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Qatar and Deutsche Bahn ‘in $25bn deal’
German rail operator Deutsche Bahn is set to sign a $25bn contract with Qatar tomorrow

Qatar is set to award a $25bn contract to German rail and logistics group Deutsche Bahn tomorrow to build and operate a passenger and freight rail network in the country.
A source said the deal would see the launch of the Qatar Railway Development Company, a joint corporation in which Qatar Railways is expected to hold 51% and Deutsche Bahn 49%.
German Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer yesterday said in Berlin that he would travel to Doha together with Deutsche Bahn chief executive Ruediger Grube to sign the deal.
Earlier, he told a meeting of transport ministers in Heidelberg that the deal included building a rail connection to the New Doha International Airport (NDIA), which is being built to the east of existing one.
German newspaper Handelsblatt also reported in its online edition yesterday that Deutsche Bahn had won a 17bn euro contract to build the proposed rail network in Qatar.
Handelsblatt, citing government sources, said German industrial group Siemens could be involved in supplying trains and the German building industry in the construction of the rail network.
The project would involve the construction of a rail network in Doha as well as a high-speed connection to the airport and a link to Bahrain through the causeway, construction work on which is expected to start early next year.
Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Deutsche Bahn in August last year to prepare the ground work for developing “a comprehensive and consolidated” national railway system.
The ambitious project consists of an east coast rail link, a passenger and freight line linking Ras Laffan and Mesaieed via Doha, a high-speed link between the NDIA, Doha city centre and Bahrain through the causeway, a freight rail link based on GCC rail and Doha Expressway studies, a Doha Metro network based on the Qatar Transport Master Plan and light rail/people mover networks linking Lusail, Education City and the West Bay.
The Qatar railway will form part of the GCC network, which is expected to be ultimately connected to Turkey, providing a rail link between the Middle East and Europe. All the GCC countries are currently carrying out feasibility studies on the proposed rail network linking the member states.
In Qatar, work is expected to begin first on the Doha Metro Network, which will be developed as one cluster. Qatar’s Urban Planning and Development Authority is overseeing the work.
According to a source, the kind of metro Qatar is looking at is “mostly underground which takes time to build”.
The first section runs 30km from the under-construction Lusail mega-project to the New Doha International Airport. Four further sections, originally set to break ground between 2010 and 2012, run a total of 55km.
The New Doha International Airport Steering Committee has invited companies to pre-qualify for a contract to build a train station at the airport.
UK-based Mace International is the project manager for the scheme, known as the Passenger Rail Station Box. The project involves building a railway station terminal for an express airport rail line that will connect to rail and metro stations in downtown Doha and other rail networks.


Is it only "signing" what they have been doing since March 2009?

They were supposed to break ground in 2010 remember

Here is my link:

True Jacko.. as ususal , things doesnt move as fast as Land cruisers here ;)

25 billion USD deal.. may be they gave it a good thought again.


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what would be the use of its internal network... i mean there aren't much places to travel out... except doha...

How do the people move out and about the stations during the hot summer months ??

They don't care, Ice Maiden. It's the people's problem.

I have seen the dummy of this railway.. Its simply awesome!!


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It's gonna be a challenge for the steel works with the heat in Qatar.

If we look around the construction works in Qatar, most of the contracting companies do not comply with construction safety standards or industry best practices putting many lives at peril...I can imagine the rail works under extreme conditions...It requires extensive effort to accomplish this massive task.

Once the works starts , its gona be a mess for how long god knows!!!!


- God Gives n Forgivs .. We Gets n Forgets -

and how long before Qatar sacks the main contractor!!!

This is good news.


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another solution for traffic?

Well, its gonna be really hot in summer & the people will not enjoy being "shwarma-ed". :))

Some kind of public transport will be good, atleast it will reduce the traffic congestion. But please let it be something feasible, not some "dreamy" project for the sake of "showing off".

Ice Maiden do you think all the towers in westbay or the pearl are needed.. It's always been about showing off.

Dubai started it and now it's the turn of the others..

Its sad to see all this money go down the drain when it could be put to better use, you know build something more "beautiful" rather than "eye sores".

Besides I am just fed up of this traffic, my back is literally broken, and my feet hurt, from alternately stamping on brake/accelerator.

Please just give me a solution that works. Will gladly use the railways if it something similar to those long train rides back home. :))

What a nice plan for the future of Doha.








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Ice Maiden I don't think this railways project will be finished for next 20 years so you have to manage till then only ;)

Check out NDIA site. The ultimate development of the airport will be complete in 2050. Since this project is starting after NDIA, you can take 2060 as the date for completion of Railways.

I might be 6 feet under by 2060, but I guess I can always "come back".

Will have to check with Dracula about the "procedures" tho. :)

Let me know as well when he tells you, even I will not make it that far ;)

They have chosen the right company. I have experienced German Bahn System.. They are awesome... Their rail and public transport system is best in the world.

I hope they will build here more sophisticated than their network as they must learned somethings new from their experiences.......

They will make more money here that's for sure...

OO Yeah, u r right. After all they have to renovate their network as well :p

I think they will experiment all their under-researched tasks here and implement in Germany from that experience... :p

I remember taking a train journey in Germany - an announcement came over the tannoy apologising for a 45 second delay! Amazing! Good luck to them here in Doha.

Well I was wondering how they intended to connect the GCC through Saudi, but if the ultimate finish date for Qatar alone is 2060, well...Saudi won't be Saudi then.

Olive it's not the official completion date, Just an educated guess.

LOL. Still. I think unless they intend to start linking the GCC around that time they're going to have a bit of difficulty with Saudi.

are yet to be completed.....they will dug it again :(

A long journey

For 2012......hope to see a better Qatar, well structured by 2022 with new airport and metros....linked to all GCC countries with common currency....Nice dream?

All the best Gulfer :)

Just give them untill 2016 and you will see Qatar connected to Dubai, Bahrain, KSA, Syria, Lenanon, Turky and europ!

u will see all of that in ur wildest dreams!


I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"

It says 16 yrs to complete the whole network ..and this contract saved German Ecomony...

The contract has signed yesterday eve..


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Good for Qatar..



Derek Edward Trotter

we will do our best .. allready paper work started :)

Hope they will not knock down all these buildings to make way for the railway

Owners are here!! :P


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but if we r not there .. how can u ?

If you are not there, we ll hire some one.. not a big deal!

But if we are not there, who will give you 25 billion USD? ;P


I don't want a Signature line to prove that I'm great !!

excusme . who will give you 25 billion USD dint get u .. and we never took money from another ministry ..:P

whoah... another reason asian expats and laborer will stay for a while. another reason to prolong the pathetic "family days". orayt!!!

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