Philippine Girls

met some Philippine girls in pub feel strange either they are really caring or they try to get glue.
i met this charming girl in cafe she offerd me coffee rest is story things are going strange
question what you think about Philippine girls


What's there to think about girls, from Philippines or anywhere else for that matter

I'm beginning to feel old..

What does "or they try to get glue.@ mean in english ???

Since you are from UK (as read from ur profile) you will often get into such situations ...nothing to think, just get used to it.

Maybe they were trying to buy glue from him, I dunno.

I can't believe he's from the UK, no way - he's lying on his profile...just another loser wanting people to bash the poor Filipina girls AGAIN :-(

yup they took my all glue

may be u look like her brother :p

lol "Ashes you live behind may be your own"..

Fake Brit, lol..

But why would someone want to hide as a Brit ;o)

Oi WK, don't make me beat you...I have cushions!

I thought they were all destroyed during my previous bashing :(

LOL, did you not see how many I have?

Your English is incomprehensible..... you are no way a Brit.

Its filipina's if I may say!

Don't trust them don't say I never warned you!

So a Filipina said no to you today.

Let's face it, Filipina girls are hot.

Some of them have bad intentions, but then tell me a nation with women that doesn't.

A Pinay girl with a pure heart, along with the looks, is sexy, inside and out.

clap, clap, clap at QAATRI.. shame on you Avenger, yeah fake Brit.. :)

Qaatri what were your intentions when you posted this thread.

lol edifis.. Good catch ;o)

Anyone who comments against Filipinas is my enemy number 1. Numero Uno. Period.

can you just drop names instead of using the title as "Filipina" girls?! because not all "philippine girls are like that. for some reasons they have different meaning of "fun", is this your first time to see the real world? well you better open your eyes, pubs have philippine girls, pakistan girls, lebanon girls, egypt girls, etc.

and regarding the behavior thing... i guess its a personal preference just stop being racist here. its not fair, we struggle to make a good mark and intend to remain.

why only filipina girls?? i hope next time u will post that u were approach by other nationalities too.

"they try to get glue"??????

maybe he is non sticky type

That certain glues are manufactured using donkeys' hide.. You think...maybe?

@avenger - u only posted this because a filipina trashed u hahahahaha

Good day!


so that's why i'm not having much success, i need glue!!

oh, i love u FU! :)

i wish to meet any lover phillipino her in qatar

He doesn't sniff it.. He uses superglue and attaches himself to the nearest Filipina..

watta loser!

saeedkan, what's so important about this sick topic?

somwer, he said "is it an important topic"... he just forgot the question mark there.. :P

enlighten me, where's your question?

Logic is taught in philosophy 101 way back in college. :))

some people doesn't seem to see the importance of using punctuation marks. :p

somwer, logic has jumped out of the window... :P


lol gloomy, today is gloomy not blazing j/k :P

wow what's wrong with u avenger? why filipina? maybe that filipina dump/ignores u thats y ur angry? pity you,this only show that filipina's are thinking sah?

Hats off to that Filipina who ignore/dump you....

Lol! When you talk about my "kabayang babae" (Pinays), never ever said a single bad word. You'll miss the best opportunity of your life! Lol!

we all know why they are so good with you to get your passport the union jack man grow up

I guess avenger learned his lesson well ahahahaha

Filipina rocks dude! simply rocks! doing S.P.


Cheers ladies!

It is real funny that this British patriot can't

"write worth a dime"(slang expression of the American English)and uses the adjective "Glue." meaning: link up, to meet gracefully with someone or to continue a relationship, depending on the type of relationship, etc,etc

Per your own words:

Avenger said:

met some Philippine girls in pub feel strange either they are really caring or they try to get glue.

i met this charming girl in cafe she offerd me coffee rest is story things are going strange

question what you think about Philippine girls

Your grammatical error and sentence syntax is truly rubbish, maybe the good OLD English spoken by the Filipino ladies in the pub, was too much for your distorted brains waves

Most filipinas are superbly educated and they do speak perfect English, and not some "ENGLISHMAN GUETTO LANGUAGE!" You should feel shameful of yourself.

legal_pad: Kudos! Enough said!

Here nationality doesn't a matter. but we should observe that what is the subject.

Avenger your language is worse than a 1st standard kid andI think you were left begging and panting today but luck eluded you.

I really think the filipino girls are caring and sensative, much better than arab girls!

Are you trying to get laid ? :O)

hahaha good one Brit


and from my deep knowledge and qatar based experience....if u ask a philipina to kindly SIT...she just lies down.........and plsss..dont u guys start that iam in any community bashing....dis is fact and each and everyone of u here in qatar knws dat....cheers...gud niteee

i just bought some glue, no improvement in my results so far.

Try frequenting a Cafe next ..

brit, so i order a latte with a side order of glue?

they better than your imperialist girls

I always carry a 6 pack with me

WK you don't need glue, i see ya ;)

I got some nail glue for sale made in UK, any takers?

Is this AVENGER guy mentally handicapped? Or is it only physical?

Me think he has sniffed a bit too much glue?

maybe it's more than sniff.. :P

oh...uh...did he swallow the glue?


Brit dont drink too much cough syrup,

Drink plenty of water for your small peanut in your head to make it grow healty. hahah :)

I like tha cappuccino with side order of glue?British guys might stick with me,hehehehehh:)

Shessugar - I think they will. Nice!

Thanks for helping in uplifting the morale of filipino girls. maraming salamat po.

i met this stupid guy in a pub feel strange either he is stupid or wants to get glue?!i met this guy again! in a cafe i offered him coffee and the rest is history!!!! question who do you think this guy is??? Answer AVENGER!!

hahaha nice one tarantula...

so avenger is being trashed always, no wonder he is feeling so bad that he have to post this.

just shot glue stick to avenger =P

lets all have a great week end.


its really nice to be glued?avenger?what do you think?ehehehehe

i cant get enough with this guy...i dont like the way you said "Philippine girls"

if u'll see me u will voluntarily glue urself to me and u'll end up like an stupid dog following me around yeah!

and i'll make u suffer yeah!


to Victoria5518

great Victoria well done, you`re absolutly right!!!

I had a good laugh, thk u so much.


What I think of Philippine girls? They are sweet, thoughtful, caring, friendly with sexy smiles but knows how to kick ass once you messed up with them :)