price list of new cars in doha
By riy • 10 years 3 weeks ago.

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so i have been in Doha now for just over a month and the time has come to buy a car.... i have been doing quite a bit of calling around to get prices of new cars, so here is what i currently have from the various dealers in doha... i'll update it as and when i get new prices, if anyone else has any prices please add it to the post:

Audi- A3: from 85 000 upwards (cars will be in end of the month)

A4 - 118 000 which includes a 5 year maintance plan.

Audi offer a financing service as well, the first two years are interest free. Interest will kick in after the second year and the rate is around 2%... depending on the period for finance

VW- Tourag: 150 000

Golf V - the 1.6 is roughly 89 000 and the new GTI is 110 000

Mercedes- ML: 240 000 (they have an awesome 6.0l that goes for 500k... that thing can move!)

B-Class - 106 000

Toyota (prices are what I have been told from other people, could not get hold of them as yet)

Prado: 135 000

Rav4: 102 000

Jeep- Cherokee: 99 000

Wrangler: 79 000

BMW- 3series: from 119 000 upwards

Mini Cooper S: 105 000 (for the standard) & 125 000 for the convertible

Thats it for now... hope this helps....

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By e46M3• 10 years 3 weeks ago.
Rating: 4/5

BMW X5 3.0 200,000 QAR

BMW X5 4.4 225,000 QAR

Nissan Murano 134,000 QAR

Infiniti FX 175,000 QAR

Lexus RX 154,000 - 191,000 QAR

Toyota Prado 105,000 - 120,000

By Travel.gate• 10 years 3 weeks ago.

Hi riy

I am offering my car for sale if u r interested

Type: Jaguar XJR 100

Spics: V8. 4.2L. Super charger

Colour: black

Interior: Black with red stitches, and green wood

Model: 2002

Meter: 75000 Km

Condition: Excellent.

Price will be upon ur trial.


By riy• 10 years 3 weeks ago.

thanks for the offer, but im not much of a jag fan...

from what ive been told a 4x4 is the best thing to get in this part of the world

By Don• 10 years 3 weeks ago.

Is there much of a market for second hand cars?

By bullsshake• 10 years 3 weeks ago.

go for the audi and drive like the guys in the movie Ronin!

By amr• 10 years 3 weeks ago.

How much does it cost for a new 206 CC Peugeot? Does anyone have a used one for sale?

By genuwine33• 10 years 3 weeks ago.
Rating: 3/5

Thanks for doing the hard yards there riy and putting the prices on the forum, I'm leaving australia next week for doha and i'm very curious to the prices of cars, if anyone has any idea of the following that would be great:-

Lexus IS200 or 250

Chrysler Jeep

Toyota Rav 4 Cruiser

Audi Quattro A4 (sex)



By coolasice• 10 years 3 weeks ago.
Rating: 4/5

Hi all...

I am not sure if many of you know that the shape of the cruiser is going to change. the 2007 model looks different but when i approached the showroom here they were like it's going to be the same here...sad but true...dont know wht to believe....

GX - 140,000

GXR - 175,000

GXR Limited - 180,000 - 190,000


By Noble-Man• 10 years 3 weeks ago.
Rating: 2/5

Ford Explorer QR 105,000

Ford Escape QR 85,000

Mitsubishi Outlander QR 84,000

Mitsubishi Grandis QR 90,000

Ssanyong Rexton QR 84,000

By KL Men• 10 years 3 weeks ago.
KL Men

Rexton QR 84k more or less equal to MYR 84k in Malaysian you know what is the price of Rexton in Malaysia...more than 100k...if Malaysia is tax free then i will driving the latest model of subaru impreza right now....lucky being qatarian men

By getinandstayin• 10 years 3 weeks ago.

Dont even think of buying a rexton. It is probably the worst car i have ever had the misfortunte to drive. Its a heap of rubbish and a complete waste of money. Thats my opinion anyway :)

By KL Men• 10 years 3 weeks ago.
KL Men

wow, you must be a ferrari driver to blame rexton....ok what...but maybe i'll will be saying the same thing if i'm live at doha...

By e46M3• 10 years 3 weeks ago.

Have you seen the Rhodus?

By getinandstayin• 10 years 3 weeks ago.

No i havent. Is this a new ssangyong model? I just remember a friend of mine who sold his rexton for 40000QAR after 11 months.

By e46M3• 10 years 1 week ago.
Rating: 3/5

Sorry, just saw your response.

Actually it's the Rodius.

It's hideous, it's a monstrosity and a blight on anything called car design.

Here it is:

By bullsshake• 10 years 1 week ago.

u'r right

By RANDR• 10 years 1 week ago.

I may have nightmares after seeing this disgusting monstrosity...


By getinandstayin• 10 years 1 week ago.

This is in reply to coolasice's question bout the new cruiser.

Thats the same as the UAE. Gulf spec cruisers change next year. No use importing one because noone will service it.

By genuwine33• 10 years 1 week ago.

I'm getting the boot from Doha after only 2 weeks! I gave some guy the finger and a toot over a round about, I wouldn't mind except he cut me right up and so deserved it (sound familiar?) - anyway I'm getting my marching orders already so this bute motor is up for a quick sale - +QR10,000 - (that's right!) Dont ask me to drop the price or you'll get the finger too.

By Qatarcat• 10 years 1 week ago.

Ouch genuwine, at least now you can give this baby a last run around the streets of Doha, freely giving fingers to anyone you want!

By craig kelly• 10 years 5 days ago.
craig kelly

Hi genuwine,

I´m new here for two weeks and I am searching for a used car. What kind of car ist that (merc?), you wanted to sell. And what is the price? 10000 Rial?

May be we can arrange the bargain easily for you.

I look at this page at the afternoon again.

Best regards


By ambrishjha• 10 years 5 days ago.

I would like to buy this car if you have still not sold it. However, I have no clue about your contacts. You can nevertheless contact me on 5334314 or mail me at


By bullsshake• 10 years 5 days ago.

here's to another adventure in another country!!

By FrznGuru• 9 years 12 months ago.

I am interested in purchasing a used Ssangyong Rexton here in Doha. I was wondering what you find wrong with it?

Are the parts expensive?

Air Conditioning bad?

They don't drive well?


Thanks for any info.

By e46M3• 9 years 12 months ago.

You might want to check out the following reviews:

By Sparkle• 9 years 11 months ago.

Thank you for the update. Can you lease these cars? if so, what is the process?

By irinac2• 9 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

H3 2006 for QR 119,000 cash low option; 136,000 fully loaded

Pajero 2006 QR 110,000 insurance,registration,warranty everything included,good deal.Drove both and liked it.

I got Prado(lucky me),very hard to find,2006 sold out,dealer said 2007 models come in 3 month,so it was not discontinued as somebody mentioned earlier.

By e46M3• 9 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

It's one of Toyota's cash cows. Toyota is too smart.

Leasing options for cars are limited, try Prestige rent-a-car.

By Sparkle• 9 years 11 months ago.

You don't have the contact details for Prestige rent-a car

By gefs• 9 years 11 months ago.
gefs - 4836477

By e46M3• 9 years 11 months ago.

Al Fardan Automobiles Leasing Division

Tel: 4838500

Prestige Rent A Car

Tel: 4477577/4838500/4848152/5536186

Fax: 4477799/4837200/4833731


By Sparkle• 9 years 11 months ago.

Thank you so much e46M3

By jarhead• 9 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 3/5

Yes Indeed,

Second hand cars are available in good condition. Go for a Toyota, Mitsubishi or a Nissan, they have one of the best resale values.

But beware if ur buying a second hand car. Make shure its checked coz cars are abused in this country.

By noel_audio• 9 years 1 month ago.

Was wondering what the sticker price is for the new Lexus IS350 in Doha (Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros Dealership?)

Looking to buy a new car, this one has air conditioned seats, super bonus.

Thanks ahead of time!

By noel_audio• 9 years 1 month ago.

Was wondering what the sticker price is for the new Lexus IS350 in Doha (Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros Dealership?)

Looking to buy a new car, this one has air conditioned seats, super bonus.

Thanks ahead of time!

By aboeid• 8 years 2 months ago.

can i know catigories of Suzuki jimny and prices too !?

thanks :)

By anonymous• 8 years 2 weeks ago.

log on to ................... best of luck!

By Gad• 7 years 9 months ago.

The Ssangyoung Rexton.

"Think of it as the Korean version of the Land Rover Discovery. But really, really rubbish!"

The Verdict: "It’s big. It goes off-road a bit. You don’t want one. Neither do we."

The Performance: "Not quite as awful as you might think – opt for the 2.7-litre five cylinder diesel and you’ve got a passably swift SUV. Anything smaller and you might want to consider public transport instead."

Is it Cool?: Cooler than a Vanquish in the depths of the Large Hadron Collider. Not really.

The Quality: With the exception of a tacky aftermarket stereo, the top-spec versions are nicely kitted out and don’t feel like they’ll fall apart after a strenuous shopping trip.

The Handling: If you ever reach the stage in your life when you genuinely don’t know the answer to the question, ‘So how does that two-tonne Korean SUV handle?’, it’s time to take a long hard look in the mirror.

By Gad• 7 years 9 months ago.

It won’t take you long to guess a nickname for this one. It’s apt, too

Picture all the coolest things in the world, wedged into a big room. Now take them away. Notice how that empty space is exactly the shape of a Rodius? That’s not coincidence.

Its giant and slow. Even the big five-cylinder diesel takes 15 seconds to drag the Rodius to 60mph, but to be honest, any faster would be truly terrifying.

Rodiusly yours,


By Turbo• 7 years 9 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

the new X5 4.8 costs 350,000/-

i drove it; excellent ride & handling, nice cornering, sufficient acceleration, etc... but still something amiss! the interiors seem very outdated, the vehicle looks a little... cute, and at the same time a little out of proportion with a broad base and a narrow top (kinda like an A). The 3.0 engine is cheaper but very sluggish coz the vehicle is way too heavy.

as an all rounder, i doubt if the 4.8 is worth that much money!


By MrJay• 7 years 9 months ago.

where can i find prado for 105K as mentioned

By Turbo• 7 years 9 months ago.

wat about the prices of fancier cars like murceilago, gallardo, F430, 911 GT2, maseratis, etc.

I've seen some pretty neat 2nd hand pieces at throw away prices... but had to silently walk away coz i got "the look" from dear wife!


By cloatcho• 7 years 9 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

I think it comes around 150,000 QR for 2008 full option with GPS & BlueTooth and a rear view camera,

also you can find a lot of second hand for this type of car, but mostly in white color or silver.

hope this was helpful.

By Fawzi9585• 7 years 8 months ago.

Any body have any idea how much new Huumer H3

By anonymous• 7 years 8 months ago.

I've seen a few in the streets of Doha.

By mallrat• 7 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 2/5


.h3: 135-145qr.


By chami2008• 7 years 8 months ago.


By scuba• 7 years 1 month ago.

Whats the price for ES 350 (new). When are they launching the 2010 model pl?

By Prasad_M• 6 years 10 months ago.

which make mdels are good

By Quagmire• 6 years 9 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

Depends what you want it for.

If you want a good run about and want to go to the desert every so often, then the Locals all drive Toyota Land Cruisers or the latest Lexus 4x4 (not sure of the model). Both pricey but very good on and off road (read, pavement here)

If you have a family get an Nissan Armada (8 seats, plus you can very comfortably fit all your visitors into one car for those beach outings) or if you don't the Nissan Xtrail (which is very light (relatively) but still has a big engine when you need the power to get out of the sand) Both have cheap servicing, parts and good warranty.

Other things to consider :

1) Service costs

2) Was the car designed for the desert climate and use?

3) Spares availability after your crash (yes someone will crash into you at some point!)

4) Petrol price, not a factor at 0.80 QR / litre i.e. 22US cents / litre

5) Bigger cars definitely get more "respect" on the road here. I know this from experience. This means your loved family members won't get cut up at roundabouts (quite) as much.

6) Get the windows tinted. It makes the A/C work much, much, much better. 10% is the max legal limit for the front door windows, windscreen and rear window. The others can be 100%! (although 30% is best - otherwise you can't see what hit you!) Go to V Kool or one that uses the proper 7 layer UV reflective material. The cheaper stuff just doesn't work. It's about being cool not just looking cool

7)Be sure to leave the delivery plastic on the seats and the factory sorting bar code on the windows (preferably a really large one on the front windscreen too so your view is obstructed) That way, everyone will think your 3 year old car is brand new still!

That last point was a joke in case you didn't spot it! It's a unique sight you will see here in Doha. and very funny when you see people who do it!



By baboochka• 6 years 8 months ago.

How much is the Armada?

By anonymous• 6 years 6 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

You may compare price by browsing the classified ads here in Qatarliving.

If you have a second hand car, and you may like to make it look stylish. You may visit the site of Filipino Car enthusiast by clicking here.


Click here for Filipino Car Forum

By abdullaoa• 6 years 6 months ago.

I have a Full automatic NIssan Primera -1998 model for sale: For more details: please contact:


By apico• 6 years 5 months ago.

I found a lot of choice in

By apico• 6 years 5 months ago.

that didn't work so try qatarsale dot com

By arlilla• 6 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 4/5

You will never go wrong if you buy a toyota, better still is a landcruiser V6, even the old one's retain their value. A new one depreciates 10% in the first year.

If you buy it slightly used say after 3 months and resell in the same year, provided its spotless you will get your money [excluding interest] back!

By King_fara07• 6 years 1 month ago.

Hey guys,

i am working for a car dealership as well. The H3 basic option goes for 112,500QR and the full option goes for 129,500QR (special promo price)

if you or your companies interested in purchasing or leasing vehicles please PM me i will give my contact details.

and i am more than happy to help you guys.

Thanks & Regards,

By Marque• 5 years 11 months ago.


What makes of new car are on sale at your dealership?


By Lyn2010• 5 years 11 months ago.

Thanks for this info.It seems that cars in Qatar are cheaper.

By parksbrian• 4 years 10 months ago.

Seems people here are very interested in buying used cars...Just an advice.... be sure you know the seller personally to avoid internet scams.....

By smrsait• 4 years 8 months ago.

Does anyone know the price of Nissan Sunny or Tida??

By carbusiness• 4 years 6 months ago.

hi friend

how are you

please can you tell me what the price for prado 2.7 full option

By carbusiness• 4 years 6 months ago.

hi friend

iam kamal , iam also work in cars business , buy from Gcc area and sale in chinese market

i wish if we can make a friendship


By carbusiness• 4 years 6 months ago.

hi evry body

iam looking for prado 2.7 full option to buy

i want 40 units

please if some one have this qty tell me


By carbusiness• 4 years 6 months ago.

how much is prado 2.7 in GCC area ?

By timebandit• 4 years 6 months ago.

Damn! I only have 39 units.

By carbusiness• 4 years 6 months ago.

okay no problem

By jobyxavier89• 3 years 1 month ago.

Whats opinion about Pajero 3.5,petrol engine,full option?If anyone has recently experienced kindly share,Can it be worth for long drive and desert drive?I am looking to buy one or any suggest any other model?

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