Mabruk Anabi!!! Qatar 1 - Iraq 0

Yaaaaaaayyyyyy! Qatar beat Iraq 1-0 to make it through to the next round of the World Cup qualifiers.

Well played boys :)

Sorry Iraq. I applaud your courage and determination. If you had beat Qatar I'd be rooting for you guys all the way.


wtg qatar good job..........

life's too short so make the most of it, you only live but once.......

Beat you to saying YAAAAAY by four minutes.



Since the three of us were not sitting together, watching the match and later going to three different computers to type the SAME thing in three different headers...

I think its a pardonable sin!


Socceroos lost...arrrggghhh!!!

Greek, that's because I was too busy doing my Qatari dance around the room when the final whistle went...


I'm so proud. Both Qatar and Iraq put their hearts into it. Of course I'm happy that Qatar won, but I'd have been equally happy if Iraq won.



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That's how I feel. I so much want that country to every aspect. My heart is for Iraq too.


your my idol, basheer..good job

mabrook almaas,, mabrook "man anna"...

mabr0ok qatar...esstahil..esstahill.....inshallah shoofak al anabi fee africa....

Many congrats to Qatar...


If you look at what you do not have in life;

You don't have anything.

If you look at what you have in life;

You have everything.



mabrook qatar..

sad for iraq.



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