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Hi Guys...

Good Morning to you all. I wish you all very nice holiday coming. Today I want to ask you if Ministry of Interior website for Traffic Violation is accurate? I mean I check my plate most of everyday and so far, I have no Violation. But how long do you think the system take place from the time you make violation until is published in the net??? anyone can enlighten me? thanks for any input.


Expect it to appear after 10 to 15 days. This is what I experienced last year when I was penalized for a no parking.

that long huh...? wow... i have to prepare the fine then. I think I will get fine for jumping on the red light. thats 6000riyasl. damn...

Well actually there is no time limit to when you it is published on the site... sometimes it might take an hour and that can go up to 2 months... i got fined on the 24th of august and just yesterday did it apear on the site... yet at other times its just a matter of hours!

be careful of the new law, your not allowed to leave the country having a fine on you, you have to pay them all off before travelling (even thought they let me out when i had a fine) oh well maybe the law wasnt empossed till the begining of december!

Be careful!

Moenasser ,

You talking about the traffic law ? it was started on 2nd Oct 2007. You're right, everybody should be very very careful. Yesterday I heard on Qatar Radio that there are some violations that could lead you to emprisonement ( one week to one year). It's really frightening. Isn't it ?

Some are Wise ... Some are ...Otherwise

yeah thats is very true, except it can go up to three years for crossing a red light Frog, so you guys really need to be carefull

the law actually states from 10,000 to 50,000 Riyals and/or 1 to 3 years prison!

3 years ???? I'm sorry but no traffic violation is serious enough to lead to prison. In case of a violation that leads to death or serious injury this may apply , but a red light crossing ????????? I just feel no longer safe while driving now ?? crasy.

Some are Wise ... Some are ...Otherwise

jumping a red light at a busy intersection and in case u have an accident you are capable of attaining jail time .. thing is they consider it as attempted murder/ assault with a deadly weapon(the car!) and hence its being taken so seriously .. so be carefull ..

life goes on ..

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