IKEA in Doha?


I heard rumours that IKEA will be opening a store in Doha? Anyone have any information on that?

Really looking forward if this true as we have grown very bored of Home Centre.



Hey Bonjovi! I hope you're right I was gonna travel to Dubai to get some stuff IKEA is very much needed in this Town.

we discussed this some time back.

i heard of this rumour for more than a year, while some one else posted on this site that the rumour was going on for more than a year.and i was informed through this forum that ikea wont come for another 3 years..........yup long faces...its sad.

but lets keep our fingers crossed, who knows, anything can happen.

not specifically ikea related but im looking for a specific kind of bookcase i know i *can* get from ikea i was wondering if anyone had seen something like this localy

Haven't heared of IKEA opening up in Qatar anytime soon, however, I know that Singways is opening up very soon in Villagio. http://www.singways.net/

I have heard unconfirmed rumours that IKEA in Dubai teamed up with a transportation company and they now can deliver in Doha (but you still have to make your purchase in Dubai).

Just a short piece of Information:-

I actually wrote to IKEA this year asking about the possibility of opening the store here and in fact did receive a reply from them that they already found a partner here and were in fact going to open a store.

The did not mention a specific time.


BearBull if Singways furniture is designed by the same designers as their website, I'd prefer to keep away from it.

I think you can find something similar item at IDdesign (The Mall). Gotta warn you though, it's kinda pricy.

As for IKEA, I can confirm they will be opening soon at the Villagio.

mister, u know for sure they are opening in villagio, by when.you sound very confident.

dont let our hopes get high, i am already planning what i need to pick up from ikea.

should i hold my breath.

u should hold your breath.. I'm not sure when exactly it will open though. So, please take a breath every once in a while :)

i just had to sigh now.


anyway keep us posted, its some optimistic news for all of us ikea lovers.

ive seen ikea stores the size of the villagio, somehow i doubt their going to open a store inside the villagio, unless they have changed thier worldwide buisness practice of warehouse selling.

Han19, what's the problem, Ikea Dubai delivers in Doha, and there is no import tax. Take Air Arabia flight and treat yourself to shopping in Ikea.

hmm, i didnt know about the delivering part,

its seems more feasible now.

thanks for the info

Terramax... I thought of doing that (going to Dubai for a shopping spree) but the delivery charge is very high from IKEA and its only worth it when you are furnishing your whole house. If you just need a table lamp or a couple of items i think you need to combine that with a city break or if lucky a work trip.


Londonalgiers - true, the delivery charge is justified only when you are buying several items of furniture. But on the other hand small items like a lamp etc. you can bring along

Just came to know that Ikea at the Villagio might be put on the shelve for sometime. Some business politics! or so I heard.

No, not business politics, but pure bullshittin' of our fellow Qatarliving members. IKEA stores are the same worldwide. Their concept (warehouse) has nothing to do with Villagio. A standard IKEA store actually is bigger than a Villaggio itself. So it is clear as a day that there never was a plan to open an IKEA in Villaggio.

Again - too many confident "know-it-all" guys who want to sound important, but who don't know what they are talking about. By the way, where is the bookstore which was "confirmed to be open in November" in the City Centre? Is there any good shrink in Doha, who can cure this new sort of mental disorder - "compulsive confirming"?

Hey Terramax. It is true that IKEA warehouses are actual WAREHOUSES and not small stores but Dubai used to have, up until last year, a store inside the Dubai City Centre then they moved to a bigger place in a new part of Dubai not far from the Airport. To be honest I would be happy with a Littlewoods style catalogue where you can order and get free delivery. I don’t want to have to spend huge sums on furniture that I will eventually leave here...plus I cannot find anything worth buying.


Well I just checked the website, and there is no news of an upcoming opening in Doha..........so anyone that's holding their breath will turn blue, me thinks :)

Pity, I was hoping they would open ikea.

Oh well.... sigh!

Here is what was on their website:

Upcoming openings

Frankfurt, Germany - February 2007, new

Bari, Italy - March 2007, new

Bucharest, Romania - April 2007 new

Tel Aviv, Israel - April 2007 new

Milan, Italy - April 2007 relocation

Salt Lake city, U.S.A. - April 2007 new

Oslo, Norway - May 2007 relocation

Zaragoza, Spain - May 2007, new

Madrid, Spain - June 2007, new

Oporto, Portugal - July 2007, new

I hope villaggio mall have lots of traditonal shops of all Muslim countries where they sell natural medicine, traditional clothes, traditional & healthy food,

bbksiu do u know any place where they treat with natual medicine.naturopath doctors.

happy heart

drive safe cos someone is waiting for u at home

I don't know. But maybe you can ask Al-Sharq newspaper. Maybe Souq Waqif has some medical plants. You can also ask doctors at Hamad Medical Center. Elder nomads in Qatar know how to use some natural medicine.

You can also ask about camel milk which is more healthy than other kinds of milk.

YOu cannot compare a beuautiful italian design lifestyle company like Singways with cash and carry IKEA shop!!!! If you have not been, go to the mall of Emirates to see lifestyle living.. my furniture is Singways by the way!

Is Ikea there in qatar now?


Its one of the leading Brand Name all over the world,,but no branch still in Qatar.

U should see the showroom they have in Dubai.



"Before God we are all equally wise ' and equally foolish" - Albert Einstein

I love IKEA hope they will open one soon here in Qatar..

IKEA White wall unit, 6 months old. Used for display articles and crockery. Very good condition.

Original price: QAR 1575

Dimensions: d60 x w 95 x h 200 cms

Call after 2pm. Location: Abu Hamour. Cell: 7847400

P.S: Assembled piece, ready to use! Packed for easy transportation!

Price: QAR 800

i asked the staff in Ikea abu dhabi if there would be a new branch in qatar,and they assured the information.yet i didn't see any sign.anyone heard something new?

Ikea will be coming to qatar -Doha festival city 1st phase by the end of 2012 itseems....Hope this news is trustworthy...

So quick they are...

Doha Festival City??

Where is that?


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