More dusty weather

Its another dusty weather day today again the cars will be brown and some of us will be Sneezing around.....


look like cloudy but its not..............

Confusing part is that the weather forecast says 65% cloud cover - what do they mean, is the clouds 65% covered by dust???? I dont see clouds, correction, yes I see dust clouds!

Maybe I must clean my shades then I will see better, but I believe that I still will not be able to see the difference, LOL

Is there any clouds today........??????

weather forecast must have to check again.........LOL

romantic weather.

i hope the bald head gangs doesnt lose their bald shine.

That's why Rizks is out of QL today bcz he could not show his shine.............LOL

its a dusty day and a windy day too hope we have a clear day tomarrow.

But its better then yesterday, at least not hot!

dusty not sharp sun.

but not hot so that balances it out then...somethings gotta give I guess..Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal!

Rizks might be indoor today .. worried for lungi gone wit the wind :P

Sipping chilled Lemon/Mint with Soda at Mandarin and enjoying the romantic climate watching the birds flying and enjoyin the cool breeze....

yummy rizks...i also want

cool breeze....!!!!!!!!!!

Are you losing your senses?

Yeah Guys it's windy sandy storm all over Doha here I feel like strange as never before.Also I see it's dangerous to drive. Be careful

I am not sure, but it still feels hot outside :(

did someone just changed the title of this thread?? :O

strange who did that........????????

Mods ??? is that you, don't hide your face now.. tell lawa who did that:P

anyway my thread is going on .................:)

What was the original title?

Another dusty weather


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