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Hi Guys, im just new here in Qatar and needs some info regarding medical procedure especially the XRAY test. I undergone 3 Xray test already (twice when i was under my husband visit sponsorship and im currently transferring my sponsorship to my employer now) i just received an SMS from medical com that i need to take the test again. Actually my previous Xray result which i just found out lately when i went to take the XRAY test for the working visa that the result is ABNORMAL (my blood test is OK), they dont even tell me why it is abnormal. anyways, my question is, is this a ground for deportation? To my knowledge before i went here in Qatar i undergone medical test from my country of origin to make sure that i am physically fit. Can anyone give me some advice on this? Thanks



padalhan mo ko ng sulat sa em-contact ko, try kung tulungan kita.

Hi apple!

wala ako em-contact mo.

it could be that there may be traces of Tb, thats when they generally ask you to take it again or if they feel the xray is not clear.

Hope for the best.

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do they perform other test like sputum test for those with abmormal x-ray result?

how do you know if you pass or fail? is there any kind of notifications.. how long?

They will notify you thru SMS, please read the thread about medical exam! there is a post from HDY on how he got the results of his medical.

I am Larry Sabino from phils. And im 33 years old. I was hired as a computer engineering by a company and already got my business visit visa. I would like to know if possible for me to have a RP to work & live in doha even thou i have a hbaAG reactive?

Thanks & god bless


If some problem is found in X-ray for Qatar visa medical check up, is there any chance for re-considering after confirmation blood test normal.

Please reply

Kabayan,regarding dun sa xray test, may doubt kasi ako na magfailed yung xray ko kasi i was diagnosed PTB and last xray ko nagshow yung scar sa film...nagmedical na me dito sa Doha and may tommorrow yung result at 4sure na makikita yung scar ko sa lung kasi kanina sa xray 3 times ako xray with diff positions na compare sa mga kasabay ko once lang...anu kayang tulong ang pwede ko mahingi sa iyo...


please i need an advise regarding on this x-ray result,

There is a small nodular density in the right upper hemithorax. Suggest correlation with apicolordotic view. the left lung fields are clear. The heart ang great vessels are normal in size and configuration. diaphragm and visualized bones are intact. I just want to know if the person that has this x-ray result can come to qatar and this result may not be a problem if he will have a x-ray in the medical commission? please help me....

if you are not a heavy smoker and if you are perfectly fit and fine, dont worry.

basically, they will check traces of tubercular infections if you had any in the past.

or else, it could be a processing or an error in the technique parameters which might have caused an out of range optical density or resolution of the radiograph.

a re-take is required for record purposes.

@rishimba thank you...he is not smoking..... but with that result of his x-ray, do you think it will not cause a problem if he will come here and have an x-ray in medical commission? in case the same result shows, does my friend will be deported or not?

please advise .......

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to triaxh20..anu na nangyari sa x-ray result mo?

Since required ang medical into entering the country, it might cause you problems. re-take is necessary to check the abnormal results, baka naman kasi sira ng machine yan or something, or baka hindi naman pala talaga abnormal. may false positive results, ika nga :)

stay positive.

may mga instances ba na nangyayari ung ganun? so i'll just tell him to re-take his x-ray....but what if still the same ung result nya?

barbie, i am really not sure but all i know is that the cause of rejection is 'tubercular infected tissues' in the lungs..

if he was free from tuberculosis earlier, he should not worry.

do you think rishimba it will be worthy if he will just come here through visit visa?because im worried if in case he will find a job and have an x-ray, do you think he will be send back home?

barbie, i think you better advise him to have his x-ray done in his country before he comes here and get the radiograph interpreted by an expert...

as far as i know, only tubercular infection is the cause of rejection.

i think he dont have infection its just that the result is like you think its not a good idea to bring him here through visit visa?

Kung visit visa ba, like one month then need to undergo sa medical to extend for another 5months at may SCAR, di rin ba maapprove yung extension? :(

marsie my kakilala k rin ba n may scar?

yup sis :(, kaya nga need ko know kung halimbawang visit lang naman siya pwede kayang mapprovan ang extension niya?

marsie anung nangyari don sa kakilala u n may scar? napauwi b sya?plano ko kasi business visit visa na lang.....

English only please.

in my case i was not deported..after almost 3years i had xray again for health certificate renewal. this time they told me they found a scar so i did a re-take in different positions still it was visible the doctor told me it was already there ever since but that time i think it was very obvious..they took me inside and injected me somewhat like TB test..if it turns out red then im positive..indeed it turned out red but just very small..actually they have different measurements i think it's their basis..since mine was just very small and i dont have cough or fever or other illness they advised me to undergo treatment but i have to stop working for the time being..i have to get back to work only after the treatment..

The Image Might Not Be Clear. But Still Go On Sunday, And Check It Out.

But Our Airline Hired 20 Filipino Technicans, And When They Had Their Medical Test, Only 6 Cleared The Test Had A Little Scar In Their Chest Xray, Their Contracts Were Terminated And Sent Home.

Best Of Luck

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To my knowledge.... the MedCom is only interested with OLD and ACTIVE Pulmonary Tuberculosis in your Chest Xray results. Abnormalities or any "NON-Suggestive TB", like example RTI or Respiratory Tract Infection are advised to undergo antibiotic treatment for a minimum of at least 10days. Abnormalities of "Suggestive TB" will depends on their visa type application. If they're on family visa or family visit visa (visa to join their family here),...for "Active TB" patient will immediately start the treatment and for "Old TB" patient needs to follow up at the TB Unit in Rumaillah. But for those applying for work visa,...OLD and Active TB will be automatically labeled UNFIT and deportation. But please note, I am NO medical expert here though these are some informations I gathered and would like to share.

apple so what will i do then?

Reference to your queries about your friend in this thread,

I advise your friend to ask his physician if the results of his xray is "suggestive" or "non-suggestive" TB. If its a non-suggestive then, he/she has a chance to obtained a work visa here.

thanks it advisable that i will ask him to undergo ppd test and sputum test? and if his negative, does it mean he has a chance to have a work visa here?

Help please, i wanted to get a visa for my mother, family visit visa for one month then i will extend for another 5months. I am aware that she needs to undergo for a medical exam in order to extend her visa, the problem is she has also a scar on her lungs. Have you heard or known anyone who has the same case as my mother? Will i able to extend her visa if they will find out in her medical that she has a SCAR? Thanks in advance..

she is coming on family visit visa, no problem if its a scars only she can extend her visa.

Barbie76- yes its possible.

Yes, visit visa then extend lang sana for another 5months.. Talaga apple?we can extend her visa even they will see the scar on her lungs? thanks

Yes, visit visa then extend lang sana for another 5months.. Talaga apple?we can extend her visa even they will see the scar on her lungs? thanks

Jut Jut

I don't understand how TB is such a big problem for some trying to get here. There has been an effective vaccine since 1905.

You have to understand the nature of the disease and its mode of transmission before u could understand why they considered it a big problem here.

First of all, TB is an airborne disease, that can contaminate anyone that comes next to the infected person, or even the drinking glass or spoons they used at home or in the restaurant are not safe and contaminated of bacteria that can possibly transmit to other people. Unlike HIV and Hepatitis w/c is bloodborne that can be transmitted only thru sexual intercourse or blood transfusion or any sharp contaminated instruments that accidentally prick you, otherwise the person next to them is definitely safe.

Also it is believe that old TB case is possible to recur.

i had my first medical exam here in the philippines and it also showed some scars in my xray that turned out to be "unfit" by the doctor. my friend in doha told me to get another test just to make sure and now im going to have another test hopefully tomorrow in another medical clinic to find out if i would get clear on my "scars"...i know that there will be another set of tests when i get there in doha and i've read all the comments and i've been hopeless to work there (doha) if i will get the same result. Do u think i can still work there even if they found the same "scar?" cause that's the only problem, all of my tests were normal. i hope u can give some advise. thanks in advance.

how about if i already have my working visa? i do also have "scars" in my lungs. wanted to know if i can still go on for work in doha? thanks in advance.

Can anyone help me, right now im in doha under a visit visa since my husband is working here.I'm done with the medical but they asked to report back for repeat xray.Iknew it already since i'm aware of it. kaya lang they took several shots in different positions,nag worry tuloy ako bakit iba ibang position. natatakot na ko, ang intention ko lang sana is to extend my visit. I will not be working. Pls i need your advice. The verdict will be on sunday. Plssssss pray for me that i'll be extended. Thanks in advance...

apple dito ka paba sa qatar,maybe you can help me. plsssssssss

pm me more details...

i dont have your email or either your contact no. Thanks for your response. I'll wait for your email. really thanks!!!

how can i pm you??? i don't have your email. or can you just give me your contact. thanks a lot in advance. God bless you!!!!

thanks Aladdin !!!!

Hi! Kabayan kumusta na ang result mo? I you able to extend your visa?

Ok nman na po, thanks sa lahat!

Hi! My boyfriend was just hired by an engineering firm in Doha and he has actually a working visa all prepared for him. He had his medical exam last week, specifically the x-ray test. The result is "There are few reticular infiltrates seen in the right upper lobe...IMPRESSION: RIGHT UPPER LOBE INFILTRATES, PROBABLY DUE TO minimal ptb of undetermined activity". The medical clinic where he had his exam refused to give him a fit to work because of this.

We just don't understand what exactly or why exactly he is being denied. He had the same findings before but that was 20 years ago. right now he doesn't have any symptoms of TB - no cough, fever, or loss of appetite. In fact, he never had any serious illness that is related to pulmonary disorders for many years now. right now, we just want to know what we can do or what tests he could take just to get a findings that will truly prove that he has TB and it is contagious.

Hello Apple can you please advise what to do Michelle Santos 's case regarding his boyfriend has the same case as my husband. Do you think if I rather sponsor his visa it's easier for him to get here in Doha. Even if he's xray result has minimal PTB if its a family sponsor, are they are not to strict and they would let it just take some medication on Hamad Hospital or they would check first in the injection if this scarring is active or not? Please advise.

And also I talked to a friend that if it's only scarring and this is not active they would pass it here. Do you think that this is true? Kung talagang peklat lang siya kasi kahit na anong gamot na inumin nya di yun kasi mawawala , he have this minimal PTP since his college days but it's already cured but still it left a scar in his lungs.

Thank you for the advise. Hope you would answer.

Hi, apple! I wish that you would respond on my post. We badly need the response. We read a little about PTB and one of the readings said that since TB is very endemic here in the Philippines. An abnormal x-ray is treated as PTB or "active" unless proven otherwise. What we want to know are what are the other steps or tests that he could take that could give us an absolute findings. Na kung talagang active, e di active. it's just that at this point, we are very frustrated kasi yung diagnosis based lang sa x-ray, puro "probably" pa at "undetermined" ang nakalagay.

Pano kung scarring lang naman pala yun at di naman active di ba?

Michelle, can you please send me private message and more details, and I'll explain to u in our own dialects.

hi, again, apple!

Nagsend ako ng private message sayo dito rin thry

Nabasa mo na ba?


Wala pa rin akong email contact mo...pwede bang bigay mo na lang sa'kin thru email dito rin sa

Hello michelle,

I can solve your problem kasi same case tayo pero sa iyo boyfriend mo nga lang pero ako kasi hubby ko. Ang ginawa namin eh pumunta kami sa isang pulmonologist sa perpetual help hospital sa las pinas. Tapos binigyan ng skin test, xray and sputum test yung asawa ko. Tapos na dun namin nalaman na di active ang scars nya at dahil sa 1 month siyang umiinom ng gamot sa baga yung binigy ng clinic nung agency eh effective sa kanya. At sabi ng pulmonologist dun na lumalabo yung scars nya at tumatalab yung gamot na iniinom nya. So sabi ng doktor na bibigyan siya ng clearance na talagang wala siyang PTB at yun ang ibibigy nya sa clinic para bigyan na cya ng fit to work na medical clearance.

Explain ko sa iyo yng 3 test na kinuha nya para maintindihan mo ha.

1. skin test - tinurukan sya para malaman kung active ang scars nya. so Sabi ng doktor pag namula at namaga within 72 hours yun ibig sabihin meron at active ang PTB ng boyfriend mo.May certain 10mm ang laki ng paga para ma confirm na meron talga siya.

2. Yung comparison ng xray nya kung effective ba yung iniinom na gamot.

3. At huli yung sputum test ito naman eh yung plegm eh titignan kung may bacteria , at pag may nakitang bacteria siya eh ecuculture yun ng hospital at titignan kung maggegenerate na maging ptb yun within sa span ng 2 months. Pag di siya naggenerate ibig sabihin nun eh di siya active.

Ang nangyari kasi sa husband ko eh sa plegm pa lang din nalaman na walang bacteria siya kaya na clear agad siya ng doktor na di na kailangan yung 2 months na paghihintay at bibigyan na siya ng clearance agad.

At para siguradong wala ng maggenerate na ptb hanggang pagdating nya dito sa qatar maraming pinaiinom na gamot yung doktor nya within the span of 2 months and 4 months. Para magclear ang lungs nya sa mga scars.

At ang ginawa pa sa hubby ko eh pinavaccine siya ng doktor para di na siya kapitan pa ng ptb at di na mabuhay pa yung mga scars sa lungs nya.

Medyo malaki lang nga gagastusin nyo pero sulit naman lahat ng test na yun at mapapanatag ka kahit na mag medical yng boyfriend mo eh makikita din dito na wala siyang ptb. Kung gusto mo pa akong tanungin email ka na lang sa akin sa email ko sa opis para masagot kita agad.

Do you know the contact number of the medical commision, i saw some numbers but the voice says the number you have dialed is not correct? i need to call about my xray, they asked me to call them. thank you..

hello everyone, i read all your comments and i can relate to it bec. i have the same problem. last january 2011 when i was arrived here in doha as visit visa, medical shows i had this lung scar and they give me a skin test ppd test for ptb results show negative. the next step was they referred me to rumailah cd clinic for some additional test and invistigation. rumailah test result was acid fast bacili 2x test negative. ot/pt test for liver slightly higher doctor adviced me to refrain from eating of fatty foods. lung scar invistigation she told me she wrote in the report that i am treated 23 years ago as per quistioning to me. lastly she gave me a report to submit it to medical commission. after 2 months i have to comeback to her. i wonder why 2 months. and i found out here in ql i read one post 2mos of taking medicines and after u will be having a plegm test again.. hello anyone there are the same situation with me?

i was arrived here in doha last oct 27, 2010 via tourist; after a month, my visa was converted to working visa through my wife's sponsor; but I didn't work for them, just to convert it only, to prolong my search of work here in doha; my wife's sponsor decided first to have my medical before continuing for searching a work; I was diagnosed with PTB in my lungs in the philippines before I go here in doha, that is my problem before, my scar on my lungs; when my medical result comes, I have to repeat the xray again; my wife's sponsor through their HR was tried to resolved it, yes it was done; I was sent to Rumailla Hospital to verify my scar; they did to me is to have my blood and sputum test, kailangan lahat ng test is negative, luckily it was negative; the Rumailla Hospital was recommeded it, fit to work; then when I have found a job here in doha, but my new sponsor was to sent me again to Medical Commission; it is same cases again; what I did, I was personally talk to their doctor in the Medical Commission on duty regarding my case, the doctor was immediately review my case, and finally the doctors said I have no problem with my scar; that day, they fit me to work again and change my status in their system; hope this will help you......

thanks totim totim, im my case i have slightly high in liver test i ask it about this to doctor at rumailah and she said i need to refrain from eating fatty foods. and as u said rumailah doctor gave u fit to work. in my case only letter from d doctor address to medical commission saying that medical commision will decide on my situation. my ptb scar is already treated, plegm test  2times negative. and she wrote on my appointment card to comeback after 2 mos. why more 2 mos. im very comfused with my situation. im thingking of giving me medicines for 2 mos and have the test again after my treatment... hayyy buhay..

hi apple this is my visit visa is now ok i have to go in qatar sponsored by my wife bcoz she is now pregnant. My concern is the scar in my lung  the doctor here (manila Philippines) told me that it is already healed i dont have to worry about that. What if i will decide to apply for a job there in qatar may be it will cause me a problem in terms of medical examination. I am planing to bring with me my old x-ray film dated 6-30-06 ( the time i found out that i have PTB ang i take medication for 6 mos. and i didnt follow up my condition)/1-7-08( just for curiosity i take a x-ray again) /2-18-08/5-9-08/8-25-08/11-28/08 (  I took some sputum lab test negative result and quarterly x-ray 2 views normal & apical view to veryfy my scar if its active it turns out that its now inactive.) 2-4-11 and 6-29-11 my last x-ray and still inactive according to the doctor.I just want to know if the medical commision will take a look my x-ray film if i will undergo some medical procedures there in qatar?

hi guys, good day.. may tanong po ako. nag unfit po ako sa medical dito sa qatar. meron daw akong problema sa lungs. tapos may nkapag advice sa akin na pwede daw mag apply ng exemption regarding that you will comply all the requiremnts they need especially yong letter na galing sa employer mo stating that the employer still needs your service despite of the result. i already complied all the requiremnts then i submitted it to the medical director. so many times akong pa balik2x sa Medical Director to follow up kng ok ba sa kanila. mag to 2 months na kasi tapos palagi nila sinasabi na come back next day. hindi na muna ako bumalik sa Med.Com. Ngayon, nag apply na ako nong tinawag nila na ID dito sa qatar. tapos na ako sa finger printing and everything kaya lng malapit na mag 1 week, wla pa rin ang ID ko. MAY POSSIBILITIES KAYA NA HINDI NILA E.RELEASE ANG ID DAHIL HINDI PA AKO TAPOS SA TRANSACTION KO DOON SA MEDICAL COMMISSION? hindi nman kasi ako sinabihan ng medical director doon na pumunta sa Rumailla Hospital para etest ako ulit. pls help me. thanks..

Hi Mary Ann!

Nakita ko po email nyo sa Qatar Living..

Ask ko lang din sana kung ano nangyari sa experience nyo dati sa husband mo, kasi yung husband ko anjan din sa Qatar ngayon at nag -undergo na sya ng x-ray (4 shots, front, back, left & right) tapos nirequire sya ng Mantoux test/PPD test, yung induration nya ay 5mm lang naman pero hanggang ngayon ay wala pa din resulta kaya medyo worried na ako..

Nung nag test yung husband mo sa Qatar, ano ba ang consideration nila para declared free from TB? me nabasa naman kasi about sa length of induration na yan kaso lang ay paiba-iba naman. me nagsasabing less than 6mm ay negative, meron naman yung iba ay positive pero me mga conditions pa like me HIV, me contacts with the people infected w/ TB.gang ngayon wait pa din ng resulta 1 week ago ang reading nya sa mantoux test, thursday last week..



please give me info naman, baka kailangan ng husband ko dumaan din sa ganyan..ano steps turo mo naman please..thanks..

Hi everyone!

I have received a call from my husband just now.Their PRO have informed him that he is clear from the TB test and can go for finger printing next week at CID.

We're so happy about this, all my fears and anguish were gone.

Prayers heard!...Thank you Lord!☺

My all tests are clear(X-Ray,Hap B,C etc) at medical center under the GAMCA. My age is 37 now and my cardiac sergery performed one year before. Mashhalah I am fit now and my cardiac surgeon give me the fitness report.

But at Gamca, they do'nt give me the fitness certificate just said that due to your cardiac surgery, we put your status on web site is "In Process" for three months.

Please help me that Because embassy said that you go to medical center and perform tests for your own satisfaction.My all tests are clear. No scar on chest.

If embassy give me the opportunity to go to qatar, then I have to re appear in Medical commission board in qatar. Whether I should take risk or not.

Because GAMCA office is still confused. Can Bypass or Cardiac sergery persons can'nt go to Qatar. Even my job is not labor related. It is with in office job.

What should I do now.


hi kabayan! m problem din ako scar s xray. plano ng hu sband ko kunan kami ng family visa. mahirapan ako s medical dito. mas ok b na visit visa muna then convert family visa pagdating dyan? hindi talaga ako mag work alaga lang baby namin. dream ko magkasama sama na kami mag anak. baka pwede mo ako advise kabayan.

yan email ad ko. tnx!

kabayan, 2nd tym na ako nag xray. ung first xray ko wla clang sinabi na reason. nag second xray ako nung feb 26, 2013, maraming beses ako inexrayhan. till now ala pa rin result.. ano po ba ung mga reason bakit ala pa rin result? kc nung first medical ko, kasabay ko ung kasama ko sa work, nakita nya sa monitor na ok nmn daw ung xray ko, clear nmn po daw. kaya nagtaka ako kng bakit nagrepeat xray ako.

hello, i want only to get all your advices if my husband who is working in Qatar can change his residence visit visa to visit visa only applied for me as his wife while my children will have to maintain their residency visit visa

Bring your X-rays if you wish, but Qatar will not accept them, and probably will not even look at them. There is no way for Qatar to verify if they are really your films, or were fabricated. Although everyone is required to have medical testing performed in advance, X-rays and blood tests will always be repeated again in Qatar, on Qatar equipment, and read by Qatar doctors.

Mga kabayan, i would just like to ask if you know someone (kabayan) working in Medical Commission. I have somewhat similar case. I know I have scar. I came here under family visa and then extended it for another 5 months. I passed the medical. I know the scar is still there but with the help of a friend i passed or maybe they just didn't mind since its just for extension. now that i have work, do I need to undergo another medical for the processing of my RP?

Gaano po katagal ang under process na result sa online

I mean under process na result sa medical commission.. i need to confirm ba to medical commission or just wait for online? im in 3days now.

Hello everyone,

Medical commission sent me to Rumailah Hospital for check up.

I have done PPD, Blood test and 2 times sputum test.

Reading of PPD was 16 mm. Is it positive ?

Nobody is telling anything there. My PRO told me that he also don't know anything anout what is going on.

Now they have told me to come back on 18 October.

After 1 and half month ? why?

Will it take this much time to get the test results?

Please help me.

Please share if anyone knows about what is going there?


I have been rejected from medical commission on Sunday due to Thyroid with multinodular dysfunction. I was totally shocked since its an autoimmune non contagious medical condition. Anyone knows how to get either an appointment with them or someway to change this decision?


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