Ramadan rules and regulations for non-Muslims

During the 30 days of Ramadan, fasting Muslims around the world will observe strict rules, including abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking and engaging in sexual relations between sunrise and sunset.

Non-Muslims, too, will be expected to respect the local culture in many Islamic countries, and should be aware of certain rules and regulations…

There are strict fines in some Islamic countries, as well as possible jail time, for eating, drinking, smoking and even chewing gum in public – including in their own cars - during daylight hours. In the UAE, for instance, fines can range from AED2,000-2,500 and/or a one- or two-month jail sentence. Getting let off with a warning is a possibility, but not guaranteed. In Egypt, citizens and foreigners can be arrested for a misdemeanour offence if caught, while in Indonesia penalties can include flogging.

While non-Muslims are not expected to fast, showing courtesy and consideration for those who are fasting is expected.

During the day, non-Muslims can eat in designated areas, usually behind screens. Some hotels, shopping mall food courts and restaurants will remain open – but discreetly – so it is best to plan ahead by calling them to find out. Most outlets will deliver food during the day as well.

Similarly, most offices have designated areas where you can eat or drink. It is considered common courtesy not to do so in front of your fasting colleagues.

Learning a few Ramadan greetings can show your respect for the Islamic culture. In Arabic, it is customary to say "Ramadan Kareem" or "Ramadan Mubarak", which basically translates into "May you have a generous/ blessed Ramadan".

Do accept Iftar invitations from friends or colleagues, as this will provide you with a way of learning more about the customs and traditions of Ramadan.

Ramadan is a month for peace and piety, so abstain from swearing and using offensive language or gestures in public, as this is considered disrespectful.

Ramadan is also a time for giving and charity, so do your bit by donating to your favourite charity or volunteering.

Because fasting also includes abstaining from sexual contact, any public displays of affection are considered disrespectful, too.

Modest dress is advisable, so do cover up. Women should wear loose, long-sleeved tops and knee-length skirts or trousers, while men should wear long trousers.

Work hours for most banks, offices and government organisations will be reduced by at least two hours, so make sure you find out the new timings. Public transport schedules (such as for the Dubai Metro) and paid parking hours will also change during the month.

Live music is banned in public places during Ramadan but recorded music may be allowed. While bars remain open at night, most night clubs are closed. Likewise, playing loud music either in cars or in private residences is considered impolite and should be avoided.

Some Muslims are exempt from fasting during Ramadan, so do not be surprised to see them eating as usual. These include the sick, elderly, pre-pubescent children, nursing mothers, pregnant or menstruating women and travellers.


oh here we go again........

You are Qatari. So do not worry. This is for non muslim brothers and sisters.

'.....Do accept Iftar invitations from friends or colleagues.....'',

Thanks for sharing . I Bow

That is the reason why the tent is put during ramadan. Majority those who come are Non-muslims. Happy for them.

This didnt need to be posted.

can we post fake pictures of dead people and claim that they are muslims killed in Burma during Ramadan?

Ramadan did not start yet. Do make a trip to Burma and get them on camera and post it.

Can we post fake pictures of hindus starved to death in Saudi during Ramadan and ask the world to take action?

... whilst listening to childrens songs with their family ..........

while traveling saudi transit via Palestine Iraq and afghanistan

While my wife is driving, blaring out children songs.......

is she participating in American Idol, oh no run everybody

This is the season to be celebrated together , Great !!

Please read this


no dont do it shakti he will say its fake

In Turkey, being a muslim majority secular state, people do whetever they want during Ramadan..even bars are open and restaurants are full in day time.. some people might enjoy their drink on the beaches while religious poeple can enjoy their holy month to the maximum with their family in a festival atmosphere.. WIth full respect to the laws and regulations in Middle East, I think that this is how it supposed to be in the rest of the world..

im glad someone posted this. at least i will not have some hard time during their abstinence of food and water...RAMADAN KAREEM!!

its ok those who have problems can go one month vacation to turkey

well...still we work to earn a living!

that's how it is supposed to be! Freedom. Freedom to fast, and freedom for those who don't want or are not Muslim not to be forced to this major constrictions. Because the relationship with God is personal and everyone should be free to choose it as they like. And if a Muslim cannot take the view of someone drinking a sip of water.....what are they doing Ramadan for???

Ramadan for themselves and Allah not for others

Have a good Ramadan everyone whatever your faith or lack of.....remember great everyone with respect and don't try and tell others what to do! That's not your job!

Relationship with God is personal. We are supposed to follow the orders of ALLAH because we (or lets say ME) are in this world today because of only ALLAH.

yes Allah created all, the original as well as fakes one

Allah did not create any one fake. It created every one original. But when send to earth few of the original by themselves became fake.

You have asked two far different questions simultaneously, someone will be around to clear this, soon ...

oh yes ! thank you for explaination

Your picture has more of an Iftar & less of a Ramadaan, just a thought ...

I am happy, though ...

i always think that Ramadan for them is an obligation and i think also that they know it only for abstinence because they must do so;because they're M's. not because its their willingness,some maybe doing it wholeheartedly. Dig more on your religion.

InshaAllah i will change it soon. :-)

To answer it short on your comment, actually it is not allowed to discuss religion here as per QL GUIDELINES. But Ramadan is one of the pillars of ISLAM and it is even important than performing HAJJ as it comes before HAJJ. So we have 5 pillars in islam and we muslims are supposed to follow the 5 pillars of islam.

forgive me if i misinterpret your doings. but as what i have observe of some people.please dont take this as a personal. RAMADAN KAREEM Shaktimaan.:)


mica.c said

'' ....Because the relationship with God is personal and ..''

and then

winkwank said '' ...please dont take this as a personal. ....:)''

its very different molten....

What is too hot to handle. Lol.

I don't understand why does everyone (non-muslims) have to hide from muslims who fast...

Isn't this a test to see how strong their faith, beliefs and convictions are? Or are they aware that without these rules people might stop fasting during Ramadan?

that's what we called RESPECT on their Religion so as they are respecting other Religion too.

anyways they could eat after sunset and before sunrise. not that tough.

shakti bhai thnks for sharing hope all non muslim brothers and sister including moza brother wud follow the above guidelines and respect muslims ppl in qatar and in QL RAMADAN KAREEM mubarak to u and all QL

It is like

... either you drive a Land Cruiser or are a pedestrian ... follow all the local rules , enjoy your rights but respect each other ..

We should follow the rules so the weak are not tempted, because if they are tempted them they will burn in hell for eternity and I have heard that is not nice.

While bars remain open at night?????????????

No Bars are open in Qatar PERIOD

Of course no bars are open in Qatar during Ramadan. The Qataris and the other Arabs need to be told to take a break for their livers sake.

People just copy and paste without reading and understanding.

Live music is banned in public places during Ramadan but recorded music may be allowed. While bars remain open at night, most night clubs are closed. Likewise, playing loud music either in cars or in private residences is considered impolite and should be avoided.

Read more: http://www.qatarliving.com/node/3435656#new#ixzz2161phQrY

I hope, Grocery shops/Supermarkets will remain open like last year, so can get food items & eat at home :)

Some of the grocery stores i know that are going to operate in their normal working hours are wal-mart and almeera :)

Should not force non-muslim not to eat in public. You should be Morocco.

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