Share your Qtel Broadbad speed and let's us know. Today i have run a speed test on www.speedtest.net and the result was interesting



i'm getting 8.17Mbps, and sometimes it goes upto 9Mbps. Do you guys getting the same speed?

i am alos getting 8.17Mbps.. arent we supposed to have 54Mbps?? coz ive seen the thomson gateway setup and it says speed : 54Mbps??

hi its better to check with qtel speed test tool ''www.speedtest.qa''.Also ensure that Java is available in your PC/Laptop/tablet before u begin the test. regards,

HI there. I'm paying for a 4mb line but speedtest.qa only gives 1mb.[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1389:]]

check your  router is capable for  4 MB data upload and  dowmload

54 Mbps represents a theoretical maximum only.

my download speed is 1Mb and uplaod speed is 0.15Mbps. what is the maximum speed of qtel then??

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1.83 mbs download,and 0.02 upload

i already complained to qtel about it coz it is so slow and sometimes our router keeps on restarting each time we use the wifi simultaneosly..

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