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hi ... what to say about qatar international airport....
the worst customer service i have ever come through.. n the staff at check in counter was such a horrible person...they make the staff wait for atleast 2 hours before the departure time, but just before 15mins to departure the staff at the counter will turn up saying that the staff to travel came late to the airport.... he was a A.. >>>. n the airport ohh my god the electricity went off for more than 10 mins twice... as it was time to departure for the flight..


I think they are great. You're kidding yourself.

the airport is to small well the airline is intrested only in making profit they dont care abt staff .profit is the name of the game

it would be a different case i have a friend in eithad who tells me that they treat their employees very nicely.well sorry to say in the case off qatar airways they threat their employees like shit anyway the company also is not very good heard a lot of nasty things abt it.

Baby, you mean that QR doesn't treat non-revenue staff travelers the same as full-fare paying, revenue-generating passengers? Welcome to the airline world, babygirl!


yes i agree with u even the airports worst but the qatar airways services great...specially stewrdess they all awesome...

I have a question... were you speaking in English to the airport staff? If so, no wonder you got screwed around. I've tried reading your post over and over, and I cannot work out what the hell you are trying to say.

Try finding a site that will let you post in your mother tongue. Perhaps then people will be able to understand your writing, because clearly English isn't something you are very fluent in.

Baby222 clearly from your post , it looks like you are not actually a Qatar Airways staff hence you do not realise why Full paying passengers are more important than staff travelling, If it wasnt for the company taking care of things like these it would be going bankrupt or downsizing its staff like what most other airlines are doing with the recent financial crunch.

what do they need revenue for every body knows the money to fund them comes from oil and gas so why do they need t6o depend on revenue they are semi goverment

All of your posts are negative about Qatar, why? You're kidding yourself.

fubar your not reading between the lines..u dont have the right to judge the opinion of others...i see ...ur only at the cover of your color..


I must be really drunk, because I can't make any sense of that?

All I'm saying is that someone appears to be complaining about something, and I pointed out that perhaps this could be due to his/her language skills.

Is there anyone who can actually tell me what this post is about?


From the point of my view QA are giving the best services as much as they can, so far I haven't had any bad experience from them.

unfortunately Baby222 had a bad experience and she shared in the forum it doesn't mean Fubar you just hurt them through your words. QL can be used by anybody it doesn't mean you should only know english, as far as you understand what is the question or topic.

just help others with your point of view."No body is perfect"

Baby222 just try once again with QA, I am sure you will get some good feedback next time.

Have a gud evening,,

"Winners never quit, quiter's never win"

My understanding is that baby was complaining as a Qatar Airways employee about the treatment she got from the airport staff when she recently traveled as a space-available, non-revenue passenger (of course I could be wrong, that's only my rough translation.) As an airline employee she would have been told that her travel was a privilege and that all other passengers had priority over her in terms of boarding and services. Baby, if this is the case, please be careful. If you are a QR employee, do NOT complain publicly about your job or your airline. That is expressly against airline policy and you could find yourself on a one-way flight very soon!


i heard that even FA-flight attendant,they are BIg bitch!

I am agree with all of you & that is my personal experience in the Qatar Airways because I am the ex employee of the Qatar Airways.That is worst airline the the earth, Unprofessional management and worst policies, no benefits and just the playing with employees as a free ticket. I was joined the Qatar Airways on March 2010 and left the company Dec 2010.

Thanks all of you to have good remarks about cheep labor company.



hey faheemi07  i cant understand that how can u left your job so soon, b'cause in qatar airways u need to sign a 3yr open ended contract, than how can u resign in just 10months???

i have rasllly bad experience in qatar airways check in counter in NAIa A airport, when i visited my girlfriend their... when im about to leave all b=my baggase the QR Staff is asking me for money down under the table.. so i gave him 100$ bcoz i have no bills, and i have an excess of babggage to make the long story short, i just gave him the money for me to board sop easy... please QR mangement please orient your QR staff to stop this mess under the table payment.

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