Is It illegal to wash your car in public view?

I was washing my car in my allotted parking slot in the ground floor of our bldg facing the road (I was doing this for the last 3 yrs every Friday). Yesterday a local pull over his famous LC in front of our building and told me to stop washing my car as it is illegal and could be finned QR 15,000.00. I asked him why it is illegal. And he replied that the water used for washing the car is precious and should not be wasted.
What to do yani. I have to go to the carwash service (in long queue) when I can do this at home easily in lessthan 30mins.


not unless you get caught by the municipality or this new company kleen inspectors specially in the morning.


Better not do it again:-( wheeeeeew QR 15K, i'd rather wait the long queue and pay the Qr 20. carwash fee.

I read about this few months ago that it is not allowed to wash car along the streets and or in public view. But did not know that the fine is that much. I don't understand why but i do my car wash with the guy at the Mandarin or Eli France Cafe parking for 10 riyals once a week. Maybe you can just wipe it with a damp cloth and wash your car for sometime outside.

for you not to do it again?...if in doubt, just check online your violations.Sometimes we have to be considerate with their laws,this is their home. It is obvious that water cost more than petrol here:)

There's a Petrol Station at the Burger round/about they only charges 15 Q.R. they will clean your car inside and outside. My maid clean our car every morning. I didn't know that it's against the law to clean your own car here! I hate to see my car dirty! I love my car, so I always look after her and keep her clean inside and outside.

It's great to be loved!

Waqeed Petrol Stations and Petrol Staion near Decoration R/A. Qr 20 & 15 respectively.

Mystica - How come no Philippino ur Philippina has not taken the nick name of famous JEEPNY ;)

as nobody knows about this ruling. Thank god the gentleman warned me.

I dont think its about wasting water, if it was then as PM said it makes no sense. It maybe because the dirty water stays on the road.

The Difference is at Home you use Treated water suitable for Drinking and at Petrol Station they use Industrial water which is less expensive to make.

is not against cleaning you car, you are allowed to clean your own car... its against letting the water flow on to the streets and making it all muddy and slushy for pedestrians and other motorists... it can make other people's cars dirty... and the fine is 5000 or less if I am not wrong...

I must tell this Law to our cleaning boys at the apartment. They wash the car for QR 10.00 using water obtained from the fire Hose. They are getting a good side income :)

For your info, Teyseer charge 25 riyals now. I told them to wash under, but they cheated me, they did not wash under. They thought i was just inside the Baskin Robins sipping a hot coffee and not watching. I bring my car in Teyseer every after the rainy days to be cleaned under.

If its a question about waisting water then who knows how much water is waisted in side big houses and small houses also(Specially bill free) due to water tab leaking and missuse while bath,wash and etc,so only that reasen is not enough. enjoy>

Teyseer Petrol Station near Decoration R/A washing underside is QR 40. Since when they kacked up the pri to QR 25.00? I will just give our cleaning boy QR 10.00 and get the car wash nicely.

has been around in Dubai for a long time now and it is enforced very strictly...

I think especially in flats, people do not appreciate when one resident dirties up the place with muddy water and you have no option but to step in the muddy water and then get in to the interior of your well groomed luxury car...

wow good to know

Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

just don't the water flow on to the streets... but the bottomline in the matter is that you should not become a nuisance to your neighbours neither they to you...

however you use it, must be conserved.And for car washing...sometimes we tempt to do such, but I think they have what they called "designated place" for that?

LAMBORJEEPNEY is one of my good friend a happily married man with a loving wife and 3 children. He is Filipino obsess of Lamborghini but he can only afford Philippine Jeepney, so he combines the two name into LAMBORJEEPNEY. right LJ?

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One of my friend managed to pay fine of 1,500 her sister forgot to turn off the tap and her neighbor reported to Baladiya that water are flowing from her yard out in the street.

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Mystica- Waititng for his answer:)

the guy was exaggerating. You can wash your car at home reasonably. You'll be fined only if the water was overflowing to the street ( someone might report you in that).

Checkout more water tips at Kahramaa web site

Yes, right on the spot ;-)

hows your new SUV? dont keep it tidy you might be fine with 15k;-)

Thanks, That was a great info. I can still wash my lamborjeepney with a bucket but still water will flow down the street which may caught the attentions of some concern citizen.

There is a Sri Lankan cargo company in old Mohomed Mustafa building. They have a brach here. The name is Trico. They are reliable.

My new SUV is great! she's gorgeous! and I'd love to keep her clean and tidy. Over the weekend people here in our compound are cleaning all their cars so we don't really have that problem.

Hey! Buddy maybe you should move to a different house, where it has it's own garage so you can wash your lovely SUV without any worries.

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charan are you lost??? we are talking about car wash in private property here. why you mention cargo??? duh

Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

Mila - Sorry it should have been in the other thread about Singapore

What's the cargo got to do with this thread? were talking about If it is illegal to wash your car in public view here.

It's great to be loved!

It's great to be loved!

charan is still having a hangover from thursday.

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You can't teach experience...

Hello Everybody !!!!

I´m an spanish arquitect who have been offered a job in Doha by a spanish company for 3 years

I must answer next monday and I don´nt know what to do because I don´t know nothing about the contry,the city,the people and safety...

I´ve been reading all yours comments and I´ve thought that you could help me to have a decision.

I would like to know about the cost of living in Doha,rent a house,a car...

please help me


vegas appreciated your details in my avatar, but i need somebody who can wash my car without using too much water? are you available? and how much that will cost? LOL.... Joking

Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

We might move to a new June. we will give up this one its damn expensive old 6 storey flat.

sietedu, wrong thread dear... just go search for cost of living in doha you will find so much link. just be patient with search you will find the answers.

Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

my lamborjeepney dirty, specially this weather and i hate the long queue in the car wash service near immigration, Full of LC in line.

Just devil wash it...:)

I can't believe this...

As I just made a deal with the Sri Lanken dude in my compund to keep mine clean...

Well maybe no one knows what goes on behind thses walls...

God I hope not...

You can't teach experience...

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You can't teach experience...

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You can't teach experience...

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Don't over pay for Car wash. Come to my bldg for QR 10.00 car wash:)

Wow! you're moving to another house? Congrats!

Make sure you have parking space this time to keep your Lamborjeepney clean! Don't forget to have a house warming for luck! okay?

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"Fascinated with Supercars but can’t afford it yet, so I settle down for a humble Jeepney, proudly Philippine made."

Insha'allah. I'll bring in first salt, sugar and rice for good luck and friends to follow:-)

"Fascinated with Supercars but can’t afford it yet, so I settle down for a humble Jeepney, proudly Philippine made."

Good idea! although I never believe it, but often hears it's for good luck!

It's great to be loved!

and you will be the first friend I will bring in as an additional lucky charm;-)

"Fascinated with Supercars but can’t afford it yet, so I settle down for a humble Jeepney, proudly Philippine made."

He! he! he! lucky charm pala ha! kailangan merong tsibugan n'yan! just let me know what I can bring to your party when it happens.

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ofcourse now adays claning cars in public is not modern ....The First Mobile car wash service in Qatar ALL WITHOUT HIWASH.COM , they come to your place and clean your car with a reasonable price,,,,saving time & Effort with unbeleivable result!!!!!!!!!!!

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