“Imsakiah” time table of Ramadan

As the holly month RAMADAN is about to begin I need the time table (Imsakiah) to keep fasting in this month. Please if any one knows the website that has “Imsakiah” for Qatar or scan n upload so all can ‘ve benefit.



its available now a days into any super market or department store u walk inot. also available in mosques.



Please copy following link into your explorer and get Ramadan Time Table, May Allah bless you.



Adnan Shaikh

IDK how to attach time table here, I just got one

i was searchin till yesterday but wasnt available in any market but

that link is workin

thnx guys spl: adnan


Always Smile :-)


upload it to www.widgx.org



Adnan Becareful what you have attached is from Ramdan 2007 as you can see in the dates..it also states the Months of Oct and Sep...it's WRONG and I hope anyone who copied it is going to find out before it's too late.

That was post of the year 2007 !! We are in 2009 !! You just had walk in the past !! Everyone's comments are of 2007 as well !! Happens. Happy Ramadan !!

watch the date of thread


I am not sure but its still funny!! :-)

I think londonalgiers is in a different timezone :-))

No, he is in Jupiter..

Who might need to know this is the latest schedule !


lol @ myslef hahaha i blame QL website for giving this thread at the top of the search. hehehe sorry all

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