New rent rules from Gulf Times of today

7%, two-yearly rent hike cap likely: reportPublished: Thursday, 10 January, 2008, 01:57 AM Doha Time

Staff reporter
RENTS may be increased by 7% every two years when the new rent law is expected to come into effect next month, says a report published in the local Arabic daily Arrayah.
The current law, which expires in February, has a 10% cap on annual increase of rents.
The report also says, without indicating the source of the information, that the authorities are actively considering several other supportive measures to maintain the rents at a constant rate.
Among the proposals are that every rent contract will henceforth be attested by the government real estate division that is to be set up in the municipality. This division will draw up an exhaustive list and initiate permanent registers on all the rented premises. It will also decide on the amount of rent on the basis of the number of rooms and their dimensions; and the area in which the property is located.
Sub-letting of the premises will not be allowed.
A permanent committee to attend to grievances and complaints is to be set up in the real estate division. It will be headed by a legal expert.
If a landlord evicts the tenant on the pretext of demolition and reconstruction and then brings in another tenant on a higher rent, the previous tenant shall have the right to file a complaint with the authorities provided that he proves that the demolition and reconstruction did not materialise.
The rent law shall not be applicable on premises hired by the government departments and agencies.


I am happy that there will be no subletting! That is the reason the rent increased in the first place. To many companies taking on buildings and subletting... hurt the expats a lot.

When will that happen?

If the rule get will be helpful for the already suffering expartriates

Too bad for xcaliber999

have mercy on the poor xcaliber throat.

well sound good to me but what new options and tricks will the landlord and real estate agents come with this time.


This is the crucial question just how inventive the Estate Agents and Landlords are and be sure they are all now planning and working on new scemes to earn money. lol

The rent cap will not protect the residents from the gold rush addicts.

Yea do ask for your landlord to meet him b4 they the real estate rise the rent with out informing the LL.


Good Morning Canarybird and Darude

As we know, well begun is half done..., let's see it with that perspective.... hope this will target to resolve upcoming problems fully to the best possible way.


If they take control of rent manipulation as they have done with the traffic rules I will be the first to congratulate Qatar.

Did you read Qataris reply to that post as if people are to be regarded as clothes or a shirt.

Very disappointing his point of view.

great news for everyone indeed. I love to see positive action taken.

It's the XX theory. People are evil and greedy by nature, we need laws to force people to be good :P


I don't think that they are evil and greedy by nature - however, consider the opportunities given in a young growing country there will always be vultures and exploiters there.

I believe that there is good in everybody at some stage lol.

here... we can do nothing but just wait to see it implemented.... if it is implemented as like as traffick law, chances are high opting good results...

and i also think like 'amnesia'.


I believe they will crack down as too many people ase unsatisfied with the situation and a quick remedy is necessary.

No Idon't agree with Amnesia on greed and evil.

If I am the Landlord I am on Qatari's Side. If I am the Tenent I am on your Side :) what to do

You are not a Landlord and I am not a shirt, neither are the rest of the expats and one thing I believe in is showing backbone for what I believe is right - got it.

Exploitation remains exploitation and this is a very different story to what you were telling yesterday.

this lady is very dangerous man on my first meeting with her she told me she will slap me becareful with her if you love ur life :D


Coward or not I told you the real economics. I am a tenent and I feel the pain somehow :)Don't get so worked up:)

Canary - shall we rent a villa and divide it to 2 and use it:)

what do you mean by USE IT?? we can live in it. hmm i need a basement to live in underground.


hmm abt time too and am waiting to see it being implemented . since i arrived in 2004 till july 2007 have forked out QR108K for housing rental as couldnt find anything within housing allowance given........

life's too short so make the most of it, you only live but once.......

Yes live in it but how to find villa with a basement

List boys as long as it is only with words your don't have to be afraid, however,........ be careful

In fact why don't we just jump into the Real Estate business.

I get really annoyed being compared to a shirt as a human being!!!! Or do shirts have a human life now????

I am the street fighter lol.

subsidize housing rents? Is Barwa the response to the gruelling expat tenants here in Qatar? I hope authorities can resolve this issue before anyone turned their backs from this country.Like in any other country, they built HDB (housing developemnt bldg.) for low to middle income families to afford a livable residential home.Inshallah???

nicaq - are you from Sillypore to talk about HDB?

no I'm not from 'sillypore' but i've been there before.

what's the catch?

nicaq25 - I lived there for 15 years before coming over here :)

but you're not a s'porean are u?and how long u've been here in qatar now?so how's qatar lah?:)

I am not Singaporean. I am here more than 3 years. Qatar is OK lah. It took 6 months for me to adjust here.

By the way where did you stay in S'pore. I stayed in Jurong West near Lakeside MRT

in s'pore...I stayed in different places (Tampines,CLementi,near Paya Lebar MRT).

@canary, that's why it's called a theory.

The XX is people are born evil and learn to be good

The XY is that people are born good and are corrupted by society.


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