Qtel's newest promo "PLEASE CALL ME BACK"

This is the newest promo by qtel where you can send a massage to somebody even if you dont have credits.


to someone over the phone?   That's quite the talent!

Soundz gud! 

it's been there for days now

if you dont have credit on your mobile and you want to send a massage to someone whom you want to call you back then there is an answer for that from qtel as their new promo ever!

"send a massage to somebody". Teach me how to send a MASSAGE to somebody :)

when u know that do tell me too charan


*103*mobile num#

Thts all.. 


Have A Great Day.....

you might want to learn to spell.  Its MESSAGE you are talking about (at least I hope it is)  Maybe this is the reason no one replies to your texts.

even with credit you can still use the service...i tried it! 

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did u land on earth today???, this promotion has been on for the last 3 months and people did mention it on QL before... ur just spamming the forum.



No human can stop racism and its easier to make a deaf hear u than an ignorant.

on your mobile screen, just type the following format: *103*recepient mobile number# then press call...a message will appear on your screen as: Please call me back is sent to 681_ _ _ _




well this is not the latest news..

the latest news is u can set up a song in place of ringing

yeah exactly i agree wid u fahood !!



dis aint the latest news.......infact this call me back message service is been in Qatar,,,,since more than 1month.......



and the latest  service is CALLER TONE


 I received this info long time ago.... and tried it as well.....



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Qtel launches free ‘call me back’ service

By shaheen on Mon, 28/01/2008 - 2:18pm


Gulf Times is reporting that Q-Tel has launched a call me back service.

To use this service just dial *103* followed by mobile number. The

other person will receive a free message asking them to call you back.

Qtel has launched the “Call me back” service which allows pre-paid

(Hala) customers to send a “Call me back” text regardless of their

calling credit.

Qtel chief operating officer, Sheikh Fahad bin Jassim al-Thani said:

“The service is free and simple to use. It applies to all Hala

customers, regardless of their balance or account status, even within

the grace period for service extension. Up to three such text messages

can be sent a day from any Hala account.”

He said: “Qtel is deeply committed to ensuring our customers are

able to maintain communication, regardless of the funds available. The

introduction of ‘Call me back’ service has again demonstrated that Qtel

understands its customers’ needs.”

To use the service, one must dial *103* followed by the mobile

number of the person and # key . Qtel will then send an SMS asking

“Please call me back” in English and Arabic to that number free of






No human can stop racism and its easier to make a deaf hear u than an ignorant.

this is amazing news..i dindt know that you can do something like this :)

yeah it has been there for ages!!, actually i believe by now, they already have COLLECT CALL which is Phase 2 of that project.


"Massage" for somebody over the phone huh? now thats techie!... hahahaha 


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Thanks for the info....didnt know service existed hmmmmm.



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