International Centre for Music

By Wycleaf

Has anyone heard of this place. It is listed in Marhaba. But whenever i've tried to call a get a recoede message asking me to leave my number and they shall get back to me(have done this but still no go)

Am interested in the TAI CHI classes they are supposed to be offering

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By bhowmik• 6 years 7 months ago.

can anyone please tell me where to get guitar lessons in doha

By• 7 years 4 months ago.

hey i need to lurn music,,, how 2 conect them???????

By anonymous• 11 years 1 week ago.

Thank you Novita, i called them too but is a little expensive to me, i am not sure if yoga is my type of exercise either i will try when i go back Doha (first time in my life).

By novita77• 11 years 1 week ago.

marriot and four season also offer yoga class. I found yoga class is not my type of exercise. :-(

By anonymous• 11 years 1 week ago.

I called once and leave a message, they called me back after 2 days, i was asking about the yoga classes but in that moment they were in summer vacations, last time i called they told me classes start in september 10.

By antiqueknot• 11 years 1 week ago.

Yup, villa number 39, if I'm not mistaken.

By Angelo• 11 years 1 week ago.

Isn't this behind Lulu Hyper market on the back streets going towards The Mall.

By antiqueknot• 11 years 1 week ago.

I think they're open saturday to wednesday, 1.30pm to 8pm. It's very close to The Mall. Not too sure about Tai Chi classes, though. :)

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