The Qatar Living Survey
By Norrie • 4 years 1 week ago.

Ive just visited this site for the first time in quite a few months, and saw the pop up window requesting me to take part in a survey. I generally have no problems with surveys. However, I have to seriously question the need for anyone to ask my income, how many credit cards I have, the credit limit on those cards and if its a master card visa etc.

I quit the survey about three quarters the way through, half expecting my credit cards to have been maxed out. Have you not heard of identity theft? what possible relevance do those questions have to the users of this site? How exactly will that information enable you to provide a better website?!?

I found the questions far too financially specific to be of any relevance to an expatriate website. Just what data do you hope to get from this? Well it won't be my financial details thanks!

so thanks QL, I feel the need to have a long shower.......and not return here for another few months.

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By stealth• 4 years 1 week ago.

lesson - never participate in surveys

By Chairboy• 4 years 1 week ago.

Yeah, I binned the survey at more or less the same point for more or less the same reason - totally fatuous exercise in my opinion!!

By Ingesu• 4 years 1 week ago.

I had no trouble answering EVERYTHING ...hahahahaha

By kyledreyzeus• 4 years 1 week ago.

Does the survey pop up really comes here with qatar living? its a survey of financial capacity of an individual.

By Prism• 4 years 1 week ago.

Wouldnt the knowledge of financial worth of an individual be a cause of problems to him?

By britexpat• 4 years 1 week ago.

QL can sell your data to a partner and upgrade the infrastructure, thus aking QL even better :0)

By anonymous• 4 years 1 week ago.

Who the hell cares abt pckinn QL survey

By anonymous• 4 years 1 week ago.

You can always lie!

By Arien• 4 years 1 week ago.

Hit!!!! "No Thanks" n forgget it!!!

By drsam• 4 years 1 week ago.

it's not related only to QL

the window "here at XT,are doing a survey" window

appears also for other web site: like Goalzz, ... just changing the name from QL to Goalzz

same questions.

By bilber• 4 years 1 week ago.

i ignored thanks!!

By Captain_Lost• 4 years 1 week ago.

I just answered all those questions "rudely" .. and that window never popped up again :P

By smoke• 4 years 1 week ago.

Great going Captain show that survey who is the a BOSS!

By Captain_Lost• 4 years 1 week ago.

ROFLMAO .. Smoke !!!

By blisteringbarnacles2007• 4 years 1 week ago.

Its trying to estimate the financial background... of the folks who log in...

But what the survey might get... is a lot of fake data the user feeds in... after all... their identity is hidden.

I expect most of that data to be junk...

By damselindistress• 4 years 1 week ago.

I always just hit "no thanks" on surveys, just being cautious., who knows? it might be some form of phishing.

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