Prostitutes to offer free sex??????????

Prostitutes of a Danish sex workers association will offer their services for free to delegates of the UN climate summit in Copenhagen, an association official told AFP Saturday.

Susanne Moeller said the move was meant to protest an anti-prostitution initiative undertaken by Copenhagen city hall.

The city, host of the December 7-18 UN climate summit, distributed postcards in Copenhagen's hotels that said "Be sustainable: Don't buy sex." It also sent letters to hotel managers inviting them to take measures to avoid prostitutes meeting clients in their establishments.

The prostitutes, whose work is not illegal in Denmark, promptly reacted to the move.

"All delegates who come to Copenhagen for the world climate summit will be able to use the postcards for payment after making a request on our website," Moeller, of the Danish association for the defense of sex workers, said.

"We do not expect many delegates (to make use of the offer), but we want to protest what we consider discrimination," Moeller said, adding the offer was good for the duration of the climate talks.

The Copenhagen summit aims to craft an international climate accord to replace the Kyoto protocol, which expires in 2012.


Geez whats happening in this world??

Wonder how many Gentlemen avail this free service??

Doesn't offering it for free make it not prostitution?

Pajju rerouted his ticket to Copenhagen Via Dubai.


- God Gives n Forgivs .. We Gets n Forgets -

Good point, Olive.

will it not make them bankrupt?

it sometimes amusing how people's mind works.

-=The desire to do what you shouldn'T is the very desire that defines Humanity=-

Olive - No it becomes ''consentual sex'' with no money involved. Hence no. :)


- God Gives n Forgivs .. We Gets n Forgets -

Olive its still prostitution when you do it with many...the difference is just its a free PROMOTIONAL

Technically it's not FS. Prostitution is the act of sex for goods or money. If they're giving it a way for free...well, their just being promiscuous.

/ at / Arien: have a good trip! :-P

/ at / Formatted Soul: I respectfully disagree. Sex with many (for free) is just recreation, not prostitution.

Olive maybe someone else is paying them the money!! as part of advertising...Do you think they do it for charity??

If someone else is paying them money then that is prostitution....but from the sounds of it, that's not the case.

FS: I think it's called "taking one for a cause." :o)

So this is what they mean by "Global Warming"

Khawaga...sorry where I come from...there are lots of other means for recreation...they are simply called Whores..

Winter promotion ??!!! Duh!! bad strategy , promotion during a peak season?? LOL


- God Gives n Forgivs .. We Gets n Forgets - sure when someone does it with many its called prostitution!!!


One life to live, live it to the fullest.

Happy thats just my

I hope it helps the cause and helps obtain a resolution on climate change. What politician may fail to achieve might be acheived by these social workers offering free sex..:)



Derek Edward Trotter

Thats what I was tryin to say Brit...:)

khawaga hehehe nice one , taking one for the cause:D

They are still prostitutes but offering a free service. A barber offering a free haircut is still a barber..

I didn't say they still aren't prostitutes, just that when they offer it for free it's not technically prostitution. Technically if the barber never asks for money he's just cutting hair, not being a barber.

Good to see you back "recharged" after the holidays :O)

Hold on BritExpat.. So every women offering free sex is a prostitute?



Derek Edward Trotter

but think of the opportunity cost involved....

it beats the Chinese girls here in Doha... :)

You plonker. She's only a prostitute if that is her trade. If you offer to help design my driveway for free, you're still an engineer aren't you ?

I asked a lady of leisure in Glasgow , how business was. She said that it was really good. In fact, if she'd had another pair of legs, she would have opened up in Edinburgh also.

Prostitution is still the worlds longest running business. With bountiful supply and demand everywhere.

Yes, i agreed with FS and disagree with Olive.

this is business and they are simply on the seasonal promotional stints.

in the long run, it's the very healthy survival of their business that are being protected...

hey! any philanthropic folks willing to donate on me roundtip ticket to COpenhagen :P

I hope the South African Government issue the same warning to the Fans arriving for the world cup. I wonder how many will not score then?



Derek Edward Trotter

FS...hope now you get my point after UKEngineers post above


One life to live, live it to the fullest.

Ok got it..didnt think that deep..

yes for me its not much different anywayz...

for each his own!!

Brit... hahahahaha!!

how about octopussy?

talk about leveraging eh :P

hard time banning prostitutes from their establishments, I think.

Good for the ladies that when life gave them lemons, they found a way to make lemonade!

"If you're looking for sympathy, you'll find it between sh*t and syphilis in the dictionary."

- David Sedaris

UKeng - correction "Every women offering free sex to 'Every men' can be called a Pro" lol


- God Gives n Forgivs .. We Gets n Forgets -


Is SEX under marriage classified as free sex?

don't think so!

you had to feed her, cloath her and attend to all her other needs.

anyway, do i care? you tell yours first :P

the world has turned again

...listen to the sound of silence....

jervis if she offer it to all QL male members??...I guess you still call her HONEY? lol

Globle here at QL is realy woarming....whenever the topic like this is on..Keep yr slf warm..guys...winter is on the way

Sprint for every one...under this planet...

so it means there will be banners and ads for it in whole copenhagen .... Freeee Freeeee Freeeee

Prince- flyers are distributed onboard the plane itself

:) Pajju is on his way.


- God Gives n Forgivs .. We Gets n Forgets -

Prostitution isn't the word I'd use if it's for free, I think gang bang is more appropriate (excuse my unladylike comment) :-)

*****If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all*****

How many politicians do we think are going to partake of this offer? Or is that a silly question?

/at/ FS: just because there are other types of recreation, doesn't make this less so. A "whore" still does it for money.

if you have tension ? no problem use


Where do I get a UN pass from??

are you not wondering why the UN choose to have meeting at denmark? and the issue that they will tackle is global warming, and then this prostitution is crying out loud? hmmm, is it coincidence?

what will the lady UN representative do there then, if there is any?


how about we both go and join the UN conf.

/at/ FS and Olive: You're both right, but you need to agree whether you're talking about the people or the act they're performing. Yes, they're still prostitutes, but the act, when free, is not exactly prostitution.

Having said that, I'm soooo proud of my country right about now... :-/

If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough...

Sounds like a great idea.. Blue berets and pink thongs. We'll be the belles of the ball..

not a another freebee for the delegates.. some are really luck to work for all paid up expenses !!!

Jervis: True, I guess. I just sometimes am so disgraced at how ignorant my country men (women in this case) are. They live in this cocoon, where they think that they can do what they want and nobody in the world will ever hear about. They don't get that in this globalized world, you still represent your country on a world wide stage, even if you never the leave the borders of that country. I'm sure I don't need to bring up the obvious example of this from Denmark....

Brit: May I suggest changing the Blue beret with the big black fur hat they use in Tivoli Gardens? Just to blend in better.... ;-)

If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough...

no issues about men as prostitutes there? :)

...listen to the sound of silence....

Marie_2: It used to be - in the shopping malls. But, from my understanding, men are not prostitutes, they're gigolo's. Just like a man isn't a whore, he's a "player". Same same, but different.

If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough...

Cargodog: a player doesn't do it for money. A prostitute (gigolo, if you feel the need to use this word) does it for money. That is the difference.

..."used to be in the shopping malls" so where does 1 find a player or a gigolo nowadays? ")

...listen to the sound of silence....

that's a shame...what if there were women delegates going to Denmark:)

methinks "players" can be found everywhere too(big percentage)

...listen to the sound of silence....

LOL, I remember walking through the red light district in Amsterdam, the women sit in the window waving you in. I nearly ran all the way back to my hotel when a hoochie mama wanted me to join her. They're obviously not fussed there, men, women, animals...

*****If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all*****

Khawaga: Please re-read my post. I never said a player does it for money. I was merely stating the difference in the ways we look at men and women that are essentially doing the same thing.

Marie_2: I don't know where to find the Gigolo's in Denmark anymore. I'm just what used to be practiced in Copenhagen. But that was back in the 80's. Nowadays I imagine you can find what you need on the www.

If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough...

Cargodog: You are correct. I read that too fast and felt the need to correct you. I apologize.

Not really sure why I felt the need to make that distinction anyway... I'm having an off day and this one really threw me for a loop!

T'is the season for giving after all.

Jervis, and men who THINK they are players are an even BIGGER percentage. :o)

agree @ khawaga

-=The desire to do what you shouldn'T is the very desire that defines Humanity=-



- A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)

@ jervis .. they're hilarious and disgusting at the same time :P


back to the topic.. do these women seriously think the delegates will accept the offer? (on the second thought.....)

-=The desire to do what you shouldn'T is the very desire that defines Humanity=-

"make an ass of themselves" and they call themselves a player. haha. (hey, isnt this hi-jacking? lol)


sorry rockdude! jervis is to blame! haha

-=The desire to do what you shouldn'T is the very desire that defines Humanity=-

If you're a millionaire you can have/afford the prostitute that goes with you...(la creme de la creme)

if you were rich , you'll find the type that goes for you (escorts good quality)...if you were medium , you'll go and find the one that goes for you (great bodies , medium face), if you were poor , you could also find the one for you (medium face and body), if you were very poor , you'll find girls in copenhagen cause they'll do it for free!!!(ugly, fat and full of diseases plus they smell!!!)

so now guys , do you still want to join the UN climate summit?!?!?!


I'm Jack's complete lack of surprise

couldn't stop myself from writing after reading all the comments here... some talked about prostitutes and some proclaimed calling the girl honey who offers sex.. where in someone was regretting that all his one night stand was with prostitutes.. Someone said prostitutes should be banned.. may be because of these prostitutes in some country women can walk on road fearing NO RAPE.

Did anyone notice the topic.. it says "Prostitutes of a Danish sex workers association will offer their services for free"

In respect to ladies over here... don't take it to your heart, in some country its legal and accepted the case of paid sex.. than like in some where women are forced to go for it.. no discussion can change it.

Jervis, you are really "broad minded". You are always think of broads "either free or not"!

Why not. Free sex is hard to come by these days, minus the virus please.

Sir Dolly: Sounds like you have experience from Copenhagen?? ;-) In actual fact, most of the prostitutes in Copenhagen are not even danish (not that it makes it any better), but get your facts straight. Most of them are east European or Asian, and they're not your typical.... How did you describe it ?? Oh yeah, "ugly, fat and full of diseases plus they smell!!!"

Anthoworx: Excellent point. These girls are an outlet for some people, who might otherwise have forced their way to sex.

If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough...


what a global warming discussion

...listen to the sound of silence....

Got my UN pass, you can discuss it here, I am going to experience it first hand.. Finally being a member of the green campaign seems like a wise decision :)

it is not a big deal....



Derek Edward Trotter

KellyHeroes.. Well spotted. Will cause further Global Warming! Well As Denmark is cold as this time of year, any cuddle to keep warm is welcome.



Derek Edward Trotter

Jervis, just for the sake of awareness, how would you know that men are "bumblers"? well, you spent time watching them(as you said)...and im learning words from you :)

...listen to the sound of silence....

I think that source of Global Warming is classified as "Green Energy" or "Renewable Energy"


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