nepali got eaten up???

hi, please excuse my question. i know it mat sound stupid but i have to ask this.

i heard a from some one (PLS DONT ASK ME WHERE) that a nepali man was eaten up in the industria area?

can some one pls tell this is not true??


yes it's true, killed by 4 vietnamese, can't find any place to hide the body so they cooked and eaten, after a couple of days their stomach aches and there goes the nepali found inside their belly.


what's the reason behind killing?

"a step towards the right path is two steps away from evil"

wow!!! this was shocking, when i heard it.

so then what happend to those who killed and eat a human?

action speaks louder than words

yeah it's like true story...

Truth always Satisfies you.

So I heard. And by the way, you already let the cat out of bag, as the "industrial area" happens to be in Doha..:)


cannibals, yulk! the truth always prevails no matter how you hide it will haunt you down, aiyt?

"a step towards the right path is two steps away from evil"

i'm desperate to know what triggers them to kill the nepali. poor thing.

"a step towards the right path is two steps away from evil"

"Everything in this book may be wrong." Illusions: The Adventures of The Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

Then what Alexa? New Vietnamese cuisine?

Aye Aye Alexa spelling . It almost 12 midnight.. can;t even remember how much I downed in the pub earlier.. eeek..


Bonnie Nuit to you too Alexa...

was going around some time ago and was denied by the police and the nepalese embassy...... it sounds a great story but there is nothing in it.

HEY, DONT U KNOW THAT FROM THAT INCIDENT, Fried Nepali, Toasted Nepali, Spicy Grilled Nepali are some famous delicacies in the restaurants now? neyeheyehehe!

i think its a new way of population control...have to control the exploding population of nepalis in doha. we need to re-arrange the food chain now, vietnamese deserve the top spot. lol









i dont think so its True. Neplai people are two short to be eaten by four VN.

Heard long time ago, wondering if there's real truth in it or just rumor.

maybe an auricular urban legend.


Attitudes are more important than facts...

VBProgrammer >>>> You're so absurd!!!! Don't make it fun...

eewww...i know Vietnamese eat cats and dogs, but that they ate humans is another thing

When you see a rainbow, wish for the same thing three times as you look at the beginning, middle, and end of it.

human flesh is sweet and tasty... hhhhmmmm yum yum

Everybody is right everybody is wrong, it depend where you stand

checked with ambassy... this all was fake news... just a ruhmour...VB.. be careful.. this time may be you can be victim...

It happened just three blocks away from my accommodation. T_T

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so many rumors very few facts.

was this news in any news paper??

cus i believe if it was really a true story, it should had been in any local news paper or so.

action speaks louder than words

The "Ho Chi Min" Ripper strikes again...

I suppose they couldn't afford acid ..


this is the link you are looking for:

Iz thiz 2nd Time ?

"Drink Beer Save Water"

did someone mention cannabis?

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Does anyone else think the headline for the Peninsula article is a bit too jolly for something which is actually quite serious?

Agree with you.. I have seen headlines like these in many Gulf papers..

i think there are two reasons..

Firstly, their norms of rporting are different from ours (Culture etc)

Secondly.. It could be that the original story was in Arabic and the translator didn't do a good job - words like "tizzy" :)

topics were posted regarding the vietnamese eating a nepali. and even qatari posted a topic about it i cant find it.

I just can imagine how they managed to swallow cannonballs. Surely, they'd need to be cut up first?

Hot Curry every parts of the body. Sure taste good..a Nepali Delight, any body?

thanks ngoulay for shearing the link.

action speaks louder than words

This incident did not happen.

I remember reading about it last year in the Gulf Times, or Peninsula so it must be true.......????????[URL=]Avatars[/URL]

Hmmm The Hanoi Hannibal is it?


Have you guys seen the living conditions of laborers in the Industrial area? It's horrible! Imagine what would add up more to their suffering of not being paid their monthly wages, being left to scavenge the trash for food to eat? Imagine that these workers also are like us, with families to feed back home. No food, hard labor, depression can add up and make a person do things he would not even imagine...and trigger a monster out of us.

I know it doesn't justify the action done to the nepali, but before making such prejudice on the poor workers, learn to look BEYOND.

The story is true, but the motive is uncertain. No one knew what happened. Let's just keep it that way.

It's not because things are difficult that we don't dare, it's because we don't dare that makes things difficult!

This is just a rumor. I personally talked to some of the accused and they said it is not true. The only true to this story is that they cut off the body of the victim and hide it.


The version I heard, is not viatnamese but another asian country. and the chopped body parts were found in the fridge.


Listen to Many..Speak to a few.

i agree with you they cut and hide it (in their stomach) hahahahahahaha....

but, lately i have notice that fewer and fewer vietnamese i see...

donald_duc168 - You are right with your observation with regards to the number of vietnamese, they've change their identity from vietnamese to nepalis...hehehehe!


rather chanced up on stray dogs.

its a pity that this people were targeted because of 4 persons mistakes.

donald, fewer viets here because if im not mistaken, there was a ban imposed on their hiring. im not sure though if its because of this incident or mainly because some viets got involved in strikes before.


Hard to control...communication barrier...war freaks..

My past company invested on them, and "gain" so much trouble ...then were all sent back to our homeland.

"Jack Frost VS Jack Cool"

the ban on them however, i treat it as a rumor since it was not clear for a reason.

donald, indeed there was no definite reason why. so typical here actually.


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