... and to the 5 Qatari in national dress I saw downing Fosters for Qatar at the Bombay Balti last night, I say "cheers"!!!!! Isnt ramadan a long month........

Hypocracy anyone??

There weren't any Qataris at the QDC - the queue jumpers were white European/Western women and male Filipinos in this case, and one "what were they thinking" white couple with a kid in a stroller (who was shrieking) - at least until the Italian guy standing in front of me kept "informing" them where the end of the line was.

Queue jumpers come in all genders and nationalities. Qataris are the least encountered in my experience.

Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"

Ooooooooh cannot agree with your last sentence there MaryCath - I was kidding with the QDC thing but in MY experience, the nationals WILL just go to the front of the queue regardless of where and NOT expect to be hauled up over it. Anyway, lets not bash the nationals - it is after all THEIR country.............that WE keep afloat!!

Then why don't you do what I do, tell them where the line starts/ends (goodness, that's confusing!!LOL)

Oh, and I do this to others as well, who seem to think it's OK if they only have 1 or 2 items to just step in front without even asking. I don't mind letting people in if they ask - but heaven help the person who "assumes" it's OK.

Perhaps I can "get away" with it more than the male half of the population (being a white western middleaged female) and I stand by my statement Qataris are the least likely (in my own experience, yours obviously has been different) to try to jump the queue.

Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"

lol - I clearly need to go shopping with you in future!!!

Sure, bring your credit card.

Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"

Is there anybody to tell me when QDC is open after Eid?

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