Problem with Qatari Guy

i parked my car on Sidewalk to take money from the ATM machine for one min then one Qatari guy came to me and he shout to me why i park my car here i told him who are u he told me i'm police !!

then i told him ok sorry i will remove it
he said i took ur plat number and i will make for you charg 6000QR
i told him ok ( i think he is joking )

so the Question " he is joking or talk really ??
and he Can make it or not ???

his dress Normal Qatari not police
and his car also not police plat no


He's not the police and you shouldn't park on the sidewalk.


This should be in the funnies if thats his car in the picture you are talking about :)

the funniest there is 3 car but he came to my car only because small car :( and i have in my car my friend and the car on not off

he was joking,bcoz the same thing happened to someone i know;)

i hope not pay ^_^

can be a CID if not police n u told us i parked my car on Sidewalk try to hunt for a parking next time

he must be joking.


The same thing happened to me as well. A Sudan guy came to me and asked me to pull off my car while i was cueing for the ATM Machine, saying that I am blocking the road. But actually I was not blocking and I was in the correct position too.

He said I will report to the police & he informed to the police by telephone saying something in Arabic.

I didn’t care; I took the money from ATM and drove back home safely. Here Police are very good unless they have a proper evidence or they catch you by themselves they will not take any action.

Here in Qatar many guys fool us by saying that they are police but they are actually jokers…

Note: Only when you jump a red light, they will fine you 6000DHS and the police will give video evidence when you pay your fine.

Not to worry.


This time he might be joking but next it might not be a joke.

If he said. " are on candid camera" then it must be a joke :-/

Off duty police cannot come to u and tell u he his police and what u should or should not do.

Relax, wrong parking fine is only 500.

Well check Metrash or 's electronic services for any traffic violations. It can take up to 2 weeks to appear on the system.

once i was stopped on the roundabout and first was my car ..i was not wearing belt and was talking on phone..police man smiled n said to go :)

i was thinking i will get a fine for not wearing seat belt.

blue rose - with that cute face, it wud be a crime to stop you ;-)

hahaha lol..and the shock of finding out it wasn't a joke lol

Lols.. Good to see the Motiv8er again in 2012 !!! :)

Ask to see his Identification - any real policeman will have his police ID - if he can't or won't produce it, note his number plate and report him to the police,

Imitating a copper in some counties is illegal, perhaps it should be the same in Qatar, if it isn't already...

In future, do as MC has suggested, too many wannabes in Qatar.

Your profile says.. you are Syrian

And i believe you both spoke Arabic... So you know the answer better than anybody here...

how can we say if he was joking or serious... ??

Was he smiling when he said that?

Did he say "ima jooooking"?

Was he hiding his lips with his hands and laughing silently?

Did he wink at you later?

You know things like that ...

anyway... an off duty police cant charge you with anything unless he calls police on the spot.. or take pictures for evidence.

Happened with one of my Friend....

His Car was Impounded and Fined 6,000 QAR, Reason was his car was parked on the Side Walk for more then an hour....

Amazingly he gets a call from CID Guy at 2 AM.... Report to the Police Station...

it is better to jump a signal n pay qr 6000 instead of parking for 1 min n receiving such a huge fine

BG, exactly... It is not Compulsory for the Traffic Police, to come and Knock the Window, even CID Officials have the Authority to Impose a Fine, and Impound the Car...

I personally think,, that Qatari guy has done the right thing... maybe OP was blocking the road by parking on the sidewalk, may be thats why that guy got upset ... in any case no one should park their cars on sidewalk. And if that Qatari guy stopped him for doing so, he's done the right thing. (as a citizen or police)

and im afraid you cannot report anyone for stopping you from any traffic violation, besides the reason for complaining would sound even funnier... "I like to complain a guy who stopped me for violating a traffic law" :D

But yeah, you don't have to show your ID, License or give it to anybody unless they are in police uniform or produce Police ID .. :)

u might be posing like ur profile snap

fine for wrong parking is QAR.300 not 6,000

I think he might be just kidding. In Qatar, many people park same as you. But totally wrong! Guys take your time and do it proper whatever you do!

He can report someone who is misrepresenting himself as a policeman. Real policemen will show their official ID if asked politely. Imposters will bluster and shout.

check ur car plate no at MOI Traffic violation and you will see he said joke or true. !

don't worry, they will charge you only 300 riyal and may be cut only three points..

even if you are parking some odd place the fine cannot be 6k secondly if he is a police he wont say that he will just see it and report.

you have just been PUNK'D

don't park on the curb. next time tell him you will report him for impersonating an officer.

I thank everyone for the discussions and opinions

up to this time I did not find any traffic violation

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