Ramadan Opening Times

Ramadan Kareem

This is a thread so you can add and check all the opening times for Ramadan. Please add any opening times you know as sometimes when you call no-one answers or they don't speak english.

Dasman Centre 9am - 3am straight thru

anyone know for any of the malls?
or take away food places during the day?

Also if a Ramadan sale starts in a shop could you please inform too?


What about Home Centre?? does anyone have an idea about its timings?

Doha Golf Club : http://www.dohagolfclub.com/

Ramadan Timing : Rest : 1200H-1430H then 0700H-2200H

Bar : 1800H-2200H but no liquor ;-)

But until (and if) I go shopping today that's about all the info I can add to this thread, oryx! May get hub to pop into LuLu on his way home, if I do I will ask him to check opening hours.

Hope others will add as we go along ...

Just got the following e-mail from my husband, shortly after I bit his head off over the phone cos I didn't have enough hands to write the times down when he was telling me :D Note the rather Scottish approach !!! LMAO @ 'grippit'

Oh grippit 'n shirty one !

Sat - Thurs

8.30 - 4.30 then 6.30 - 1am


8.30 - 10.30

12.30 - 4.30

6.30 - Midnite


Carrefour (Villagio & City Center ),9am – Midnight(Sat – Thurs),Friday 9am – 11:30am then 12:30pm – midnight

Mega Mart (Landmark & The Centre), 8:30am – 1am (Sat – Thurs), Friday 8am – 1130am then 12:30pm – 12am

Q- Mart (The Mall),9am – 1am (Sat – Thurs), Friday 9am – 11:30am then 12:30pm - 1am

LuLu Hypermarket, 9am – 1am (Sat – Thurs), Friday 9am – 11:30am then 12:30pm – 1am

Giant Stores ( Hyatt Plaza)8am – 2pm, 7pm – 1am for Sat – Thurs

Friday 9am – 11:30am then 1pm – 1am

Family Food Centre (Airport Road, Al Rayyan ) 8:30am – 4pm, 6:30pm – 1am (Sat – Thurs)

Friday 8am – 10:30am then 12:30pm – 4:30pm then 6:30pm – 12am

The following Hotels /Clubs will be serving BF & Lunch during Ramadan

Name Restaurant open during Ramadan

Ramada Hotel Hyde Park Coffee Shop : (BF & Lunch)

Ramada Plaza Bistro Bistro : (BF & Lunch) French Menu

Four Seasons Brasserie on the Beach: (BF & Lunch) Intl Buffet

Intercontinental Café Restaurant : Only BF

Za Moda (Lunch) Italian Menu a' la carte' only

Marriott Corniche Restaurant: (BF & Lunch) Intl Buffet

Ritz Carlton The Lagoon : (BF & Lunch) Intl Buffet

Sheraton Al Shaheen Roof Top : (BF & Lunch) Intl Buffet

Movenpick Seasons Restaurant : (BF & Lunch) Intl Buffet

Grand Regency Grand Gourmet: (BF & Lunch) Intl Buffet & a' la carte'

Diplomatic Club Pool Side : (BF & Lunch) a'la carte Sandwiches & Salads only

Al Sharq Village Al Liwan : ( BF & Lunch ) Set Menu Only

Ritz Carlton, The Lagoon 165 +17% tax 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Sheraton, Al Hubara 120 (net) 5:30pm – 8pm

Four Seasons, Brasserie on the Beach 135 + + 5:30pm – 8pm

Intercontinental, Café Restaurant 164 (net) 5:45pm – 8pm

Marriott, Ramadan Tent @ Al Fayrouz Ballroom 135 + 17% tax 5pm – 7:30pm

Ramada, Hyde Park Coffee Shop 105 + 17% tax 5pm – 7pm

Grand Regency, Grand Gourmet 89 (net) 5pm – 7:30pm

Movenpick ,Seasons 90 ++ 5pm – 7pm

Diplomatic Club, Al Safeer Banquet Hall 140 + 17% tax 5pm – 7pm

Al Sharq Village, Al Liwan 155 +17% tax 5:30pm – 8pm

You have SURE done your homework. Did a little bird tell me you aren't too keen on cooking? :P

Oh but now I see you have alse posted the opening times where to BUY food to cook hee hee

My printer is revving up as I type.

well done novi..:P should book mark this page..:)we should thank you a lot..

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You never cease to amaze me!

What about Home Centre?? does anyone have an idea about its timings?

---> based on the experience in the past ... the open on the timing like 10 am to 1pm, then open again something like 8pm to midnight or 1am.

wow...thanks novita....u sure do have a lot of info!!! :)

you are welcome Eternity :-)

Does anyone know when the souqs are open during Ramadan?

in anticipation of people asking about shopping hours during Ramadan.

I imagine this year's opening hours will be much the same as last year, yes?

Many thanks, again, to Novi for the info! and to Oryx for starting the thread.

For this year for Family Food Centre:

saturday - Thursday

8.30am - 5pm

7pm - 1 am


08.30am - 10.30am

12.30pm - 05.00pm

7pm - 12.00 midnight

I am thinking of, say, the Omani Souq and that area where they sells plants, fruit and veg.

I know I could drive by and look, but any indication of their opening times would be appreciated. I imagine the fruit 'n veg, in particular, would be open very early in the morning so may close early also.


can anyone tell me the main post office opening times



sorry after this, someone posted a new forum about it so it ok. Thanks

Isnt it wonderful what one can learn on QL!!!!! Yippeeee Gin Time!

wow Novi, you are great! I have got the information whcih i was looking for from your posts..

.. thanks Ms. Info! :)

Qatarisun, dont rely on this posts pls, this is from last year.

This year opening hours for FFC different from last year.

Novi - do you mean to tell me you still haven't been round to every mall, shop and supermarket in Doha and made a list of their opening times during Ramadan? What have you been doing all this time?

Come on, pull your finger out and give us what we want.

lol Tallg ... i am a semi retired QL'er at presents. :-)

I hope you get good pension from QL, I think you earned it.

Went down to Lulu Hyper

Friday opening hours are until 10.30am, then 12.30pm to 1am.

Still can't find Villagio hours anywhere without driving over

Thanks for all the info on opening hours, I just got back from my "vacation/holiday" in Houston and got caught up in Hurricane Ike, most of the stores are still closed due to lack of power etc, pretty miserable, not to mention that all my anticipated shopping never happened. Can't wait to hit the malls!

looks like novita does lots n lots of shopping.. shes knows every mall's timings.

all i know is the opening timings of my mess and somtimes i mess them up even :P

HSBC 8am to 1 pm Sunday to Thursday

HSBC Grand Hamad 7pm to 10pm

Friday & Saturday Close

Q-Posts 8 pm to 12 am

Friday Close

Hi can anyone please advise me what times the Souq opens during this month of Ramadan, not that it interests me to go shopping but of course the wife is interested. Thanks....

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