National Day 2012 Celebrations

Qatar National Day celebrations 2012 have begun early this year. Here's what you need to know:


"I couldnt see anything except the sea water "....ROFL hahaha

ok now i didnt lol'ed at the first part of your comment - emy.

I agree with Tah and Shaz, even labours are human beings they too need to hav the right to enjoy as we do ?

OK now we dont need any bashing comments here.

This post is about the National day and wat u need to do on this just KEEP IT CLEAN.

yes Rizks, they have right to enjoy as we do and they r human same us, and since they r human and need to enjoy cant they shower??? there is no water in Qatar?? and also who said they should nt enjoy?? did i say?? u people if someone start something u will follow him without reading nicely wht others r writing... its morning and i dnt want to destroy my day..

I prefer watching it live in Al Rayan TV. (:

cool down emy, why not pop into my Emporium and have a nice cuppa karak chai ? :)

The bad sweaty smell of hard working labourers are much better than the good perfume fragrance of those who sit in AC and do nothing. (Like me sometimes).

But I agree with matter u r a labour or minister you have to be clean specially when you are participating in some public event..(:

Well... lets talk about celebrations...

they are keeping a tight lid on parades and car decoration.

Will goto the morning parade insha'Allah. Hope it is not for 'Family Only'.

No More Hijacking!


ok MODs deleted everything alright end of the day.

Qatar goes wild each year and I'm happy its my day off this year. I'll stay at home.

I'll be out of the I have been every year

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