Karwa Taxi Drivers

I have seen a few comments on here regarding Karwa taxi drivers; would like to add a positive slant.

We arrived back in Doha early this morning. The Karwa taxi driver was nice (terrible driver) but a nice man.

I was unpacking and noticed my laptop was missing. My fault entirely, I had tucked it behind one of the 'middle seats', I had forgotten to look for it, so had my husband, so our fault.

We phoned them straight away and after some initial confusion; we got my laptop back today.

So thank you Karwa.

Would like to give credit when credit is due.


That is good to hear about honest people once in a while.

It is refreshing to see honesty in this world

If I had left my laptop in a taxi in the UK, I doubt if I had seen it again.

they have to rent the cab for an enormous daily amount. most are honest hard working guys. reaaly harsh life for them in Karwa city!

Few honest people left, maybe only this one in qatar, i really appreciate to hear it.

Well done that man...

there is goodness isn all of us...

I had a very uplifting experience with a petrol attendant about 2 weeks ago. it costs about QR30.00 to fill my car and I took out what I thought was QR33.00 to pay the attendant plus a 10% tip. after giving him the money and and about to drive off he tapped on my window and wafted two notes in front of me. The more I told him to keep it, the more he insisted on giving it back to me. when I looked at it closely, I realised I had given him 2 X QR100.00 notes instead of QR1. I was totally stunned at not only being so unobservant in the first place, but at his perception of the situation and returning the money to me. Well, it may not have been QR200.00, but I gave him a QR50.00 for his honesty.

I guess you got one of the good eggs.. :)

who said that Karwa drivers are not good ? everytime i get on a Karwa, i meet good people...

terrible but nice?

.........they should think more than twice before stealing something,dude

There is in my opinion more good here, in honesty more than in the UK.

They did not steal my laptop.

I left it behind, my fault. The taxi driver handed it in.

Thank you Ismail, for being honest.

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