Karwa driving school

Hi! Does any one know the number of Karwa driving school? 180 gives me just the taxi - booking number.



but thats only for the karwa taxi drivers and the bus drivers. same station. i think u need to visit them.


Did you read the original poster last line? it is said that 180 only gave the taxi number not the driving school.

soory dude..as it is new skool..may be thier directory is not updated so they gave u the taxi muber,...try again..u will get it

4588618...think thats the no...they r workin only til 3:00

How much does driving school cost?

It depends on the type of tranning you are going to take

I think my buddy just wants the short class.. he already knows how to drive.. but his US license expired..

Karwa Driving School Number: 4588644

The fee depends on whether you are opting for a short, half or full course.

Short - QR 1200/- (7days)

Half: - QR 2050/- (15 days)

Full - QR 3050/- (30 days)

1 theory class is compulsory which is inclusive in total training days.

Fee might have increased bcoz traffic test fee increased just after I got a license 21/2 months before.

If you have your native country license you can start from short course.

Good proffesional environment meet them personally.Classes will begin first come first serve basis.No underground money.Behaviour of the tutor depends on the character of the person you get.Bcoz I saw both the faces during my training there.Additional refreshment classes will cost you 85QR per class after completion of the opted period if you think required before test.

Generally traffic test date will be given immediately after the competion of training.Test is in 3 stages.

1.Signal test 2.Pocket Parkig 3.Road test

1-3 pass you will get license.

Fail in either 2 or 3 next test only after a month with fees.

Fail in 1 you can reappear after a week with no fees.

Hope this helps you\

Best of luck

Worst driving school in QAtar..If u want to waist ur money u can join there.

Karwa Driving School Contact Number: 4588644 | 4588618

Karwa Driving School Contact Number: 4588644 | 4588618

I got admission in Al Raya Driving School & Just 5 days back I got my license after too much struggling due to police of that school. If police is good u will get license otherwise you will never get license from Al Raya Driving School even if u r very expert driver.the management of that school

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