Qtel enters the Guiness World Records

Qtel, the countries leading telecommunications supplier, is listed in the new edition of the Guinness World Records, after a charity auction, which saw the sale of the world’s most expensive mobile phone number.

The sale of the number raised QAR 10 million (US$ 2.75 million) at the event.

Although the auction took place over a year ago, the unbroken record will appear in the 2009 edition of the Guinness World Records book, published worldwide on 17th September 2008.

“Qtel has a long track record of innovative campaigns for the local community and we are very proud to have the mobile number auction commemorated in this way,” said Adel Al Mutawa, Executive Director of Group Communications, Qtel.

The previous record price for a phone number was made in China, where 8888-8888 sold for QAR 1.75 million (US$ 480,000).

First published in 1955, the annual Guinness World Records book is published in more than 100 countries and 25 languages and sells more than three million copies annually around the world. The book famously contains an internationally-recognized collection of world records, including human achievements and extremes of the natural world.


The number was 6666666 if you're interested. The Gulf Times didn't deem this an important enough fact to print!

I thought they got in for having the most pathetic upload speed. :S

Ha, how about the most extraordinate rates in the world?

nice 1 janeyjaney qtels upload speed sucks..

with u aamer...

both upload and download suX..

anyway who bought the number..i olready hv given a miscol on that :D

as i heared from my qatari colleagues, the buyer of that most expensive mobile number is an ordinary businessman, meaning he is not a SHIEK...WOW!!! lots of money...what about most expensive car plate number???


bah, the money went to charity. Don't hate the player hate the game. They did a good thing regardless of their service.


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar


it was for charity ...

i guess he was a kool dude ..

10mil went to a charity of his liking .. nothing wrong in doing a little good from time to time eh ..

Wow lots of money!

wow for once in their life, QTEL is doing something charitable instead of sucking people's blood off..impressive

Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back.

"Qtel, the countries leading telecommunications supplier"

Ha ha ha. It's easy to be "leading" when one is the only one!! Ha ha ha.

dont hate on qtel, they have the best rates and also the fastest service and the most friendly support staff, in the whole of qatar....thats no easy feat, and with an added bonus, they now have the best working hours between all the phone companies here in qatar...they truly are the leading phone company in the country, choosing them is defiantly a no brainer..when i first came here, i did a thorough research on all the providers and their packages, and found qtel probably the best for my needs....

Abu, it is pretty easy to have the best rates and service and working hours among providers when they are the only one.... Your research musn't have taken you long.

Abuimad.. nice one. I like your sarcasm!

Duh, lack of coffee and fasting makes one stupid. Granted I must say things on QL have been a bit intense lately, no one seems to be able to joke anymore, me included.

Hate I have become so cynical and defensive.

did anyone tried to call the number.. let's all call him!

a plate number was sold in Abu Dhabi months ago for 52+ million Dirham , means 14$ million, the plate was number (1) and for charity as well, CRAZY



Q-tell is GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY ..

end of discussion

now am so confused, check this youtube video

it was posted in 2006 the same number sold for the same amount, why just now it s announced, or maybe they resell it, what is going of



this was sold longgggg back ..

this dude just posted it now ..

The Gulf Times and The Peninsula are reporting it now because it's about to go into the Guinness Book of World Records;

"Although the auction took place over a year ago, the unbroken record will appear in the 2009 edition of the Guinness World Records book, published worldwide on 17th September 2008."

Other than the present one, Qtel can enter the WGB for the most looted amount from Public while playing monopoly... LLOOOLL


"Before God we are all equally wise ' and equally foolish" - Albert Einstein







check with al najada brnch wolds worst service

Congratulations to QTEL!

I think... they must have bribed..... I don't see much quality and innovation in their product/service.... just another monopoly push...

let's congratulate them.

So congrat's again to QTEL

Of course they can create their own record.. buying and selling by Qataris .. their own people. But main thing is that hope that money will be used for good cause...

qatar was there for the worlds crappiest service oh and the actual download speeds are poor.

but i suppose they do give for charity so one thing.

but they still suck. I want at least 4 megs connection speed for xbox live before i will begin to say nice things.

10 million bucks for a fone number?that guy sure need professional help! :-o

Keep smiling!


Hahahaha.... of course they can do it... The world 5th richest country can sell and buy numbers between their own citizens-that is not a great deal. Can they donate that much money to some poor country to create another Guiness Record... I don't think so. Such record has no meaning when millions of labour working in Qatar for QR 600 per month.

This is the second time qatar has made an appearance in the Guiness World Records.. The first being the most number of males in a country with the ratio of 6-1(female). And this aint a joke. Check it out urself. lol. Im sure some peeps know about it.

it soars high above 10M

no there are more records for qatar....

Dohabank made the largest ball in qatar(handmade)

the most selling of chicken in 1 day for KFC

Im the one and only

Who ever owns the number, must be hallucinating about the 'Anti-Christ' direct line.

I rather dial 7777777, it puts me through with God, seven days a week.

actually the football was made to order in Pakistan. Qatar(Inspire)just paid for it.

"Deaths in the Bible. God - 2,270,365

not including the victims of Noah's flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, or the

many plagues, famines, fiery serpents, etc because no specific numbers

were given. Satan - 10."

For Looting the largest number of people worldwide?

"Everything in this book may be wrong." Illusions: The Adventures of The Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

Ok I must admit that this is shoking.2.5 million dollar phone number?What doest it do ? Talk by it self?I guess there are many people on this planet who have so much money and don't think too much.Toll Free Numbers

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