I am going to lebanon

I am indian, male , age 39, planing to go lebanon, for doing buisiness, leather shoes, indian garments, need advise.


Dont go..


Because she is from lebanon and obviously she knows more..

seriously, it will not work out, plus the situation in lebanon is not very safe to start with a business especially a business with no market. so why dont u do that here??

EMN, what does that suppose to mean????

lebanon just fired at Israel and they returned fire...not a good idea to be there...not yet!

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy....Martin Luther King

Go man You need to spread the word..Indian have made it to the Moon why not to Lebanon..lol



lollll, okay..

seriously talking, it's not safe there now and even if it was safe, you will lose there very fast, becos there's no market for indian clothes and shoes.. u have to study the market anywhere u think of doing business.. u cant just think of it and drop the idea.. lebanese has avery specific taste in fashion, trust me, you will have a hard time.

lebanon fired at Israel???

UkEng, lolll, you and your ideas.. lollll

but i decieded to go there.. please help me to find good people there

"Everything in this book may be wrong." Illusions: The Adventures of The Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

uk u think he is the first one to go....... i dont think so. a few years back i was in a island called palav i was suprised to see an indian restaurent there.

well moosatm, i thought i was helping u to think wisely. anywayz, u have to know where r u going, and maybe u should go there study the market and see the areas and everything before doing that kind of business, go for a visit for few weeks.

Dont know about Indian clothes but if you attached Bush's picture to the bottom of the shoes, you will make good money in all of the ME, not just lebanon.

ur right.. i am not planning to sale indian design in lebanon.. we will make especcially made for lebanon,

may be,, in future you can see indian restauren in moon.

why you don't just go in Antarctica to sell A/C units and

refrigerators? huh?

I didn't do it!

And I'll not do it again!

Thank you rania, which place safe for staying ?

i can, but there is dracula

once u get there n see the beautifull lebanese girls dont forget abt the shoes.

thank you for good joke

Every mother..what beautiful girls like those mona lisa picture yesterday..O I want one of those too..lol




UK Eng I will tell to drak pass that pic to you ;)


i dont know uk i never saw monalisa in real..........in the painting she dosent look that impresive to me.

moosatm man, rania's trying to look out for you...you should really listen to her. Lebanon is probably not the place to go with that sort of business venture (and right now, with any business venture)...it will make a great place to visit though, it was recently named the number one vacation spot in the world for 2009 by the new york times.

Maybe you should look at selling bullet proof windows there or something. Seems like the market is ripe for that sort of stuff in that area.


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar


The top ten business environments in the world, as measured by the 'Ease of Doing Business index':

1. New Zealand

2. Singapore

3. United States

4. Canada

5. Norway

6. Australia

7. Hong Kong, China

8. Denmark

9. United Kingdom

10. Japan

Now for the worst ten:

146. Mali

147. Lao, PDR

148. Congo, Rep.

149. Togo

150. Niger

151. Sudan

152. Chad

153. Central African Republic

154. Burkina Faso

155. Congo, Dem. Rep.

The most dramatic regulatory reforms in the Arab World make it easier to start a business by reducing the time, number of procedures and costs associated with start-ups. Specifically, from June 2007 to June 2008, 10 of the 20 Arab economies examined simplified their start-up procedures and reduced costs. For example, Tunisia and Yemen eliminated the minimum capital requirement for starting a business, while Jordan reduced it by more than 96%. The report finds: "Yemen’s move is one of the boldest reforms this year as its minimum capital requirement was among the highest in the world."

In its 2009 reports, Doing Business also analyzes reform trends over the past 5 years, when possible.* Once again, starting a business is the top area of reform in the Arab World for the 5 year period tracked, with reforms seen in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, West Bank and Gaza and Yemen. The next most popular areas of reform during this period are in getting credit (information) and easing trade across borders.


I didn't do it!

And I'll not do it again!

Drac can you put the mona lisa picture here again for the sake of every mother..thanks buddy



zyad thanks for backing me up, moosatm, i cannot tell u where to go. lebanon is not safe, it's a small country. just be safe watch ur back. good luck, u will need it.

yes drac, let them see the lebos :)))))

Queen Mona Lisa?


"Everything in this book may be wrong." Illusions: The Adventures of The Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

with 51 / 49 policy?

no way!

I didn't do it!

And I'll not do it again!

I like monsalisa after ;)


So every_mother_n.. Is this kinda beautiful women you have in Lebanon then like I said I'll two...lol



Drac... I got to give you the credit...You have the pic for each and every situation at all times, irrespective of what the topic is about... ;)

I didn't do it!

And I'll not do it again!

If u wanna do leather business, go to greece or turkey. Lebanon already has alot of leather business and has alot of competition. Plus I second what Rania said.


Lebanon... the love of my soul!

I didn't do it!

And I'll not do it again!

right.. and i second what thexonic said

he doesnt wanna go to pakistan, he wants to go to lebanon. so let him go and see.

Every mother's nightmare, India has probably more beautiful girls than Lebanon, I dont think he lost business there.


Lebanon... the love of my soul!

Lebanese businessmen /factories owners have started their own factories in China. Mainly garments factories. If you can compete with the Chinese then good luck. Should you need any connections there, then let me know ===================================== http://www.qatarliving.com/node/58409

He's so serious going to Lebanon, let him go! Goodluck man! may your shoe making factory prosper!

Rania is right Moosatam. In this present climate it wont be a good idea. I was going to set up a resturant this year in Beirut, but will hold fire. Im a Brit Pakistani and have a lot of lebanese friends and love it there the country is a beautiful place but when youve got the Isralies on your door step ruining other people country id be wise not to do business there yet.

And yes the Lebanese have their own style they are in a class of there own. Rania, is right have you done your research? You really need to know what you are dealing with. People are very friendly there so dont worry. However, if youre that desperate to start a business then I suggest that you head off there... book a flight and a Hotel and check it out for yourself, this way you can get first hand experience!

Drac, can you do a before and after photo of a shoe factory?

A few more things that I would mention:

1) Lebanese people have their own fashion sense, its the fashion capital of the middle east.

2) To do business in lebanon, u need to think like a Lebanese in Fashion and in Business, which my friend can take years.

THats as far as shoes are concerned...

Indian garments???? u must be joking... did u ever see french people wearing or designing a sari? lol...


Lebanon... the love of my soul!

uk im late ........was worth the wait.. forget lebanon i would go to any corner of the world if i get a monalisa like this.

lol at Every mother...lol



Changing the subject I always heard that Lebanon was the perfect tourist place in the middleast..with snowcap moutains and sandy beaches?

Is it safe to visit Lebanon for Tourism?



yes UkEng, go there, maybe not right away, but think about it. it's really a beautiful place to be, and the people there are nice, unlike the lebanese whom you and I are meeting around here.

I didn't do it!

And I'll not do it again!

Drac you're still awake??? i thought i was the only one..

I didn't do it!

And I'll not do it again!

looking for a meal????

I didn't do it!

And I'll not do it again!

lollll.. ok. enjoy ur meal then.

moosatm, I'm still eager to know if you still want to go to Lebanon after hearing all their comments...

Moostam are you here or changed ur mind n gone to EGYPT ....:)

dear mootasm, dont listen to the stupid things said by Rania, go and do ur buisness, not all leabnese are like her(fashione..if she knows anything about fashion). you will find a lot of ppl who will buy these kind of shoes and cloths, on the otherhand, it is the best time to open a buisness in lebanon regardless the situation in Gaza.. So Go ahead and do not listen to this Bullshit..

wish u luck..

Yeah Man! Go Ahead! we got your back...

moosatm ...make sure you sell the shoes with Anti-Israel Insignia...or Pro-Hizbolla and Pro-Hamas insignia.....they will sell out like hot cakes.

Also start a campaign with "throw your shoes at Bush"...make sure you collect and hoard all the thrown shoes...the people will have no option but to buy your shoes....lol

Let me look into my crystal ball.,, ar Yes… I see you starting a very big business there. Only to loose you investment in spending too much time with a very busty young girl from your home village. Do not go.. see the warning that awaits you..

It is always the lost that need my guidance

Wael, if u think my comments are stupid then you are the stupidist guy on earth, and next time dont say such thing about me. and WTF do you mean by a girl like me??? and how do u know whether i know or dont know about fashion??? u obviously have a garbage taste and think wisely befor telling that guy to go there, think business wise. r u stupid to actually advise him to go there??????

[Mod note: Restrain from using vulgar language on public forum]

It is always the lost that need my guidance

khalas ya rania, forget about wael...everyone's entitled to their opinion so it's a shame that some people feel they have to offend others to feel good about themselves...but variety is the spice of life i guess.

and now he's stating that i was being vulgar to him!!! anywayz wael, first you have no respect, second you are mindless... listen to the news and give him a good advise, do not just argue for the sake of arguemnet as if you have any idea how to do that..

rania are u sure that u r lebanese???how on hell can somebody talks like u do in all ur thread u r representing lebanon as hall on earth come on..i was working with british..they were afraid to even think to visit lebanon...and after monthes they were convinced...they enjoyed they stay and never thought that there is a country like lebanon around..even this summer they are coming again...tell me what do u know about buisness to give opinion..did u went recently to beirut??? i just arrived and i can tell u that everybody is living better than us here...u cannot go to anywhere because everything is fullll..foreing are diying to come and to skie on our mountains and ur making lebanon terrible...please stop it/....tell me London is safe?? america is safe???listen to bin laden and what he is asying everytime...

girly, though i understand what you are saying and that it's coming from the right place the original purpose of this thread was to advise moosatm. Lebanon is a beautiful place to visit, i believe it's one of the few places that can actually be called heaven on earth (but that's just my opinion). However, you are lebanese...do you thnk that moosatm will have a prosperous business venture in lebanon? Selling shoes? Coming from an Indian background which influences not only his fashion taste but also his business sense?

concerning buisness i had a shop selling shoes..so i can give u a help..china is invading lebanon..there were some local manufacturer of shoes with very good quality...but they started to import from china and prices start to fall..so during summer u can find a very nice shoes at 20$..then in order to protect the market the goverment of lebanon added 3 dollars on each pair of shoe..so now shoes even from china are at average price...yess indian leather is good but as they have said the lebanese market wants the latest fashion....so if u can afford good quality at good prices then u can think..and it will be better to deal with a manufacturer not shops..anyway it takes only three hours from here u can spend a lovely week end and have a look...it is not easy but u can always try...and be sure it is safe....just look at how many visitors only in december have arrived..good luck

lebanon very nice place what ever u need u can find with my respect to u rania lebanon now days better that other country, and now days better than last year to make money

u can make good business in Beirut and earn to much money but one thing u have to take care sell your product as cash only and dont take it as check and dont trust any one if he say i will pay after one week

God bless u all

[img_assist|nid=417|title=leo dude|desc=happiness comes only once dont miss it|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]

zayd i am not saying that he will succed for grant..but look at the pessimistic opinion they are posting ..it is obvious..no body can say this..it is not safe..tell me what is not safe..after all they are importing stuff from vietnam from singapoor from china...so what ..he can try..sure it is another test...but everything can be custom made...if he will sell what we see in here sure no one will accept his models..but please encourage peolpe..dont be pessimistic...

aratchhb..ur 100% right with what ur saying..i just came from beirut and i was asking myself meybe itis time to return back...now everybody is making money and it is a happy life..it is different from 2005 and up...but only u have to guarantee PEACEEEEEEEEEE...if we have it we have evreything...

u are right 100% we looking for peace inshallah we will have it soon as per what happen around the world

am talking about my self my work in Lebanon going good and am here to earn more money for my future life

Allah bless Lebanon and whole countries

[img_assist|nid=417|title=leo dude|desc=happiness comes only once dont miss it|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]

i really hope everything in lebanon stays stable...but as with the summer of 2006, sometimes things come out of the blue...most businesses in lebanon are either run by lebanese who want to stay there and stick it through thick and thin...people of the land...or by larger corporations who in case of any real trouble can simply transfer operations and sales to neighbouring countries like syria or jordan. You almost never find anyone venturing in to lebanon single handedly to start a business because the environment and the history of business there never had to accomodate for it.

thexo.. come on, whoes gona sell sari there lol..

Bytheway . do you know where almost 90% of what you buy in wallmart at US is made from?.. check it out


Listen to Many..Speak to a few.

I remember Summer of 2006. All the Lebanese telling everyone how great Lebanon was... new airport... ready for their best tourist summer ever. Then Hezbollah and Israel began fighting and the place has been screwed up for business ever since.

Ask yourself, if Lebanon was such a lucrative place to be right now, do you think that there would be so many Lebanese people in Qatar right now? Of course not.

I would go anywhere near Lebanon. It's just not safe and secure. The country, as ever, is balancing on a knife edge and could so easily fall back into civil war with a moment's notice.

most of the lebanese re here because of 2006 war...they are here for a better future,,they are here to iunvestigate in lebanon..go and chek if u can find a peace of apprtement to buy...everything is sold...they are here because qatar is booming...nowere is safe by somany way..look at dubai now...god save qatar so we can stay few more years...danger is around us in so many way...the economic of anmerica is crushing and u r all wondering about this samll land call lebanon??war is not the only danger darling.....be realistic

well guyz let me tell u something. i bet no body has or will ever love and defend lebanon like i do, but you dont get it.. im telling the guy he's gonna lose there, becos if you are truely lebanese and know how life is there you will understand, no ofence to him, but who will buy a sari from him??? they follow paris and italy and etc... they will crash him like a bug..

i visit lebanon 5 times a year, i love the smell of garbage there.. so no one ever try to teach me or comment about if i was a true lebanese or not, i was in lebanon summer 2006 and i know how bad it got and how people got from under the dirt to built their homes with good intentions. so people, please keep your comment about my lebanon for yourself, answer the thread he needed advise, tell him what you think and leave me the hell alone..

Rania.... I cant leave you... :)

Junx getout from here ,, i thin this is serious thread so i wont enter :)

And Rania with them...??? No ways... Help me pull her out :)

ru angry rania..??

ma ma3koul..he is saying leather shoeeees ...plus indian grnement...whooo said anything about sariiiiiiii..

girly read the question, he said indian clothes too, right?? when u wanna comment about somthing please make sure you understand before stating your very very VERY helpful comments..

Rania, I believe the lebanese people outside lebanon supporters of different political groups live here than in Lebanon.


Lebanon... the love of my soul!

seriously im shocked with all these responses in here!! mn kl wede 3asa and the funny thing is they're teaching others how to be lebanese...

what you are saying has a logic....

but do not forget that when u get to a rose u have to face the thorns with it...

where there is a will

every thign has pros and cons...n u know it....

it was really helpful of u to suggest something...

now lets wait n see how good our man does..n i m sure he will suceed..

best of luk friend...

waelz, what u did was just lit up a spark. Why would u do that? you could've given ur opinion, instead of insulting and judging Rania, u probably dont even know her. Thats the problem and what Rania said was right and its people like you who are the reason why lebanon is in chaos, someone minds their business and u go and point ur fingers at them, just to start up some argument leading to chaos. Yes u r one of those responsible for chaos in Lebanon, grow up.


Lebanon... the love of my soul!

They are not teaching anyone to be Lebanese, cuz thats not how Lebanese really are. Real Lebanese are different.


Lebanon... the love of my soul!

thexonic i should pay you to be my defender at all times... :) you shoulve been here few days ago i couldve used your help and back up.. :))))

This thread have me LMAO:

I wonder what does the nationality/age/gender of moosatm have to do with doing business in Lebanon? I think that marital status should be mentioned also

No one understood his business plan. He is planning to manufacture garments/shoes in Lebanon as per the requirements ofthe Lebanese market. This s a very common approach. Most of the branded garments that we wear are made in various parts of Asia. India is one of them.

Besides. There are always business opportunities in almost every part of the world if you a good and feasible plan

Also. You are talking about one of the most stable economies in the area considering the current economic crisis

===================================== http://www.qatarliving.com/node/58409

Mind your Language LD2005..I think Moderator should ban a name like this.. Its distastefull..



Cutydog.. Miss are we allowed to say that of things in the class..lol

Yes Meem Saab you right to an extent..lol



moosatm, honestly man you have no chance of making it in lebanon. i'm sorry i really am. i'm not trying to be mean or pessimistic, it's just the way it is. Forget about the economy and security status...if all that was perfect you would still have no chance at making it. The lebanese market for these things is perfect exactly the way it is. If you're rich, you buy designer labels...if you're not you buy goods that were smuggled in or stolen shipments or something of the sort...and to make things even harder, all these places are run by lebanese people who know everyone, everything and everywhere like the back of their hands and they will hardball you out of the game.

come to think of it, we only have one very bad indian restaurant there...maybe you can help us out with that and open up a good one, that might be a huge hit! Again, i'm sorry if i came off as mean or something, i was just trying to be clear

Rania, anyone who doubts how lebanese you are just isn't seeing things clearly...i'm sure that you can let that slide, right?

UK i second your notion, how can someone contact the moderator?

long..wathever2005....you're OUT!

lol this thread is really something..

zayd thank you buddy, really.

moosatm we gave u an advise and it's you choice to take it or not, but if you really wanna do this and your mind and heart are set to it, just go to lebanon for a visit and see for yourself..

long live draculaaaaaa!! hunting tonight? remember people, close your windows and keep some garlic on your bed side, you never know what might hit you in your sleep :)))

Rania I have been reading some of your comments in this thread and as a Lebanese like you I do not share your thoughts.

You cannot say there is no market for Indian stuff because lebanese have a different taste, etc...

Unlike you and I and other Lebanese who buy from Zara and Massimo, there are also poor people who cannot afford to buy but only Chinese and Indian products.

If you really browse the market in Doha and check out where T-shirts were made for example, you will find that most of them are from India. I bought some of these T-shirts, some of them are excellent to wear for everyday use and others for sports.

Now concerning India, do not be fooled by the size of their market and the quality they offer. Economically speaking, India is very close to China even better in terms of quality.

Now concerning Lebanon, the rockets stuff that are being fired are contained by both Israel, the UN and the Lebanese government. I don't think anything will happen because of them or any future ones. I currently see the country booming since it wasn't affected by that recent economic turndown, banks are solid and better than ever.

PLUS it seems that we have huge amounts of Oil and Gas in our offshores. I have been in contact with the media representative of the ministry of power and what he told me that both governments, the Lebanese and Cyprus ones are currently into discussions in order to set the borders of the findings on each side ;)

Peace sister!

 20l fuel.......20$

1 pack of lebanese bread......2$

renting a car .......70$ per day

renting a shop...2000$ a month

time to reach a 20km destination...60mn

beach access...20$

snow and ski acess........40$

tickets to lebanon fromqatar 1000$

cheapest shoes....20$

most expensive shoes 2000$

minimum personal expenses for 1 person per day...100$

white, eight, skybar, mandaloun, chez michel, chez sami, chez moi...100$ per person minimum lolllllll

now you are ready to go there, be careful when u cross a road...a car may fall on you from above...

Little Artist 

 mentionning lebanon by an idian member in qatar living starts a war!!!

and i ended it!!!

and got an extra point from ql...

color your life...

Little Artist 

while you're doing business, dont forget to roam around a little then tell us all about it

have fun and safe trip

...listen to the sound of silence....

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