Ministry plans housing zones outside Doha

DOHA: The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning is working on a project to develop model residential districts in parts of the country, aimed at avoiding crowding and congestion seen in many old areas.
The Ministry has prepared a uniform design for the project which comprises schools, commercial centres, parks and other amenities, a member of the Central Municipal Council (CMC) said yesterday.
The project is an extension of an ongoing plan to develop model commercial complexes in residential areas that will eventually replace the hundreds of neighbourhood stores.
“I believe the first of these projects will be implemented in Rowdath Al Hammam on
Al Shamal road. The new design will have uniform standards and specifications,” Mubarak Frish, CMC member representing the Gharafa constituency told The Peninsula.
He said the new residential districts will also have ample parking spaces and roads will be designed to prevent traffic jams.
According to him, developing new residential areas would be better than redeveloping the old ones that are heavily populated.
Some other CMC members and Qatari architects have, however, called for redeveloping the older parts of the city that were built without proper planning.
Apart from being an eyesore with their old and dilapidated buildings, such old residential areas are a safety and security threat.
“The roads are so narrow that even an ambulance or fire truck will find it hard to reach these areas,” said Engineer Ahmed Al Jolo, president of the Qatar Engineers Forum, in remarks to a local Arabic daily.
He said the areas that require immediate attention are Umm Ghuwailina, North Maider, Markhiya, Mesaimeer, Najma, Mansoura, Old Al Ghanim, South Medinat Khalifa and Gharafa.

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hahahahaha funny ripcord, ghetto Asians!!!!!!!!!! aint heard that one before.

Well they don't want the Asians spoiling the view in he centre of Doha do they will ghettoise them outside

Thtz BS...dont say this is just your hypothesis.

It's not BS. They are trying control the level of of certain nationalities where they consider there are too many, Indians and restrict visa for countries nationals they consider dangerous, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt etc.

If that was not true visas of those countries would be easy to get

Rip Cord & Patiencew, You guys enjoy tagging urself a racist, don't you ?

Nice move as I see it.In an earlier post I mentioned this as well.However, its a nice development strategy. Building housing in that area will slowly start developing infrastructure and further industries (hope so).Nice way to go Qatar.The redevelopment of old areas can start once the plan 1 is reaching a finish.Its pathetic to see certain comments which point fingers to certain nationalities.After all we are all expats and above that humans working here and would need to go well together.I don't think this move is to move the Asians out of the city. Its just a sign of development. Also reg visas its not true and visas to Asians or any one are being issued provided they stick to the rules.

let's think up of some unique names for these Housing Zones .. :O)

Al MostDoha ?

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And of course units will be very small

Finishing will be cheap as dirt

While rent prices go sky rocking.

Black burn how are my comments racist? I'm telling you that Qatar wants to stick Asians in their own special areas and are trying to limit the numbers of certain nationalities which are facts. I'm making no derogatory comments regarding Asians

While Gov't. is busy planning, other people and nationality are already engaging/making business & making their own zoning by altering structures without gov't. noticed/permit. It is a complicated issue and have created more complications by giving unreasonable charges to prospective tenant and more to that it is illegal structures..

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