Low IQ - No sex


This is a worry. Most on QL would be sexless forever if enforced here....

Despite having a low IQ..I am a male!

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I think the government needs to keep out of this

Reading this; I happen to think the Judge had a difficult case put before him.

People with 'special needs' do struggle with the 'understanding of sexual matters' - outcomes and sexual health.

However, saying that with help and guidance most can and do engage in healthy sex.

At least the judge has out measures in place for 'Alan' to receive some formal sex education.

'Alan' appears very vulnerable and actually may need protecting from his urges for a while until he understands more about sexual activity.

Just my thoughts.

Not something for courts to decide

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why girls are staying in Ramada Car park?

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I think the judge honestly has the best interests of "Alan" in mind. It sounds to me like their might be some issues around "Alan" being taken advantage of by his lover, so hopefully after some sex education everything works out for the best.

If he has learning difficulties and is of low IQ, then how in reality will sex education help him ?

I personaly believe that if he is under care and "it makes him happy" to be in contact with his friend, then he should be allowed to do so at fixed times.

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Good points.

The problem we face in educating children/young adults who have special needs is immense. Sexual education in this area is a social and legal nightmare.

Can I first just clarify something first. IQ is based on ‘what we have learnt’ and how we can expand on that knowledge. ‘Alan’ has a low IQ; however this can be built on.

It is also important to remember that even though you may be dealing with an adult, you are also dealing with a ‘child’ and this is the crux of the matter.

A lot of young adults who are ‘normal’ struggle with the subtle nuances of; ‘reading signs of a sexual nature’. It is far worse for a person with a low IQ or for example a person with Autism (who can have high IQS) to read healthy signals.

We as educators first of all have a duty to protect that young person from themselves. We have to teach them that even though we respect they have ‘urges’ there is a time and a place to act upon them. They are very vulnerable lonely people and thrive on any attention. Mix that with surging hormones and it is a nightmare.

Alan appears to think and act like a child so perhaps for the time being until he has learnt that some people may use him for sex, it may be best he is supervised. The skill may be one he never acquires.

What should be done and it would be great if we could follow his progress; is first of all he is given the same sex education as any ‘child’.

Why we make babies, how babies are made and the social implications that comes with all that.

He would then be taught about dealing with his ‘urges and emotions’. Once it is decided that his is responsible to deal with all of this, he will be taught about safe sex.

He should also be instructed in what relationships mean; how they are formed and how they can be ended.

I happen to think this man on the very little I have read about him; will need supervision for quite a long time. However, I think that it is everybody’s right to have a sexual relation; if it is fully understood by both people.

now i can understanding what is happening in Ramada Car Park? and what is this q?

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