Offensive Behaviour during Ramadan

Some people just don't have the sensitivity and respect to the culture, tradition and religious observance in an Islamic country where they live and thrive, earn a living and welcomed openly.

Let me share an experience that I had with my Boss while we were buying gifts from a premium toy shop for the Garangao event that we were hosting for unfortunate children.

We were at the counter paying for the gift items when a white guy approached us and asked, "What is that music being played?" His face was totally red with annoyance and his voice and expression couldn't hide it at all. He asked the same question again followed with "It's torture!"

My boss and I, the cashier and another staff assisting us were all taken aback by his question and comment. Regaining composure, my boss replied to him, "I am sorry, it is not music but that is the Qur'an being recited because it is Ramadan."

Nevertheless, even after hearing my boss' explanation, he further insisted, "It's torture! It's torture!"

Offended, my boss retorted, "I am sorry but you are being rude in saying that. You are in an Islamic country. You should learn to respect. If you cannot take it, then walk out!"

Walking past my boss, he kept on saying in a loud voice, "It's torture! It's torture!"

Shocked by such behavior, it took a while before my boss thought of going after him to further confront him. The security in charge went out with her to get the plate number or any identity about the man. Unfortunately, he already drove away. We have his plate number, though, in case my boss decides to file a complaint against him.

I myself was rooted to the spot manning our gift items but my mind was blank. I couldn't believe how callous others can be. The least he could do was apologize upon hearing my boss' explanation but no, he reiterated and repeatedly used the word "torture" as if it's synonymous to the Qur'an.

I am a Christian, but I respect deeply all religions especially Islam. Even back home in the Philippines, when my uncle and I were both in public service we supported the Muslim community in our city in all its business endeavours and goodwill. There is mutual respect. I could understand well the outrage of my boss because if I myself was offended by the white guy's behaviour, how much more she?

I just hope that those who do not have anything good to say may just shut up their mouths and refrain from saying words that insult faith and religious practices. All of us are the same. Whether Asians, Americans, Europeans, all of us are welcomed here in Qatar and given opportunities for better lives. The least we could do is respect.

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Poor man! I know what he feels like. In Saudi, one of the compounds I lived in was surrounded by 4 mosques with speakers that would put a Who concert to shame. When they started up their pre-dawn caterwaul... Man that was torture in the first degree!

it is torture. So is having to fast like they do in public.

When they move abroad they fast/cope with others eating around them and not having prayers at volume.

Yes it could be argued we are guests in their country.

However, why are we here.....because they could not/want to build this perhaps they need to lighten up a bit and respect the people that are doing the work for them. Instead of US bowing to them, they need to know, without us and therefore other religions, they would not have their wealth.

I do respect their religion but do they respect ours?

I don't hear of many Muslims giving up something for the 40 days of Lent.


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A person who had stayed in the Middle East for years will get used to any of the recitals or minaret prayers in every corner and will not bother saying 'negative' aspects to them anymore like it's the ordinary.

"Everything in this book may be wrong." Illusions: The Adventures of The Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

Some people need beatings Period.

noise pollution controls should be put in place. i'm writing a letter to the government to complain.

Thats very provocative things to say. I believe that supermarkets have a close circuit camera for analysing his identity if need be. Of course he will need counselling.

rather than try to get someone arrested. Had you or your boss wanted to discuss this reasonably with him, I would say more power to you. But taking a plate number to file a complaint, knowing he is likely to be arrested and deported, makes me think none of you really know what Ramadan is about.




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

@ Alexa, are you married to a Muslim or are you just trying to curry favour with your QL Mates?

I know in both Melbourne and England, church bells have been banned so NOT to offend other religions, most of them Muslim. So don't come with this BS.

This is not about churches ringing their bells for a wedding or a funeral or on Sunday. This is about the VAST majority who are NOT Muslim having to suffer wailing when trying to shop as well as being hungry and thirsty when we are NOT Muslim.

They cope when abroad so why not here?

In order to gain respect you have to show IT and gain it.

When I can buy Pork, walk around with a cross, see a church on every corner, practice my religion without harm and talk about my Faith, without being ostricised then I will think..............this is ok.

WHEN and if my religion is accepted and my lifestyle ACCEPTED then I will put up with all of this.

Until then they have a long way to convince me that hearing this wailing is acceptable to the majority.


The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

I respect your views but I have to admit that there is one word you used that rankles on.. "Bowing"

Respecting Ramadan is not bowing in the context of a MASTER-SLAVE situation.

Admit it or not, even if we say that Qatar needs expats, we have the right to choose and decide whether we should come here or not.

Coming all the way here from our home countries entails embracing the culture and assimilating ourselves in the society.

Putting it simply, when you are welcomed as a visitor in a stranger's house, do you throw your weight around? Do you openly express your views that totally contradict with your host's even when you see him or her totally offended?

I believe that being a Catholic, you also have the sensitivity to deal with such situation in a respectful manner and with decency.

and get someone arrested and possibly deported, virgo? Is your boss Qatari? Was she personally insulted? Did you think of reminding her that Ramadan is a time of forgiveness since you seem to be well informed about the culture?




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

and had I been around when this happened I would have explained to the man why the Quran is played and then if he would have continued I would explain that I am forgiving his transgression since as a Muslim I am commanded to represent the best of Islam, especially during Ramadan :-)




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

They are the guest so therefore I look after them.

I do cook and have cooked food I would not normally cook for other people.

I have delayed dinners for Muslims who are fasting.

Simply put if somebody comes into my space I accomodate them.

Never have I fed a Jew/Muslim Pork or alcohol....yet on the other hand as a Catholic I have had to hear jokes about Catholics/Pope jokes/supporting the name but few jokes. All from Muslims!

So please forgive me if I am reluctant to join in with the PC brigade who say I should embrace this.

It is about time they embraced us more, as after all we are the ones doing the work.


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virgo825......"Putting it simply, when you are welcomed as a visitor in a stranger's house, do you throw your weight around? Do you openly express your views that totally contradict with your host's even when you see him or her totally offended?" .....Lets put it another way shall we . A stranger invites you into his house and then shoves a red hot poker into your ear. Do you say "thank you" or "Ouch"

We have a new morality policewoman: virgo825...

She should be able to educate and forgive, without turning this into a way to get back at someone who insulted her faith.




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

How could you fault my boss, a Muslim and who religiously practices her faith? She was offended and during that moment, her initial reaction was to get any identity of the man because she felt helpless during that situation.

But like I said, she got it from the security in case she files a complaint. Until this day, she hasn't. That was her initial reaction.

The intention of this post is to bring to light an offensive behaviour and the possible consequence of such.

If your boss really went after that guy to get his plate no. then she has got some serious issues.

" Pele good, Maradona better, George BEST"

I am confused. are you actually in Qatar and putting up with all this ??

Especially in the way you had to stress it was a "white guy" who did this. Why was that an important detail. I'm sorry but you come off as a bit moralizing and vindictive. I suspect you thought you would be praised by Muslims on QL (and you may be by some) but this Muslim is trying to keep a more forgiving tone during the Holy month.




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

Where have I said bowing in my posts?


The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

Firstly, I would agree that Virgo is stirring it.

Secondly, what the hell are you doing living in a place you don't like ? Life is too short. Enjoy yourself..

"Instead of US bowing to them, they need to know, without us and therefore other religions, they would not have their wealth."

by giving new lives to POPCORN


popcorngirl you fail!!!LOL

Go back home where you came from you EMO!!!

Go cry a river!

Why would I? This happened yesterday morning and there were other people around us when this thing happened.

I am a Catholic also, just like you, but I could never use the accusing and heavy words you just wrote in an open forum more so when I would like to have my faith and religious practices accepted in this country.

Please be mindful of your words.

C'mon girl, get a life! I'm catholic also and I learn about "turning the other chick"...Just say a prayer to save the soul of the "white man" sinner...If the guy will end up in jail, your catholic conscience will be satisfied?

to popcorngirl

if you search , you will find that islam respect Christianity much more than any other religion , and building a church in Doha is great thing

and now they are preparing the road for the church , because they found traffic jam their ,

put this in your consideration

and a lot of Muslims salute Christians of all their events (me for example )


if you didn't see that doesn't mean it doesn't exist

did I say I did not like what I do?


The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

have we sent anybody to jail? No one had. The man is freely driving around Doha. I was relating the event as it happened truthfully.

Mentioning that my boss got the plate number from the security is part of the whole situation. Nevertheless, it was done out of desperation and initial reaction.

Even saints get mad but what makes them more saintly is how they get over the momentary anger and control emotions that would have resulted to chaos.

I hope that you take into consideration what happened in its entirety and find for yourself, that inspite of the shocking and disappointing moment, goodness still prevails.

to popcorngirl

do you know that in italy this year , they prevent labor muslims to fast in ramadan?

do you know that scarf is obligatory in islam and they are preventing it in europe

respecting the others is not an option , it is a moral obligatory


You said: Why are we here?

YOU are here because of someone's bad judgment! I cannot imagine you being paid like expats :) No offense meant though!


I agree with you that callers to prayer should be well selected so we can enjoy the call to prayer. Unfortunately they're not chosen like singers are, even though similar principles should be applied. At least this is what the Prophet did when he chose Bilal to call for prayer based on his beautiful voice..

Maybe he would get the message if he heard it enough :-P




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM


the he was a "white guy"? Isn't that just another way to stir things up and try to ingratiate yourself to Muslims, when in actuality most Muslims seem to be more forgiving? I'm really proud of my Muslim brothers and sisters that we didn't get sucked into a rant against misguided "white guys". :-)))




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

One-shot. How did the Italians "Prevent" the muslim workers from fasting?

That scene when Bilal goes up on the roof to make the adhan for the first time always makes me cry. It's SOOOOOOO beautiful!




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

Replace the words white guy with black guy or asian and you would have got a totally different response.....

however he should have been killed. You should have beaten him to death in your shop and then called the police to clean the mess up.

You're making things (or rather just the term 'respect') complicated and illogical. It's not even a state law offense.

"Everything in this book may be wrong." Illusions: The Adventures of The Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

But only since he was a "white guy"! :-P




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

i think she(your boss) should raise a case against him

because if you think a while :

1- maybe you find people hate islam

2- maybe you will find people who hate muslims

3- but in this case he was aiming to insult islam by repeating torture in public , and he knows Muslims are very sensitive about their religion

and the same thing if i found somebody who is insulting Christianity or Judaism , i will drag him by myself to the police station

stevethetyke I think you should get to feel that red hot poker and then see if you'll still compare it to the adhan.

Yeah PM only white people are racist. The double standards on QL! Why couldn't the story been told without reference to skin colour..... I'm shocked by my racist brothers from the Philipines...

lol exiledsaint, Maybe in the initial desperation they may have killed him but then later when cooled off would have done the right thing and not report him to police.

" Pele good, Maradona better, George BEST"




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

you meant to offend, however, you did not.

I am working here SO ARE I think 75% or more. You are not educated enough or have the ethic to work.

Do you get it? WE are here as you lot can't be arsed or do not have the educational standards to build your country.

So................................. what makes you think we then want to by force, be expected to follow your religion when all around we see hypocricy?

Oh by the way 'dear' I may not earn the same as I do back home......but I earn more than you 'dear'. x


The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

You have your point PCG. At time you find these guys talking nonsense about christianity without been penalised. For instance, the last time "That Jesus is a muslim". Just how are you going to tolerate that. However on the other notions, we will have to keep our temper to save our heads.

but that's the term that first came into my mind because indeed he is that...

if that seems to be stirring up, then I will edit my post and use the generic word "expat" instead.

thanks for pointing that one out.

regarding your question about "ingratiating myself to Muslims", no that was never the intention. i am accepted as I am and I need not do any stunt to ingratiate myself with any group or anybody.

Let's leave the talk of red hot pokers and beating people up for the day time when we are fasting and can blame it on our low blood sugar. :-P




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

popcorngirl? have you been to england? church bell have been banned ? Are you sure? who told you that?

I now live in a flat that just overlook Durham Cathedral, the bell every Sunday ringing from 8am to to 10am NON STOP!

And that Cathedral Bell also on every the hour.

It really does seem like you have some racist issues, whether you realize it or whether they are subconscious. :-(




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

popcorngirl you are full of awsome , go back where you came from , we don't like your attitude , you just here to cause trouble with your none sense you EMO

I'm telling you the more people we kill the more they will be judged by God and the more room will be left for the rest of us on Earth......

Peace to all, but I really wish the people here didn't go reporting everyone to the police at the smallest thing. Ohh... her clothes are too small, call the police quick, ohhh than man said something bad about religion, call the police, oohh that person looked at me in a funny way that might have meant something sexual with badgers... quick call the police....

more tolerance please... none of these acts hurt you even if they are disrespectful. Just ignore the idiots.


Or does the expression "full of awesome" run in your family? :-P




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

go to google love....type in Church bells.

Then advanced search.

Type 'banned'.

Then come back and say I am wrong.


The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

Yeah PM..and did you hear of the story when Bilal called for prayer some years after the Prophet's death when he couldn't go past the first two lines! That's very touching! :(

Stevethetyke said, "In Saudi, one of the compounds I lived in was surrounded by 4 mosques with speakers that would put a Who concert to shame. When they started up their pre-dawn caterwaul... Man that was torture in the first degree!"

PCG said, "it is torture. So is having to fast like they do in public."

PCG said, "This is about the VAST majority who are NOT Muslim having to suffer wailing when trying to shop as well as being hungry and thirsty when we are NOT Muslim."

I suppose PCG... the wailing you are referring to while shopping is the probably the recital of the Quran...

PCG said, "I think you you are a shit stirring bastard and this never happened. This is made up."

There is no way to stop that :-)




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

I will then have to live with what I wrote. :) I write straight from my head and never have the use for drafts. If I appear to have some issues, then it is part and parcel of my flaws as a human being. I accept my lack of judgment in using that term.

"I am a Christian, but I respect deeply all religions especially Islam. Even back home in the Philippines, when my uncle and I were both in public service we supported the Muslim community in our city in all its business endeavours and goodwill."


PM LOL , you got it all figured out ;)

So we can't really force the Ramadan spirit on them, can we? But indeed it would be nice if everyone would think more before posting.

I choose to rise above it.




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

You do not have to apologize to ANYONE

There is NOTHING wrong in what you have written

If your boss decides to report this matter to the police, she is entirely right to do so

This country has LAWS and people are supposed to LIVE BY THEM

Just bcos its different in the west is not an excuse to act rudely...

If that man is complained about and reported to the police, he will face the repercussions as he SHOULD for breaking the law

I think you did the right thing Virgo by writing this here

The fact that you are nonmuslim or Muslim should not take away from the fact that this was an inappropriate manner to behave in Qatar in public...

Vermin and your point is?

WHY would I keep the Ramadam spirit when I am not Muslim?

By the may want to look at your spirit as it looks very rusty to me.

You make out you are religious but, seeing some of the PM's you send out...well; all I can say, is god help your wife ;-))))))))))))


The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

That is so touching. Bilal's story is so inspiring to me.




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

that was precisely the point why as I was writing the post, I have used the exact term to define him.

I write facts and have to stay with the facts for clear depiction of the situation.

I never say you right or wrong, but at this very moment I live next door to Durham Cathedral, and the cathedral bell is ring by the hour even at 3am IN THE MORNING.

And i been living with father in law in a small place before in Sedgefield, same case with the village church as well.

to steve

see this link

Muslim or Nonmuslim... this is totally unacceptable behavior in a Muslim country regardless of Ramadhan or no Ramadhan... PERIOD

at vermin......he has to be admired.

He is Indian by his own admission, took advantage of cheap education over here by his own admission but left his siblings in India.

Then comes on QL to curry favour.

lol good one Vermin


The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

"Everything in this book may be wrong." Illusions: The Adventures of The Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

If you don't want to consider Ramadan as a month of forgiveness for transgressions that is your choice. If it's just another month to act on your resentment and hostility towards anyone who you feel has disrespected you, then so be it.

But please don't try to start a fight with me because you are itching for one. I will not roll in the mud with you.




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

Veris Virog never mentioned that her boss was Qatari only Muslim and what does that have to do with anything? Do we want to live in a society when people get arrested for words no matter how offesnive they are? I for one do not.

If the story is true and we have no evidence then the person is an insensitive idiot. Nothing more than that.

If you believe different then we can go back to my early posts and start killing people

but tonight "she" seems to be "he"! :-P




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

Have you ever considerd your type/writing/words and your racist rants are totally aagainst Islam and against any society your brilliant education may have paid off.


The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

you can trash me as much as you like with your rabid lies PCG... you can say all the trash you want about me... not a child here will believe you...

you are obviously drunk like a skunk...

You have gone on and on on several forums about how this country needs you and blah blah...

Why can't you just go back home? Why do you have to bear all this?

And even worse, why do the rest of us have to bear you?

All this stuff you strut online with the anonymity of the internet, why not hold that on a banner in front of the Capital Police Station...

Tell THEM that the Quran while you are shopping is 'WAILING' to you... you will be doing all of us a favor...

And PM... you can be with her to explain to the cops that they should keep with the Ramadhan spirit...

Its suprising that all these indecent words are used this ramadan and thats shows how genuine you people are about your religion. The objections raised is a straight opinion and the response should be in a more respective and constructive manner. Problems cannot be solved by the barrel of a gun.





I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

PM is more concerned that Virgo's boss cared to take down the number of the person... and the fact that Virgo mentioned that he was a white man (corrected typo)... hmmmm... none of the comments above bothered you PM did they?


"Do we want to live in a society when people get arrested for words"

What are you talkin about man?... sit back and think it through before you say something okay... you saying people should just be free to say anything and everything they please in public regardless of other people's sensibilities?

I'll leave you to it. I made my point and prefer to err -- if that is the case -- on the side of forgiveness.

Enjoy the mud. :-)




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

I have just spoken to a Qatari friend of mine.

I sent her this whole conversation by copy and paste.

She thinks it is bullshit (her words not mine).

I agree with her, this was an idiot trying to stir stuff and rather like a lot on here try and score points with the locals

As she pointed out...there is no word for torture in they either ( the Arab) did not understand the word torture or they were educated enough to know to ignore it!

Either way, this thread was bullshit!


The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

its true the church bells are not banned in UK.we listen to it on sunday and at odd hours of the day but its our choice to live here,so we respect it.

I can not believe some one in this day and age has time to say such silly don't like the place and its culture then LEAVE.I'm prety sure Qatar and Qatari people will survive without you and your services.

Yes I do veris, if we are so scared by what people can say then we might as well give up. Were the stupid pictures of prophet mohammed worth all those peoples death around the world? No I don't think so.

Words can be ignored but to arrest people for saying things is just stupid.

yep, to pocorngirl

"WHY would I keep the Ramadam spirit when I am not Muslim?"

loooooooool , everybody is replaying to you for one comment

i think you have been punished more than that "guy"


but any "ramadan spirit" is the same as "chrismas spirit"

so if i live in UK , i shpuld have also the christmas spirit even i am not christian .

all of these spirits call for good life and corporation between man and his borther .

please tell me if i am right or wrong

I just hope that you did not parade around harping being a Catholic and that you have to be accepted here wearing a cross when the words you are using by themselves are offensive and judgmental...

This thread was written to relay an incident not to stir anything up but to serve as reminder that we need to respect the norms and faith of the society we are in.

You know, wearing a cross around our necks, holding a rosary, having church bells chime is not the true essence of being a Catholic. I shouldn't be the one telling you this if you are too passionate about being a Catholic. But forgive me for saying this, I am shamed by your claim of religion and your choice of words.

It makes me doubt if you are indeed a Catholic in word and in deed. Goodness of a person comes and radiates from within. God bless your soul.

If you think its stupid, then you shouldn't live in a country that does no tolerate this kind of uncouth behavior... but now that you are here... you are bound to respect the repercussions if you choose to wag your tongue unwisely...

No I disagree, if I can I should help them see that meaningless persecution is not the way to go. I claim to be not a special person but I know that words cannot hurt me. Say whatever you like and I can take it and hopefully I can teach those around me the same.

most welcome steve , but don't worry that doesn't change my feeling about Christianity

Christians are the nearest people to muslims and just like brothers as it is mentioned in Quran

and for that "guy" he will say the same thing if he heard the "the church bell" or the jews prayer .

so he doesn't mean anything to me , he only have mental problems

No I disagree, if I can I should help them see that meaningless persecution is not the way to go. I claim to be not a special person but I know that words cannot hurt me. Say whatever you like and I can take it and hopefully I can teach those around me the same.

yes she does and thanks for asking.

leelah check google love!


The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

you can talk against the law all you want, but as long as it is in practice... you have to respect the law and be willing to take the punishment... You can't mess up and then say No, No, No... I 'think' what I did is not wrong... According to 'ME', this is not an offense... regardless of what you may think of a law... you respect it...

you are an idiot remove yourself



The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

don't get angry girl , it is only bla bla talk , and it will end if you turn off your laptop .

don't raise the adrenaline ratio , it hurts .

really , and think in peace and remove the negative energy around you

..but yes you do sometimes have to do that veris, especially when the law is unfair or unjust. How do you think the law gets changed against the bigots or the dictators?

Like the woman in Sudan who made a stand about wearing trousers. Now we all know that is nonesense but she was threatened with lashes and jail for her 'crime' but since she stood up to be counted now all has changed....

The same could be said about Ghandhi the terrorist. He broke the law and should have killed....

She's in a foul mood...

had a swipe at your husband and my wife...

and some insane rumbling about my siblings :-/

and nasty PMs too... LOL... hmmmm...

PCG... paste em pls...

I would L O V E to see them :-)

Lets see what fabrication you come up with

Or are you too drunk to come up with something meaningful?

and the music/chant was giving him a headache that's why he was saying it was 'torture'?

OR, it must be his FIRST TIME in an ARAB/MUSLIM country and this is his FIRST TIME to experience RAMADAN? And maybe he's been hearing it for days now that it's driving him crazy?

who knows???

FYI... Gandhi broke the law willingly and submitted himself to go to jail to demonstrate the unfairness of the law... he didn't crouch behind some bush and beg for forgiveness because the law is unreasonable

ES... you don't even know what you are talkin bout okay...

You say words don't hurt... would you allow some stranger access to your children to tell them words?

Lots of people think marijuana is not illegal... should those people be allowed to smoke pot and we hide their offense?

Think it through ES... my discussing this with you is wasting my time...

Hi everyone, if I was virgo, I would have made sure he got his torture right there and right then. Disrespecting yourself is one thing, but disrespecting my religion, and my country in my country would never be tolerated. If you can't call authorities and report him, pass on the plate number and I will. I'll make sure he regrets ever coming into Qatar.

Nas min7a6a - Galeeleen a9il ou tarBeeya. If he even had a religion to follow!

~*Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret*~

you, check out the Gold Souq...there are many pendants there of the crucifix and the Blessed Virgin Mary...

they are displayed openly in almost all shops... :)

I pray that God may heal the bitterness in your heart and open your eyes to the truth that we are no better than any human being...we are all mere specks of dust before the greatness of God...but we, after all, are brothers and sisters under one Fatherhood of God no matter what name we call Him.

There is only one universal truth, and that is the presence of a Supreme Being. Along with this truth is the recognition that we are all created and should learn to respect, love and forgive each other because in each of us is the seed of our Creator.

May we keep on learning and re-learning to transcend our human frailties and let goodness prevail.

the "white guy" had some negative energy boiling in him, he passed that on to virgo825 and his/her companions and now he/she has passed that on here.

very simple!!

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Abraham Lincoln

Its called common sense... how long does it take to figure out that its something religious... and if he is not smart enuff to know that then he's at fault... If I were at the shop... that man would have been confronted while at the shop and also would have had himself reported

What if a nonAmerican guy were to go to a Toy shop in the US and then start calling all ladies who walk through the gate wearing miniskirts 'strippers'

People like these are a menace to society... reminds me of the man in Germany who called the Egyptian lady 'Terrorist' and when she took him to court... he stabbed her 18 times to death... a lady who was one month pregnant.. stabbed to death in front of her three year old and the authorities just looked on... oh no.. they didn't look on... they actually shot her husband who too got stabbed by the assailant...

Don't worry veris I waste my time with you a lot of the time.

I'm glad you agree Ghandi was a terrorist and he got what he deserved.

all we could do is wonder...

That is what need's to be done... this matter needs to be reported

Qatar does not need people who think listening to Quran is torture or wailing and neither does it need people who think Adhaan is wailing or caterwauls

I don't care for what a man who can't even spell Gandhi's name properly thinks of him... I just attribute it to your obvious ignorance...

Never had a PM from you, only recieved PM's about you. Big difference 'dear'.

Hmmmmmmmmmm drunk? Are you sure about that?

Is that Slander?

I am sure you will let me know; after all you are the big cheese on here lol. (How I jest).


The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

Ouch PGC so bitter and obviously drunk!! Lets hope shes not because when she graces her employer

with her presence(who mind you will just die if she leaves them), she wont be able to drink coffee or water all day to hydrate herself. Happy Ramadan PGC



The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

He is still a terroist even if I can not spell his name in sanskrit. He challenged the govt of the day and that is unacceptable.

kicked out of Qatar. I've seen your "subtle" threats to Adey, Gypsy and even experienced it myself. Why do you think you have such a hatred for Westerners? Is it because you feel they get more respect than you?

May I suggest you check out this link:




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

Wait a minute, what law did this guy break? I mean, he's a total idiot, bigot and boob but if we went around arresting people for THAT this planet would be a lonely place. I really don't think Qatar is Nazi Germany and we are not the Gestapo. Qatar (with the possible exception of a few of its residents) is a very tolerant place. At least I haven't run into the "thought police" yet. And I hope I never do.


just noticed you are British ES...

yes he challenged and yes he whipped you guys to shape LOL

Royal British Imperial Empire ROFL

By verisimilitude at 2009-08-30

You are welcome to join me... we can go to any police station and check what they have to say about it... this is an Islamic country if you haven't noticed... public disrespect of the Quran is not accepted...

lol....pissing myself here at the thought the only thing you can come back with is following the herd and saying I am pissed lol.

How that suits your racist narrow mind!

Oh go to bed idiot!

By the way, I drink, eat and smoke all I want at work.

My Qatari boss likes me and respects the fact I am not Muslim!


The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

Enforcing the respect of Quran on people makes this country 'Nazi'...

You can only enforce behavior. They will learn respect when they are shown the best of Islam by good Muslims.




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

Enforcing respect of anything makes you a Nazi!

Great pic btw, those were the good old days....

loooooool, playing racist card PCG, you really are an odd person. Your right though, sleep is much better than reading your rambles here. You need serious help, maybe your "imaginery Qatari friend who like you" can

I really don't care for what you think... where you come from and your 'friends' are more important to you than your faith... so save me your piece on showing best of Islam... Shame on you, here you PCG mouthing obscenities one after the other and you are preaching to me... Do some soul searching... decide what you really care for... think twice the next time you teach faith to another Muslim whether you know what you are talking about...

There is no defence against liars...that includes you.

I suspect you are Indian.

Hence why 'the empty vessel makes the loudest noise'.

PM anytime you like, give me your number, and I will meet you with my Qatari friend and we can this discuss this again.

I am not afraid are you?


The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

and I am not even angry or upset with you as you are so clearly with me. I notice that this is always your last line of defense when you really can't defend yourself: question my knowledge and faith because I do not support another Muslim QLer when I don't agree with them. It's really pretty pathetic and just makes me feel even sorrier for you.

You live in a world that MUST be divided into an US and THEM, in order for you to keep feeling important and continue the ride on the gravy train. I don't. Simple as that.

But I will pray for you, brother.




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

apart from your low self esteem and lack of real education.

You have many problems.

Tell me, when are you going to actually admit you are not a Muslim?

Perhaps when you admit that and then come back on QL as somebody else (again) you may actually gain respect (just a thought) X


The path to true happiness is paved with gin and tonics :-))))))

examples of incidents in plenty.....!

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Abraham Lincoln

PCG, taunting verisimilitude is not very becoming behavior, either.


what a pity?

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Abraham Lincoln

No thank more than yous veris...... you know what you are. A person that likes to cause trouble and be contary. Good luck with that.

I pray that God judges you accordingly.

like I said... couldn't care less about what you have to say... your bias is as clear as day... loud and clear... your prayers for me are appreciated... but do take some other time aside to just reflect your priorities... when the house is on fire, you don't water the lawn... and if you do... then there's something wrong...

dude... you don't accept PMs... Kerala by the way :-)

Bangalore... 7 years... BEAUTIFUL...

Mine is not nor is anybody's house that I know. What I see is just more anger and hate trying to call Muslims to come put out YOUR fire that you think some Western non-Muslim set, when all you have to do is turn the flame off your gas stove. And yes, I agree, there is something wrong with that ....




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

LOL popcorngirl , more power to you!!!

its difficult to get passionate about something you don't really believe in... good night...

aah, my PM is open now.

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Abraham Lincoln

you actually generalised this topic on 'white guys'. its all about one bad apple who should not be taken as a verdict for the whole group.

talking about 'white guys' , i broke my fast this week by iftar party hosted by a 'white westerner' along with other westerners. its good to be bond by human love than religion.

iam just hoping that you dint mean to point at all the westerners.

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Abraham Lincoln

it was not my intention to generalise about's the term that came foremost to my mind as a graphic description of the guy who approached us. like i said in my previous posts, i had to stick with the facts in order to present a truthful depiction of what happened.

i guess, if I did not use that term in the first place, it will still eventually come up because in one way or another there will be questions about his would have been most inappropriate if I point out a particular country of origin based on his accent. actually, picking up on his accent, as I happen to have an ear for accents, i could identify what his nationality is, but I prefer not to divulge it here.

we, filipinos have also been generalised most of the time in spite of the fact that mostly there are good ones whose image is affected by those who are somehow off track. hence, it is never my intention to generalise because i know the feeling of being the recipient of discrimination.

there's nothing wrong in saying he was a white guy...

that's just desperate people trying to find just any fault in what you said...

I think that is a cop-out offered to you by others. Perhaps more introspection is called for Virgo. Think of it this way, if a "white wo/man" said a "brown guy" or an "Asian guy" we would have had a massive uproar about being racist. But the reality is that many of you think it's fine to be racist regarding "white" folks.




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

generalization is the rule of the day , what can we do about it? we cant change the way other people think.:-)

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Abraham Lincoln

you should consider passing on the car number either to me or Sugar Qtr... they won't put the guy behind bars of deport him for this... but they'll probably call him up and summon him to the police station and ask him to tender an explanation and an apology... which is just as well... he needs to understand, respect and appreciate the culture of the land

just ignore PM's comment... she takes exception to you saying he was a 'white guy'... but did you read all that stuff PCG had to say to me and Indians in general... seriously... its nothing to do with racism... don't worry about it... she just needs something to pick on... just ignore her...

to read and think?

Seriously, you need a hobby. lol




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

Regarding the plate number, it is not my call. Though I also have it with me, my Boss will be the one to decide on that. I believe that the best thing that came out from that incident is the spirit of tolerance. Though the initial reaction of my boss was to get the plate number from the security person on detail, she was able to calm herself afterwards.

Let it just be known through this forum that such incident occurred so that others may learn something from it.

Veris, I don't know how you can be so sure that the police will exactly follow your desired scenario. It is my observation that they would be just as happy to let non-violent, non-criminal differences just be but they will push it if they are pushed and that outcome is not predictable. Wouldn't the wiser course have been to politely but firmly tell the crass idiot that he was over the line? Worked for me when I told that to the guy who was smoking in public last week. So if virgo missed an opportunity to be educational, well, there are times when we all wish we could turn back the clock and say something just right. There is a saying in the Bible, "Vengeance is mine," says the Lord. Or one of my favorite scenes from "All in the Family" when Archie Bunker gets backed into a corner by Meathead and has to yell to Edith, "Edith, get in here and help me defend God." It was funny because we all know that God doesn't need defending from or by idiots like Archie.


It sure seems like it with that last sentence about "elaborating more" on a subject you only know about because I shared it is a private message. What a fool I was to trust you.... :-(





I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

I know the people I would be talking to and I have some influence on how events might transpire... However, if the guy continues to be a jerk on the phone... well... hard luck...

I knew your "good behavior" wouldn't last for the month. :-)




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

PM where there in the time of Moses(pbuh)

I thought she would stop doing that during Ramadhan... no chance...

Ya'Allah, you do have delusions of grandeur.

I'm off this thread before you start boasting about how you will turn me into the police for not defending Muslims on QL per your specifications. lol




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

of (online)behaviors during RAMADAN...right here on QL. ;P

my boss apologised to him and explained what was being played and for what reason. She is in the position to do that. However, in spite of the apology and the explanation, the offending words were repeatedly uttered by the guy as he was walking away louder and clearer than when he first blurted it out.

Suffice to say, that moment has been a defining moment for my boss. As for me, it has also defined how I value respect as a moral obligation.

Virgo, just understand that if you or your boss turn this guy in you are morally responsible for what happens to him. I'd think very carefully before I made such a decision. To later say, "But I didn't know what would happen," is indefensible at that point.


In fact, they have always been great when I had to have any dealings with them. I have no idea what you are referring to but please don't slander me by saying I have had trouble with the police and "got chided for it" and references to "carnage". And most importantly for your own sake don't lie, ver.




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

What has gotten into you? Are you going to pray with that lying mouth?




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

It's also a shock that I am still up late! I slept for a while and woke up with comments still going on and on. But this is good, you know. It keeps my spirit alive hearing views from left and right. Amidst the plethora of ideas, we choose the best and most sound opinion and we identify the force behind human nature.

It's good to be alive!

That is an unfair statement... why are THEY morally responsible?... he is responsible for his actions...

By reporting the incident, they are being good law abiding members of the society...

If someone commits a wrong act and you report it to the law, that makes you morally responsible...

Honestly Mandi, is that what you would teach your kids?

If they tell you someone they know is selling pot, to hush and just let it be...

and QLing at the same time :-)

as I have also said, the most significant thing that came out from that incident is the spirit of tolerance. In spite of the offence, forgiveness prevailed.

Just to highlight again, I posted the incident here so that others may have insights and learn something from it preventing any untoward incident or consequences from happening.

some people preach that those people should have forgiven the white dude for his awful attitude because its ramadan. there very own comments here on QL are anything but forgiving and oh, its still ramadan. what a shame.

I explained an issue that you brought out on the open forum targeting me in a thread (which is against the Forum guidelines anyway). It was not a "tryst" and there were no 100s of threads about any problems with the police. I was pleased with the CID response.

So if the lie fits....




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

No, veris, I would teach my children to know the consequences of their actions and to understand that there are unforseeable and unintended ramifications that may be out of their control. Then they are free to make an informed and ethical decision. You ARE morally culpable if you have failed to consider even the unintended consequences of your actions. This is Christian theology. This is why in the US we hold a person responsible for homicide if he hits someone while driving drunk. He may not have intended to hit the victim, he may deplore the fact that the person dies, but his decision to drive while intoxicated negates any claims to "no premeditation."


You're getting all worked up and ugly for nothing.




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

This being Qatar... and the local custom being that the Quran needs to be respected, would you agree that what this man displayed was acceptable behavior?

this thread is torture..

you took a man to task for something he did online... and you are preaching that a man who behaves inappropriately in public should be treated differently... No... doesn't sound fair to me...

Good Lord, veris, if I reported all the unacceptable behavior I saw in Doha each day I wouldn't even have time to go to the bathroom! And I'm kind of a stickler for trying to discern the difference between custom, law and behavior. And I think it's really important to acknowlege societal differences and just plain ignorance. I guess I'm more of an educator by nature than an enforcer.


So does that mean that would not report any kind of improper behavior to the Police?

You are letting your imagination run wild ver. And I repeat it was not a "tryst". I guess you don't have much respect for the work they do.

What you have written here is just more evidence of how you will twist ANYTHING if it serves your purpose to attack someone you don't like.




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

which contains do's and donts"

Mandi I cant go to Brazil and complain about Samba

bcos I am muslim

and his desire for retribution against some "white guy" -- lol




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

Again, you MUST define for me improper behavior and show me the penal code that pertains to that specific act. Then I will decide. But I warn you, if it is a "victimless crime" I may not! (Shocking, but true, I try to err on the side of believing that I might be in error rather than the person I'm judging.) Remind me to tell you the story of the Oreos sometime.


they were so great you ended up deleting all your comments... yep that makes perfect sense... take care though... you still have lotsa online fans... if you go or get summoned a second time, I think they may not act so leniently... maybe if we are lucky, the MODs would then decide they've just had enuff of you and ban you... You are the biggest troll on QL of all time...

Eco-savvy, they don't, I assure you. Or if they do I (and most Westerners) find it so vague as to be incomprehensible. I'm afraid I'm so stupid and literal that you must define for me what is "respectable" dress. Up to the chin and down to the wrists and ankles? I'm OK with that as long as it is enforced consistently and I haven't seen that yet in Qatar. I certainly have every intention of respecting the Qu'ran. In fact, I read it in Arabic. But I don't know the do's and don't's of when and even whether or not I can physically pick one up. I come from a legal system that is detailed down to the smallest print possible. AND one that presumes innocence. Isn't that why we are here on QL? To learn adn teach each other these things?


"take care though... you still have lotsa online fans.."

I really cannot understand why the mods allow you to stalk me, attack everything I write and even threaten me. But I will be pointing this thread out to them (just as you went and complained because I wouldn't call you by your new nickname).




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

Since you are the one who is so interested in legalities you MUST dig it up and examine it for yourself...

Wallahu sarihul hisab

not a day transpires without a reference to a huck or air supply or malpasos... strange though that you are the only one who has this problem... there are so many other people who post on QL but its always you who ends up attracting the wrong kinds of people... I wonder whyyyyy....

Its not just the offenders, there's also the other practising muslims who absolutely detest you... Me, Eco Savvy, Raison etc... isn't that strange? Why is that so? Hmmmm...

Anyway, go scurry along to the mods... show no Ramadhan mercy there... Ramadhan mercy is reserved for 'white guys' who think having to listen to the Quran is 'torture' and say so publicly... show no mercy to Muslims who stick to their faith and defend it...

I am really running out of patience... maybe something needs to be done about this... what is your opinion?

when they are in search of accommodation. I always advise

them to stay away from Masjid's cos prayer call is disturbing. Everyone can select their peaceful environment

Still they choose residential area with masjid then grumbling begins

wow everyone's panties are in a knot. Calm down kiddies and stick to the topic.

Wow! I heard something about a heap of panties!


different values and lifestyle than here in the US. I would respect that. However: Can rudeness and insensitivity really be a reason to be deported? I know about pork and alcohol and adultery, but I didn't know that just being a jerk was just cause for deportation. Can someone clarify?

dat guy said its torture and left, topic posted on QL yalla khalaas read the post and move on.

` c h i n g a A a l i n g `

Nah, don't worry, shellyjean, some of the folks here on QL are a lot more gung-ho about this sort of thing than you will find the Qatari authorities to be.


The authenticity of the story is still in doubt for at least after looking at some of these respondent posting. But by the way the generalisation of white guy and torture are profilic behaviour to some.



Don't do to others if you don't want them to do the same back,,

You come here in Islam Country not the Islam country come to you,,

Correct!! get out in this country and go back from where you belong if you feel you are tortured in hearing the Holy Qouran,,

Every morning for 7 years even it is not ramadan I'm hearing the reading of qur'an here at work it's like a music to my ears already.Just IGNORE other people's bad behavior.

Graphics for Good Morning Comments

page 3!!!

your boss should have banged him and made a police complain working/being a slave in a muslim country and for quran saying torture i m surprised how u r boss accepted this ..1 st thing in my mind is to kick that b****** and throw him out of qatar.(and more over for u r information these white guys working in gulf are from slums of uk and europe they are illitrates and there views are very narrow)'re a idiot one...

gica contra said for u r 1 comment ,yes i m racist because i m cant tolerate any body disgrading quran

2 comment idiot is wrong it should be all arabs and muslims are idiot other wise what is happening in iraq , afghanistan.... would have not happened

Whatever faith you may be from, the key word is "tolerance". If we can all work hard on tolerance we will enable ourselves to not let these kind of things offend us and thus act in the way we do. Live your life well and by treating people the way you would like to be treated. I'm sure, this life will be easier and less stressful and more productive.

But I have to agree with Exiled. What the guy said might've been assinine and rude, but if he didn't honestly know that what he was hearing was the Quran being recited, then how can you accuse him of breaking the law and disrespecting the Quran?

He doesn't have to think it's music to his ears; he's not a Muslim (and even Muslims are allowed to have opinions about what does and doesn't sound nice to them!).

Quite frankly, I've heard beautiful Quranic recitations and I've heard others that sound like sheep bleeting. I guess when you actually understand what is being said it makes a difference, but to the untrained (estern) ear, many times it is not so melodious and lovely.

I almost made a suggestion to Q-tel directory assistance because the music they play on their English line to customers waiting is Arabic...and whatever it is, to me it's like nails on a chalkboard. I'd rather wait in complete silence or just listen to some boring instrumental elevator music than the stuff they have on there now.

Now, if this guy had said something along the lines of "Islam sucks", I would agree that this is against the law in Qatar (although personally I think people should have freedom of expression).

But just because he didn't like the sound of the music in the store and said so? C'mon that really something that the police need to be called for?

"Most plain girls are virtuous because of the scarcity of opportunity to be otherwise."

-- Maya Angelou