QF’s Fan Zone offers live match experience

The local community is once again invited to attend the Qatar Foundation – FC Barcelona (FCB) Fan Zone on Wednesday, 10 April, when FCB take on Paris St-Germain in the second leg of their delicately poised Champions League quarter-final tie.
Qatar Foundation’s partnership with FCB is dedicated to encouraging young people to achieve their potential through the pursuit of excellence. And, on Wednesday evening, Fan Zone visitors will be able to demonstrate that passion drives us all by participating in a selection of sports-themed competitions before settling down to watch the big match.
Last Tuesday, in an atmosphere of high excitement, hundreds of supporters attended the Fan Zone to watch an absorbing first leg contest between the two European giants, which ended 2-2. And, as a result of correctly guessing the time of the first strike in the match, a ‘golden goal’ winner will be in Barcelona to watch the game live on Wednesday, courtesy of Qatar Foundation.
This time round, Fan Zone attendees will once again have the opportunity to enter a ‘golden goal’ competition for the chance to win a fabulous trip to Camp Nou to watch FCB live in action later in the season.
The Qatar Foundation – FC Barcelona Fan Zone is located at the football pitch outside Qatar Foundation’s Recreation Centre. The event kicks off at 8pm, with visitors encouraged to arrive as early as possible.



What a silly first comment for a serious post.

Take ur own beer? I always take my booze with me everywhere in discreet containers whereever I go, football or tennis or movies or anywhere..

Berry cocktail or anything which looks nearly the same color of red wine, Just empty out the contents and you will be gurgling down lovely red wine out of a harmless fruit juice bottle..

Well if you were wanting a "live match experience" in the venue where the match is being played, you could visit:

The Estrella Damm Beer Hall

This relaxing space is designed to captivate the visitor. It is a beer hall serving snacks and beer – a spectacular space of 190square metres with a 480 square metre terrace. Its innovative commitment to modernise the traditional beer hall in line with local and international tastes takes full advantage of the gastronomic culture of our country.

The beer hall serves breakfasts, aperitifs, snacks, tapas and suppers. The speciality of the house is a beer and a tapa, although they also serve delicious tiny sandwiches, Iberian ham, cheeses, top quality patés, hamburgers, frankfurter sausages, grilled sandwiches and fresh salads with products direct from the market.

Somehow I think they don't mean their experience will be the same as being there watching it live at Camp Nou, they mean, umm, watching it live on TV. Because that's totally the same thing.

I wonder where the beer hall will be installed at Khalifa Stadium for 2022?

FIFA likes people to like beer when watching football.

It's a condition that has been forced on every host city that I can think of.

Brazil tried to ban the sale of beer in their stadiums, but FIFA wouldn't hear of it. Beer will be sold in all competition venues whether the Brazilians like it or not.

Are people going to stadiums to watch a match or drink beers ?

Dont we have bars for tat ?

Beer and sports are two totally conflicting worlds.

One promotes healthy habits; the other promotes not so healthy habits.

so healthy brains can think which one to choose -right ? :)

Let's let the FIFA Secretary General answer that question:

'Alcoholic drinks are part of the FIFA World Cup, so we're going to have them. Excuse me if I sound a bit arrogant but that's something we won't negotiate,' Mr Valcke said.

'The fact that we have the right to sell beer has to be a part of the Law,' he said in Rio de Janeiro, where on today he will hold a meeting with the World Cup local organising committee.

Qatar Foundation is an education and community institute, beer isn't.

Yet Qatar Foundation sponsors, indirectly, the operations of the beer tent at Barcelona's stadium.

fubar : But the question is why should alcohol be part of sporting events?

Unfortunately that business has very unfortunate consequences.

First, there’s the puking and the swearing being mostly loud and gross, then you have the fighting and drunk driving, they both stick out as much more potentially disastrous!

I don't genuinely believe that the world cup is a "sporting event".

It's a money making venture designed at selling broadcast rights and beer and branded merchandise.

The sport is of less importance than the commerce.

Thelonius: an absent mind is a dangerous mind

True, you are not participating in the sport, hence watch all the football you want, and drink along all the beer you can, at your house and according to the conditions of the license.

If everybody stays at home, who will drink the sweet tea and eat all the sunflower seeds?

Thelonius : how about, Alcohol consumption in sports is banned, and then everybody can go watch the games, without the fear for themselves, or their families being harmed?

no it will not, they will head towards the bar and hence the business will remain as it is !

Its just the thought only.

Beer is essential for sports is a false theory, few still believe it, and only when they are drunk.

In 2003, Brazil banned the sale of beer in their stadiums to combat football violence between rival fans.

So they just expected that this legal, government imposed ban, would be in place for the 2014 World Cup.

FIFA didn't agree. Beer "must" be sold.

So don't blame fans for wanting beer - it's FIFA that is FORCING the host nation to sell it, even though it's against their current laws.

OK beers shall be served, (Non Alcoholic) Happy ?

Now go home....lols

FIFA may impose selling the beer to fans. However, one security mishap renders the local security authority to take control and decision making.


One thing does not relate to the other. Doping in sports is a criminal act, punishable by law.

Alcohol consumption/sponsorship in sports, is selling sickness and death in what’s supposed to be a celebration of health and physical strength.

Besides, if Cigarette advertising and sponsorship has been effectively banned from all sports, then it’s only logical that alcohol should be the next thing to ban from sports.

Unfortunately, the beer enthusiasts in this thread are not fanatics enough to initiate counter response. I like to see serious arguments, perhaps we would have another alcohol ban, its been too long since Pearl ban.

People with opposing views are reading these words, no doubt. Hence I need serious beer-fanatics, to make few decisions necessary.

Well I don’t know about the “All sportsmen are cheats”, part.

However, from what I know following news of Athletes who dope/caught doping is that, they are usually stripped off their awards/medals, and they are declined from any future sports event participation.

so what's your favorite Beer?!

For me it’s gotta be, Oskar Blues Ten Fidy, genius or any other dark, heavy and flavorful brew.

I envy the bladder control of people who drink a lot of beer at sports events, and manage not to miss everything by needing to use the bathroom over and over again.

Sudden diversion and ending of this thread?? why ?

Talk people about beer and alcohol, talk, talk now, or shut up for ever.

Really? are you proposing that QF security should utilize breath testers? or perhaps ban outside drinks and foods?

GREAT, anymore ideas?

Read my suggestion again. I said QF security, not road police, since a hint was made that people pour alcohol in juice bottles and go to such events. Let's do it one place at a time, that would be most efficient.

"bar staff can refuse to serve them anymore"

Odd and convoluted logic.

If you provide it, you will only increase the count of drunk drivers and security violations, and crimes.

In most civilized countries it is a breach of your liquor license to provide alcohol to people who are already deemed to be too drunk.

However in Qatar the idea of saying "no" to a customer is taking a while to catch on. I can't see such a law being enforceable here - "don't you know who I am" or "I will deport you" will probably trump "I'm sorry sir you've had too much already".

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