Mens clothing

Just trying to understand general preference of men clothing,

I normally do at shops in shopping malls and shirts could range from 100 - 200,

wanted to know where all you guys buy your office cloths from, any good shops recommendations with price range for shirts and pants?



i used to buy india only ... never buy from Qatar

pajju india shirts/clothing have good quality....

lobot thats why

.got my everyday suits from Guy Laroche, Pierre CArdin(shops at City Center) and special day suit by Armani & E.Zegna (Blue saloon)

.I seldom wear formal shirt(dior at merch) and tie, i used organic cotton tees (from Zara or H&M).

.my shoes are mostly boss, by hugo boss.(salam, salam plaza)


Talk to my crown......


pajju, has a good quality if you will not use

lobot oh really ? !!!!

pajju just kidding my friend..i like most indians here in doha...

lobot good for u

Almost all brands


There are good people in this world, and they are not ONLY Muslims, you know. Geez.(last comments by alexa when she left Qiving)

go to city centre or vilageo. there are many branded shop to buy office cloths

Marks and spencer, the best choice.

"Think 100 times before you take a decision, But once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man" - Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Allen solly i like it most.

Thanks learned some new info, where is fashion choice?



try any one of these........................

1} Splash

2} Planet fashion

3} Lulu hypermarket

4} Lulu centre

5} Ansar gallery

6} H&M

7} BHS


I buy from India only. All the brands you see here are available there at much cheaper price.

I went to moschino in pearl once and asked for a shirt, it was priced at 350 QR, I bought the same shirt in India from Moschino for 65 QR..

I don't need expensive clothes. My body and my mind are expensive. That's enough.

Blighty. Good deals and much better quality than here..

Go around in shopping malls sometimes they have sale...

I bought once a Gorilla Tshirt in a H&M:

but frankly, the stuff I was buying in Italy when I was there was somthing different, in small shops.

There is not the chanche to get some seriously weird clothes in malls, which I love.

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