OREO biscuit are not Halal

For Oreo biscuit lovers, Oreo is not hala and you can confirm this by going to OREO webiste and see FAQ of it. where they also given the answer for the same question as well .

Source Oreo website:
Is Oreo halal?
Oreo is not currently halal. However, we really want to make Oreo available to as many people as possible, so we’re working on it.

see or click the link:


OREO biscuits ?


but i shall stick to my Hob-Nobs.

thanks for the info

I love their chocolate creme biscuits. Always get some for my boy and end up eating them myself :-))

hmm i never tried it.... thanks frnd 4 ths info

thanks for the info

Probably the 1 in UK, need to chk where the 1 u get here is made in?

I've never seen them sold here so I don't think it's an issue.

they're not? I've seen Oreos here in Lulu and Carrefour...

I've never seen them..then again I've never looked for them. Assuming they aren't Halal cause of the lard in the cream in the middle or in the cookie.

how the heck do you make OREO biscuits halal? lick it till it stop bleeding?

will keep away from it when I am travelling... but I guess the one's we get here would be halal...

so what if it's not halal? is it haram to eat it?

who cares for OreaO biscuits...? :(

there are better biscooots then tat in market.

oreo biscuits in UK are not halal...

Rizks, I do...I like them :-(

but yeah better biscuits are always there :-)

won't stop me from eating Oreos.. :)

they should be banned then

even if it gets banned in supermarkets, there would still be a way of getting them here.. :P

hmmm... mj, I like that :-)

How do you make a biscuit halal? Were they not killed in the right way in the first place?

exiledsaint, how do you kill a biscuit anyway? :P

mj, dip it in milk and chew it voraciously :D

well drmana, they don't allow pork to be sold here, but that doesn't mean people can't get them here right? so same goes for Oreo.. :P

hmm, there should be at least 101 ways to kill a biscuit.. :P

There's 50 ways to leave a lover (Paul Simon)

In this case they will be using some animal fat which are forbidden for muslims.

Please go through the below link in which is giving a different picture abour oreo. I dont know which one is correct. Decide yourselves.


butter - ie cows milk.... how is that NOT halal?

Come on MJ, you know how to kill an Oreo.... first you take it apart, then you lick the creamy centre, then you stick it back together, then you dunk it in the milk and drown it;-P

yeah Xena, twist, lick and dunk... ;)

Sadly guys, part of the yummy goodness that comes from Oreo, comes from pig lard.

no wonder it tastes yummy... :P

LOL I know MJ. My Nan used to make cookies with lard...yuuuuummmmmmm

lol now this thread makes me crave for Oreo... i hope there's some when I get home.. :P

The best way to kill oreo's in a halal way is to run them over with a land cruiser while talking on your mobile...

I know someone from the Food Control Department and will give some hint on oreo to make everybody happy.

Yep, Oreos are halal now.

For those idiots who don't understand how certain things can be halal; its about the way these certain things are made...ways which now the westerners are adapting too(because these ways have other plus points too).

Biscuits with pig lard???? YUCKKKKK

WK, try one Oreo and yuckk will be gone for ever :-P

drmana I will vomit, trust me.

Cookies back home made with lard are sooooooo much tastier then the crap cookies you get here. :(

I would just forget the ingredient while having one. After all, its just the cooking fat ;-)

ROFL Exile.. Good one

Reply to exiledsaint : who said The best way to kill oreo's ...

Great idea !

Please share more of such innovative ideas with us all.

same answer u will findout on KFC website in FAQ'a... its call business strategy...

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