middle east is a part of what continent?

middle east is a part of what continent? this was the latest question i asked during a forum as i asked regarding medical commission but i realized that there are some points when the topic goes to the continent... normally, when we say Asian people, it first come into my mind those faces with little eyes, small in height in majority & commonly in fair and not hairy complexion... correct me but i am not really aware of how and what a definite Asian looks like....


Middle East is Asia and Africa.

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There is no continent named middle east Asia as far as I know.....

Which bits are in Europe?

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Middle east is part of ASIA the largest continent in the world--

as far as i know and based on my knowledge way back when i am still in school--it is in asia--

is there any other information that say's it is not part of asia anymore?

read the books--world history--



i'll try to remember my geography lesson..........ummmmmmmmmm, no I can't remember it. Africa, my,my ??????????????????????????

"dgoodrebel will always be the rebellious good one"

"dgoodrebel will always be the rebellious good one"

Turkey's in Europe! Duh. :P

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Part of Istanbul is in Europe, so...

Asia, Africa, Europe

Turkey is not a part of Gulf.

Why do you think doha had the ASIAN games?



Murali he's asking about the Middle East, not the Gulf. The Gulf is part of the Middle East.

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the chicken is pink

Asia is a Big Continent with countries like China, India, Japan, Srilanka, Singapore, Qatar, UAE........... SO can you discribe now how do the people in Asia look?????

countries make up the middle east it will help you define which continent ... my guess is most of the coutries reffered to as being in the middle east fall in north Africa and Asia

Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, GCC ...

This is the middle east as I know it

The Middle East is a historical and political region of Afro-Eurasia with no clear boundaries. The term "Middle East" was popularized around 1900 in the United Kingdom; it has a loose definition traditionally encompassing countries or regions in Western Asia and parts of North Africa. The region is only EAST from the perspective of Europe. To an Indian, it lies to the west; to a Russian, it lies to the south.

Signed: Wiki

Continents are..

Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America

Middle East is part of ASIA

funny thing is that history books say that the old name of Turkey was "little Asia"

If Qatar doesn't belong to Asia then why do they have Asian Games.

Logic: Does Egypt come under Middle East?

Yes Asia is the Biggest Continet

Well Turkey is trying to get into the European Union and I'm pretty sure you need to be part of Europe to join. Egypt is part of the Middle East and it's in North Africa.

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Would u like to load ur mobile creadit so i can send txt ....

just wanted to be 100% sure


Is a part of Several Continets.............




"when we say Asian people, it first come into my mind those faces with little eyes, small in height in majority & commonly in fair and not hairy complexion... correct me but i am not really aware of how and what a definite Asian looks like.... "

now you can do additional characteristics for ASIAN people like....hairy body skin(male); big eyes; long and thick and curly eyelashes; white skins; tall noses; heights and weights,,,and what else? can we define noe the tipikal characteristic of an ASIAN?

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Asia (South West Asia) http://geography.about.com/library/maps/blrmideast.htm

The Arabian peninsular is in Asia. Other Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Tunsia etc are in Africa.

based on my stocked knowledge, Middle East is still part of the Asian Continent.., unless it was announces otherwise recently.

silent "G"

When Egypt is in Africa how can Middle East be in Asia.

Middle East: It is a group of countries from Africa, Asia and European continents......

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hey guys Lebanon SYRIA Iraq jordan Palestine is one part of arab world called bilad al sham ,the new stupied politics in this ugly world the like to reaname it middle east , they cannot Separated ,

hey jongens Libanon SYRIË Irak jordanië Palestina is een deel van de Arabische wereld opgeroepen bilad al schijnvertoning, de nieuwe stupied politiek in deze wereld de lelijke willen Reaname het Midden-Oosten, zij kunnen niet gescheiden


This is fun:


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It's a region, not a continent.

Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Yemen


credited units for geography lessons. Really fun to know that this is a "good" topic for "old" people

"dgoodrebel will always be the rebellious good one"

Just told me that Egypt is part of Middle East. :-)



back to classroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"dgoodrebel will always be the rebellious good one"

The Middle East is rather a political concept designating countries involved in/concerned with the arabo-israeli conflict. the Middle East is not sysonyme Asia coz the philippines for example is not part of the Middle East- it is the Far East- and Egypt, which is part of the Middle East, is an African Country

Kuwait 17,820 3,100,000 119 Kuwait City $136 billion $55,400 Kuwaiti dinar Constitutional Hereditary Arabic

Bahrain 665 656,397 987 Manama $14 billion $20,500 Bahraini Dinar Constitutional monarchy Arabic

Oman 212,460 3,200,000 13 Muscat $54 billion $17,000 Omani Rial Absolute monarchy Arabic

Qatar 11,437 793,341 69 Doha $69 billion $75,400 Qatari Riyal Monarchy Arabic

Saudi Arabia 1,960,582 23,513,330 12 Riyadh $446 billion $21,200 Riyal Absolute monarchy Arabic

United Arab Emirates 82,880 4,496,000 30 Abu Dhabi $146 billion $55,200 UAE dirham Federal Constitutional Monarchy Arabic

Yemen 527,970 18,701,257 35 Sanaá $19 billion $1,000 Yemeni rial Republic Arabic


"dgoodrebel will always be the rebellious good one"

you are right its in africa 100%









ٌall this africa

thats right wondering too wut the school jobs and how the teaching student the Geography yrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I am sorry it is not European..




they are Semitic peoples - which is in ASIA

politically - a moot point

understand someone the politicans


7 continents, you mentioned seven :)

it's elementary, that's why I said it's really funny. Not satisfied yet, c'mon guys, silly question deserves silly answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"dgoodrebel will always be the rebellious good one"

8 with Atlantic! :P)

I said POLITICALLY, NOT ethnically... at least they can travel to UK and the other countries of EU without VISA..

i have edited my post. There 6 Continents...

make me laught!!!!!!!!

"dgoodrebel will always be the rebellious good one"

majority of the middle east is in asia....but parts of turkey is in europe and so are parts of eygpt in africa......but..generally speaking...you can say..the middle east is in asia itself...

as far as calling little chinki people asians....thats jst...for generalisation...we call middle easterners arabs....ppl frm the indian sub continent (india pakistan sri........) indians....and the chinese and filipina..blah blah....asians...simple as that....jst like we refer to both canadians and americans as the same 'genre' of westerners

1) Israel is most certainly NOT in the EU.

2) Israelis for the EU get a 90 day visa - same as russia

Read what I wrote chum: :)

3) I said politically 'moot' point which means debatable.

geography teacher

"dgoodrebel will always be the rebellious good one"

Finally what it is ?????????????????? as EGYPT is in Africa the Gulf Countires in Asia..............

lol..9 with Pacific

ahem,ahem...10 with lost one: Atlantida

Well Asian or africa or small eyes or black skin ,white skin or big blue eyes ,wut ever at the end all thats pepole are humans have same blood

"dgoodrebel will always be the rebellious good one"

this one I really don' tknow.. for example, if French guy wants to go to London..can he live in London as much as he want? 6 months? 1 year? without getting any aproval from UK athorities? Just a question, because I really don't know that one..

..and there is nothing to argue about it.

there are 6 Continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, America (North and South). Sometimes they consider America as 2 continents (North America and South America).. but it depends on certain vision.

Middle East (including Qatar) is in continent named ASIA.

It's funny how some people don't know the basic things from the elementary school...

well.. this is another issue, that some coupntries want to be included in European Union. One of these countries is Israel. Israel POLITICALLY consedered as a european country, but GEOGRAPHICALLY it is still located in Asia, or to be more specific, in the Middle East.

Yes a French person can because we are all in the EU.

We have EU passport....


if a texan guy wants to go to in L.A...can he live in Los Angeles as much as he want? 6 months? 1 year? without getting any aproval from USA authorities?

:) same ...

israelians do not need to open visa prior to coming to UK, unlike russinas who DO have to open Visa first (and might be refused)... may be israelians get visa upon arrival similar to qatari procudure for UK, USA, Canada and Australia.. that's i am not sure... but Israel politically considered as a european country that's for sure... (without belonging to EU)

In North America, the term Asians is generaly used for Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos etc

In Europe, Asians are generalized as from india, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sr-Lanks

People forget how vast Asia really is.

A Texan redneck in La La land.. he wouldn't last a week, so no need for visa..

This is the first time I see someone who dont know how an Asian looks like and worst still the description given by Spanky1423 is really funny. I think Spanky1423 you must be from outer space.

oh my evil...yeah...

a redneck needs a special aproval...

To see the different countries in the Biggest continet :_)

yes, Murali..it's true

We need money to see that!

And, of course ...visas! :)

man, is this a joke??

where have you been??

i'll bet you didn't attend your classes??

wondered how you passed??

now go back to school and ask your mentor you've

missed this part of your lesson...hahahaha...

some people have no idea what PERCENT is for example... when they say : "it's for sure 200%!".. first it sounds like a joke, but then you realize that they trully believe that it CAN be 200% (or 300% or whatever more then 100%)...

Middle East is in Asia.

It does not include Africa. You are thinking of the MENA region.


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She is..."based on her stocked knowledge"


bet i AM...luv marty d martian...NYAHAHAH... well do you know...,then define!!!....nyewnyewnyew.....this is how we laugh at pluto....


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bet that i know better than class...you see.., i created a topic that harvest sooo much response...

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Damn Aliens

If you have gone to school tell which continet does Middle East belong to????? :-)

i don't know about continet...maybe continent....=) Actually this is simple...Are you guys here during the ASEAN Olympics...? With that..you can simply answer which continent does middle east includes.... Because if middle east goes with europe, then Qatar will never hosted the ASEAN games at all...They will host the European Olympics instead...what do you think....?

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I know that all the Gulf countries come under Asia.

But as per my knowledge Egypt is in Afrcia and it comes under Egypt........

I am not sure whether EGypt really comes under Middle East.

im so sorry but i can't leave your bats alone...i enjoyed being with them...

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Ohh my!!!! Knickers in a twist for soooo long? If you have ever been to school and ever learned a thing called 'proverbs' it is damn easy to understand some expressions. Saying anything above 100% is just an expression to show how much you are sure about certain thing.

Well, proverbs are above elementary level....

Now just don't go in front of mirror to adjust the knicker thingy...that was again one saying....

[img_assist|nid=52086|title=Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.... Boredom is a choice. - Wayne W. Dyer|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]

See, nowadays it is so damn easy to brag about anything even if you have not seen the school once....lol...just GOOGLE it and blah blah blah.......

[img_assist|nid=52086|title=Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.... Boredom is a choice. - Wayne W. Dyer|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]

what's mean "school"?

new term for "kool"?

School is indeed very hot thing nowadays...lol

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If you see my first post in this discussion it says it is in Asia. But here some people say that even EGYPT also comes under Middle East then how can it be Asia????

Even if you school and even if you google it you cannot find some answers.

As I told in my ealier thread if EGYPT is in Middle East then Middle East is a comination for Asia, Africa and Europe(Turkey).

My post was not entirely directed to you Murali...I was just joking about how some people are self-proclaimed genius. And they think the rest of the world is just plane 'stupid' and 'illogical'...lol....and above all to prove it they also use some funny ('logical' according to them) ways.

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Ok Shreeya :-)

thinking that how does our topic goes to egypt when i started it asking about middle east...? ;-)

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Middle East is in three Different Continents, it's not a part of a continent, it's a region.

Asia, Africa and Europe.

45 asian countries took part in Asian games and Egypt is not part of Asia. ME is in Asia or did we move it to Africa

thats IATA division Middle east and north Africa

In my company, which is a multinational company operating all over the world, we have MEA = Middle East and Asia, but Neither my company names or IATA names matter.

I'm talking about the geographic region, which includes Turkey & Cyprus from Europe, and Egypt from Africa, in addition to the other south west asian countires.

Middle East composes the following region of lands...

and are part of the Asian continent....

1> Persian Plateu

2> Anatolia, where Turkey is now situated

3> Arabian Peninsula, which includes Qatar

4> The Levant Region, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria

5> also the Autonomous Palestine which are Gaza Strip and West.

source: wikipedia...

~~~winner never quits~~~

altogether am I right? if we consider North Africa

well turkey ( istanbol 50 in asia)

and southern part in Asia

Middle East is a part of Asia, Geographically. But about people, Asian is Indian, Nepali, Bangladeshi and so on.

I have never heard word asian as much I heard this word in UK. Asian con.store, Asian eatery blah blah

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