Pregnant rights

Ok, honest, the only reason I started writing. I could not find any post related to pregnant ladies working and their rights. I started working in this place (Let's call it The Rotten Apple). I had to prepare the checks for FOUR ladies that have been fired (released, terminated, whatever you want to call it) for the biggest sin: to be pregnant from their husband! how did they dare to do this? Where I come from, this is illegal. I just prepared the checks OK, it's not my decision but what was behind it makes me just sick, is this a sort of push to stay home or what? I am planning to get pregnant soon so I guess I should start preparing my check! What a shame that women do not have the right to work and have families, is this country so backward? or is it just the Rotten Apple policy? any idea?


Please don’t generalize...

Many of us conceived while working here..and still working and have our family with us..we get 50 days maternity leave as per the labor law...

Few companies doing this ...for whatever reason…. is not the normal practice in this place....maybe few rotten apples...

Even if you are living with your husband...there are expections if you are sponsored by the company and on single status…then its not legal to deliver here unless they manage to change the sponsorship to their husband before delivery...

What your company is doing is illegal. The labour law of Qatar does not allow a company to sack a women because she becomes pregnant (Article 98).

Perhaps you should check the labour law out yourself.

I wouldn't generalize either. I know from a lady (single) that went home to deliver and return with her baby and she's still employed with the same company,... but at the same time I also know about a similar situation in a place I cannot mention. PM me. Notsoglad, are you familiar that to disclose this sort of info can get you in trouble? In some places they have even forbbiden to their staff to blog about working related issues.

Mandame un mensaje para que te explique muchas cosas de Qatar que tienes que aprender!

You see why I'm writing a book??

How do you know they have been fired for their pregnancy? They might be other factors and perhaps it is pure coincidence?

Ingesu - just as the company could get into a lot of trouble if someone reported what they're doing to the labour department. They're breaking the law.

Read the labour law - they may not terminate the contract while she is on maternity leave, for whatever reason.

Dear TallG,

I think you have just seen the bright side of Qatar. I don't want to get into an argument since I practically do that everyday at home. My husband is a pro-Qatar and I-love-it-here sort of guy and I don't want to burst your bubble but a lot of illegal things happen everyday... sorry, yes, I've read the Labour law and lots of stuff but I'm afraid it is not always followed as it should.

What bubble? I'm not defending any one and I never mentioned anything about it being followed correctly. I know many companies break the labour law on a daily basis. That's why I said this company would be in trouble if anyone reported them.

I'm just pointing out what the law says, which is what the original poster wanted to know - that you can't fire someone for being pregnant, and you can't fire them for any reason while they're on maternity leave.

Ok, sorry I got it wrong, must be my English, but when I read your mails they always remind me or Mr. Optimist at home. I became a bit cynical after living here some years. Nevertheless, you are right , if there is a Law, it must be followed. I think few people bother to report anything and they might just be afraid of doing so. Maybe we should recommend notsoglad to read the Labour law too since she plans to get a baby at some point.

Qatar is certainly changing and one 'should not bite the hand of who is feeding you' , but sometimes one cannot keep quiet.

A female in my company is on leave for last 80+ days thks to Pregnancy...

Since she left before I join...I don know.....I honestly never cared to asked anyone... how many dayz she got leave ( for obvious reasons.. never striked me as important info to know)....

But you are in a country were I doubt you can sue your company for this.... :)


Reality is a Illusion Caused Due to Deficiency of Alcohol

This is not the first case I heard. Guys,... I think I leave it there. This will definitely be a separate chapter for the famous book of the future. I need to look for a title, perhaps Mathew 23, 27-28. Not hijacking thread, just leaving it now.

The women shud go to court.

It seems she just created her account to ventilate this case, the polite thing is to stay and reply! after all we are here pulling eachother's hairs because of your new can of worms! I know I said goodbye but just wondering why has she dissapeared and not replied to my PM... mmmm

I love your avatar, it's just like I feel here, the smilying bobblehead that has to say yes to everything!

Now really Adios with a last advise, don't you dare to get pregnant in your first working year (I have been told it's a non-spoken law)

No probs Ingesu - I like playing devil's advocate in an attempt to get people to see and discuss all sides, that's why I may come across as overly optimistic sometimes.

Should we 'ventilate' here also all what I know now about you and the place where you work?

I am truly dissappointed to see first that the moderators scrapped the topic of the list, why??? because to 'miss qatar' and see the 'beauty ladies in a coffee' and the 'nice colours' are more interesting? -ok, it's all nice but why to avoid serious topics?

Is QL meant just for the nice bits? I should have know better.


Notsoglad ?? The forum is still on...

Wht is deleted.... ?


Reality is a Illusion Caused Due to Deficiency of Alcohol

Idiot me, I know, it was just dead. It must be because NOBODY gives a peanut about it, right? I guess I'll keep posting to make it appear and appear and perhaps even Ingesu will be civil enough to reply (joke, ok, I do not mind the tone of your messages)

What more do you want to know notsoglad? Haven't we answered all your questions?

Or was it a first time in my life...a open invitation to Hijack the forum ???

Jus to burst the popularity charts :) ?????

One question though...

There is a female in my company.. recently she came to know she is pregnant..

Told me today...

She is on Company Sponsorship but living with her Hubby (How else you think she got pregnant in 1st place :) )

So is delivering in Doha illegal if she is not on Hubbies sponsorship ???


Reality is a Illusion Caused Due to Deficiency of Alcohol

No, of course not.

Ok, MUCHAS GRACIAS = thanks a lot for all the replies, what I really need to know is... what would you have done in my case? A QL pm me and preached and preached and preached, another QL member told me to keep quiet for my sake and the one of the ladies, anothe QL just told me to cool down and accept that is how things are here.

Should I push the ladies to take action? why should I get involved?

Should I just was my hands and resign and leave the revolting place (The Rotten Apple, not offense to the country)? Help!

Majority rules.

Fact: Labour Law allows, nicely, for maternity leave and not terminating during maternity leave.

Fact: There are a lot of companies that go against this and there ARE loopholes. However, complaints against the company to the Labour Office does actually result in something... possibly not for that particular person unless the issue is of substantial enough importance, but there are flags that are 'accumulated' about a company in the Labour office that results on fines to the company, termination of their rights for future visa's, etc. I know of a few companies now that have suffered just from that.

Its difficult to argue unless you actually take it upon yourself to not only file the complaint but also seek independant representation to fight specifically for your case and against the company.


If you report it you'll be putting yourself at risk, unless you can find a way to be completely anonymous. Or perhaps you can persuade one of the ladies who has been sacked to go to the labour department. Chances are they aren't even aware of their rights.

I am sure they know their rights, i'll ask tomorrow. Maybe they are like one QL here that thinks is better to leave the things like that not to compromise the husband's job that is what is providing more benefits. They possibly rely on getting another job at some point or perhaps even welcome the possibility to stay home, I'll ask.

As I told you I am new there so I do not know them too well and I happen to know the sordid details just because I had to prepare the checks. Yuk, why me? Of course this is not mentioned in the check, but I had to make calculations (they are not getting summer holidays either since they did not complete one year work) and well, to make it short this is making me sick.

You'd be surprised how many people have no idea about their rights contained within the Labour Law.

I'll be reading more tonight. Or I better don't and keep my job according to some.

Thanks anyway for all your opinnions.

The ladies in question should go to the Human Rights Commission with this. It is not up to you, cos you did not get fired notsoglad. To get fired for being pregnant is illegal. And they should take action. However if a lot of women accept that they get fired and dont do anything, people/companies will take advantage of this, and will continue firing. Thief will continue thieving, until they are caught. The same for these companies.


Just sent you a pm in Spanish, are you really Spanish or are you making it up to disguise yourself? The story sounds too similar to one I heard somewhere else.

sorry, repeated!

me and my wife are working in the same company and under single contract. we are planning to have a baby this year but i'm afraid they will terminate our employment...we are staying on the company accommodation but separate rooms since we are single contract.

is it possible for us to have a baby?

'Single contract' for two people seems very odd, but whatever it is it's illegal for them to cancel your contract because you get pregnant.

I have read those contracts.

The person will waive her rights to pregnancy rights, regardless, If she is married legally.

That is why they call them 'Single sponsorship.'

It is totally legal....If you signed and agree to waive your rights of maternity benefits under the Department of labor laws.


Graduated from Xavier Institute for Higher learning.

Qatari Law is very Just and Fair .It is not like europian where woman just a product to excelerate.

shoul i tell what section allows the pregnant woman to get leave.

Even it allows one relaxation to feed thier children.

Many companies are following this.

Small companies do fire but let me ask one think .

Why Women work on thier husband sponsor when they have family Visa and work is illegal

So Illegal act deserve such treatment .If working properly at work Visa , i could trace any such case.

But still it not fair treatment but it not by Law of Qatar.Law is fair and Just.We do aplly it wrongly.

Why people malign Qatari Laws without any knowldge.

there is a new provision under the Labour Law wherein even women under their husband's sponsorship can legally work in Qatar

How else do you think so many married women work even in the Q companies?

moozpk - Qatari maternity leave is 50 days only. In the UK they can take up to 1 year. I know which I prefer.


Medically 50 days is very right as that Woman returns to its normal routine after 40 day.

So what is just ?

biologically correct... but what about the newborn? at 50 days he is too vulnerable to be taken care of by strangers...

what about the bonding?

The baby's unattended emotional needs?

Medically yes, but it's wrong for a mother and child to be separated so soon.

You are right . Now let see who is having the resposiblity to provide finance to women to stay with their children .

Is this employers duty?

is it state's resposiblity?

Or it is Husband's liability ?

My knowledge is limited and i can only say that it primary laibility of Husband and Islamic concpet and qatari law supports this.

Natural will also encourge this .

In the UK a woman receives 90% pay for 6 weeks, then approximately QR700 a week for up to 6 months, and nothing after that.

I personally feel that's not enough, and a combination of the employer and state should contribute more.

It is good that the 50 days Qatar maternity leave is at full pay.

But personally I hold the longer time spent with the child in higher importance than the money. And I'm lucky enough that my family is in a position to take the longer time off, which is why we're leaving Qatar in 4 weeks.

You are right 90% is paid and 10 % saved for next 6 month and given on instalment .

Here 100 % is paid so i think there it managed in such a way that women can live with 10 percent .

So get 50 days leave with ful pay and afte that get leave without pay .

Nothing wrong but only one issue

Chances of pregnancy after 50 days and when time of arrival is there a new life is waiting .

Why are you closing doors of employemetn for women .

You are right 90% is paid and 10 % saved for next 6 month and given on instalment .

Here 100 % is paid so i think there it managed in such a way that women can live with 10 percent .

So get 50 days leave with ful pay and afte that get leave without pay .

Nothing wrong but only one issue

Chances of pregnancy after 50 days and when time of arrival is there a new life is waiting .

Why are you closing doors of employemetn for women .

In Qatar they are not entitled to take leave with no pay after 50 days.

Unless they have an understanding company, they have to return to work after 50 days. Which as I said already, is too soon for a child to be parted from their mother in my opinion.

I don't understand your last two sentences;

"Chances of pregnancy after 50 days and when time of arrival is there a new life is waiting .

Why are you closing doors of employemetn for women . "

Tallgs right, there is no stipulation for taking leave after maternity without pay unless it is the policy of the company to allow a mother to do so.

Verisimilitude, who says the privision for women to work under hubbys sponsorship legally is a new provision? It has been that way for the 10 plus years I have been here.


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Firat ia clear based on medical reason.Now i cant make you understand here in detail.Just try to think you will know.

Secondly , closing doors means women may have child every year and who is cause for new child father or employer.if emplyer going to pay without work why he wwill be having services only for some time in year less than six months

I know everyone malign laws of Qatar.

On this point these Fair and very nice.

It cant be fair.

Great job at clearing it up Mooz, I still dont understand what you are saying.


"Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock - Will Rogers"



Tallg is correct it is the company discretion to allow you or not to take extra days off after your maternity leave.

in my case i have been given a chance to have a leave from July to November. i am due to have my baby next month. hopefully everything will work well.

regarding getting pregnant while working, there were 2 other coworkers i have who have been terminated when they got pregnant, probably not only because they got pregnant but they have become inefficient in their Job performance which have pushed the company to terminate them.

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