PEC introducing Cambridge system

Pakistan Education is going to introduce Cambridge system in the School. Good Move.I would appreciate some comments from concerned parents about how they feel.
Today Pakistan Education center send circular. It has 4 points, and have to tick the box YES or NO.
No 3. would you be willing to pay more fees for higher quality in education?
No 4. Do you want your children to achieve “Excellence in Education"
If we will pay more fees will quality in education be good? And what should be answer of point No 4 yes or NO?
We know education is so commercial now a day but we don’t know who is going to teach Cambridge classes. Will school bring new teachers or same teachers will take new classes, in school Mostly teachers are (safarshi) and low in teaching standards. But there are good also which are very few and cannot take all classes. PEC is our community school and we like it and don’t want to send our kids to others schools. Personally I feel only English should be medium of communication in PEC. English is not our first language and Teachers in PEC coming from different Provinces, we are bound to have an accent when we speak English. There are very few who can speak the language without a grating accent.If the teachers are good in academic and performance that’s fine even with more fees, when we pay so much we expect a high quality education also, yes we need Cambridge system with new teachers.I hope School management will look into this matter.


we will pay more fees for quality in education If they can do it.

we will pay more fees for quality in education If they can do it.

we will pay more fees for quality in education If they can do it.

A good move indeed,

In my opinion, your concern on some genuine points should be responded by the concerned authorities not by the forum participants...

you are right sisterghazalz, in forum is for

some comments from concerned parents about how they feel.

Nice.I hope that PEC get good qualified teachers for their students.Usually,we find very unprofessional teachers at PEC.Not all are like that,only a few.Still,i respect PEC much,as i did my Schooling from their.

I can say O Levels and A Levels surely helps a child to groom, i am not saying the Matriculation System is not good...

FlyingAce, the value of Cambridge system is a reality, but the core benefit of HSSC system goes to those students who intend to get admission in professional colleges in Pakistan.

PEC(paisa eating centre)

the education standard is very poor.I am studying from the last 12 years.No bathrooms.No play grounds.Water filters are not changed for years.Non qualified teachers.Teachers come to the class and they are having NASWAR in their mouth.Even some of the teachers use bad words to the students.They treat the children like donkeys.

I advice PAKISTANI brothers that if they want a better future for their children plzzzzzzzz! don't go for PEC.

seems you dint pay the fees on time :o)

PEC is in 1st position to eat money of poor children. The main reason is to earn more money on cambridge school system.

So miserable condition you've described here... with "No bathrooms.......>>>> till the end :(

Feel pity on your condition. Why are you studying there since last 12 years in spite of its pathetic condition?

There are no bathrooms in this school? Where then do you go when you need to?????

Yeah nomerci, that's exactly what I was thinking

Ah c'mon guyz...!! it's not like that, just leave off the facilities, juz look at how well-experienced the teachers are...!! I bet they are the best ones over QATAR!

These are the teachers, who teach students of Al-Jazeera, Cambridge, Parkhouse etc.

Although, improvements like making english as the only language for communication for the students as well as the teachers and a bit of more, are in need, yet, it'll soon improve. I'm sure the way PEC management has improved in these couple of years, they're going to bring a solid change.

And who says the teachers are so called 'sifarshi' AH !! C'MON GIVE ME A BREAK!!! DUDE!! YOU'R LACKING FAR BEHIND!!! change your thoughts, before you point others.

I'm proud to be a student of PEC. And just because of these teachers i have started now walking to the right path and have started working hard.


These are the teachers, who teach students ****IN TUTION**** of Al-Jazeera, Cambridge, Parkhouse etc.

And for the cambridge system, which is to be introduced in PEC, i must say, as the cam. system is based upon teaching in another way so teachers for that system must also be changed and new teachers should be arranged for the O'level and A'level students.

Is PEC joing the race with Pak Shama International Stream...?

Is this the Jealousy of how the PSS is making money now..?

I have been studying becoz i cannot afford to study in doha acadmey or park house.I have four brothers and 3 sisters and i m the youngest one.With the grace of God:my elder brothers have completed their higher education.Now i wanted to change my skool but i thought that i have only year to go,All of my frnds were unhappy on my idea.If some one wants to study he can study even at his house.But the educational environment is the core of a good educational institute.But unluckily u can't find that environment in PEC.There are some highly qualified teachers but they donot give their knowledge to the students becoz they cannot see that environment in PEC.75% of the students come to skool only to pass their time or becoz of their parents.Some of the students even bring porn videos and porn literature.

NOW decide whether PEC is good for your child or not?

Such a childish approach SambaCoool...

when i say that there are no bathrooms,i mean that the bathrooms are there but not worth using them.Only 1.5 meters doors.even some has no locks.some time no water.Forget about tissue paper.And what can describe the smell their?I think pec should be fined by baldiya for their worst conditions regarding cleanliness.

Which institution you're talking about papo6260699, Honestly, I'm completely clueless...

why can imagine your miserable condition for the past 12 years of smelling :-)

papo, but wouldn't up also be up to the "users" of said establishments to keep them clean and odour free?

My intention was to know if parents like this system or not and what point they have to improve our School then I will write to management with more point and concerns. Nobody summarize standard of school declined or improved. I am sorry for the criticizing that has resulted from this topic. I do not have problem with teachers in PEC. Mughhal I know few are teaching different school student but how many are they? 2% or maybe 5%. I know few teachers in PEC are very talented. You know from KG to O level how many teacher we need? It is never an easy job. My kids are in PEC and I am well-wisher and want school‘s progress. When I said Safarshi it is more than true I think you did not read when I said there are good teachers too. If you look at your words what prove you need that you are taught by only those teachers , according to you, you are walking to right path, may God guide you on right path and I wish you bright future but words does not match with a personality of a good student. You said change you thought, tell me how can I change my thoughts when there are still student like you? If this is the improvement I am sure school standard has gone worse.

ghazalz!!why are u so defendant of PEC.If you think that i m lying.I can show u the miserable conditions if u can visit.

Pappoo, you're playing foul here, as far as I know PEC has an excellent premises and your statement doesn't match with the facts


Words reflect one's own personality.

papo6260699 at least have a basic grasp of the language before you use profanity

i agree with papo6260699 .......

We all have been brought up in a different environment; every one of us has thoughts, feelings that are unique to us. Everyone has opinions about the same thing, which may differ from someone else’s opinion. We are different and have different opinions, but in our culture one thing is common, to respect elder. please stop destroying our beautiful tradition. Respect others opinion and your elders who have more experienced and have a wealth of knowledge. Your elder are in the same position you will find yourselves in one day and we should apply the natural moral of “Treat others as you wish to be treated past, future and presently and this will align our attitude with the correct way to see elders if our perspective is not of respect for them already

it would be gud

and not all the teachers are sifarsi .....also english matters much but no sooo .........

becoz being an engineering student what important for me is the concepts whether the language is english or urdu.......we can learn english from 2month course along with engineering.......if we want to improve it

Please dont disgrace our teachers just because they come from provinces and they don have british Xcent...

All the students also come from the same provinces....not from london or amstrdam ;_)

imagine there is a teacher conveying a lecture of electrical engineering in old british Xcent .......i think that 98% of the class wudnt understand anything including me heheheheheh

our teachers altough they dont have british Xcent but are good infact The best........thankyou all my teachers

You are engineering student and you don’t know importance of English? It will be difficult for you in practical life. How can you learn in two month when you could not learn in 12 year? If English and accent is not important why are you going to introduce Cambridge system? Why should parents pay hefty fee?

Nobody disgracing teachers, my argument is that these teachers (many of them) have no ability to teach Cambridge classes.

ahxn, yes I do agree with you in some content...

Yes the importance of English has some worth in our future but English speaking in a true British accent ain’t so deadly important as you never reach to the natives

MMAwan, now you're beating the bush around.

I suggested you earlier contact the concerned authorities they must be having some plans to run the system smoothly

OK ghazalz, thanks you, I will follow your advoice

MMAwan, some fellows here in Qatar criticize Pakistani schools for granted, but Pakistan Education Centre, Pak Shama School, Bright Future and TNG School are serving our community for long and some of them for decades...

Everyone needs to keep in mind, some of these schools are running Pakistani HSSC Federal Board Curriculum to cater Pakistani it suits to our majority white- collared middle and below middle earning bearers.

On the other hand, we have a wide variety of Schools and systems in Qatar with a lofty fee structure...but we send our wards there happily and afterward know all about the inside story :)

And never dare to critisize...

you are right ghazala, we have wide variety of schools, you know I was getting fee from my office , but I prefer Pakistani School, we have our own culture, values etc. and if this new system will be introduced there will be more variety and choice, thats what I said very good Move. but we should always try our best for improvement. if excelent is possible good is not enough. today I met someone and He told me lots of work is going on. new wing and new staff for new system. Inshaallah things will be better.

To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping

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