Qatar National Day

Just wanted to confirm Qatar's National Day.
Is it 18th of December?


yes, it is 18th Dec.

Yes its 18th December.(Before it was September 3)



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It surely is 18th Dec but plz can someone tell me how can national day of any country change ever ??

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National Day has not changed !!! 3rd September was independence day....!!!! although dont know, why independence day become less important..

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Only Qatar ... Its National Day is Change.. I haven't found so far for the Country which national Day was change... lol..

Actually National Day is a creation, not a change.


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i am just new here in qatar. is it holiday on December 18? no work in qatar? thanks in advance

Day 18 December is the actual day of founding the State of Qatar and on September 3 is on independence Day which qatar was free from from British colonialism .

For those who say that Qatar has not changed ,then I must say you are new to the country ,have you ever been to alwasil before 5 years??did you see the diplomatic area before 5 years???

If not go and have a look my friend!

December 18 is closer to Christmas. If the schools are already going to close for a day, then they are more likely to close for the following week.

It ties the local school holidays more closely to the international school holidays.

18th December 1878 is the date when "Shaikh Jassim, the founder of the State of Qatar, succeeded his father, Shaikh Muhammad Bin Thani, as the ruler and led the country toward unity."

you've been at the Qatari Kool Aid again, no?

Just telling you the significance of the date. I couldn't give a toss what days they have as holiday!

Is alcohol allowed to be sold at restaurants on National Day? I am organising a work Christmas party this weekend and it would help with the planning...

why why

why almutanabbi stationery didn't give holiday on december 17, 2009...still dey have work and no overtime...and he don't care about da declaration...


Just wanna know where is the buses to go to corniche thanks

Qatar was never a British colony so I'm not sure what your angle is here. 3 September was the day Qatar was "free" of British protection and global representation so quite frankly it's something the British should be celebrating, not you! Maybe read up about who wanted Qatari so-called "independence" more.

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