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I am going to UK for holidays and am planning to visit Europe from there. I have already received my UK visa and want to apply for Schengen visa. My question is, is it compulsory to apply for the visa through the embassy of the country that I am going to visit first (port of entry) or I can apply through any Schengen country embassy.

The thing is I havn't planned my euro trip as yet and I don't know which country will I be visiting first.

Are they really strict with the port of entry or I can change my plans after I get my visa. Any information would be really helpful. Thanx


Travel insurance

hotel bookin

ticket telex copy

2 white back ground pic

sponsor NOC(depends)

passport copy

hmm Qr 296/-

doors of french embassy open till 8:30am.

good luck


thanks a lot for the info:)

still waiting for response from some1 for the port of entry question.

i found it easier to apply through italian embassy. I did once with french embassy, and once with italian. Soon need to apply another for xmas, this one will be german embassy.

Anybody have experience applying visa in German embassy?

1. Employment Certificate

2. Original Passport

3. Health Insurance

4. Six (6) month Bank Statement showing the Salary Transfer



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when i applied from Italian Embassy, i went to Spain first then Rome. Immigration in Spain never asked me anything.

which country did u mention in the schengen visa application form as ur main destination.. Spain or Italy?


shraddhay ... i cant remember what i put on the form , but the reason we did not go to Spanish embassy because there were no spanish embassy in Doha at that time. When i went to Italian embassy obviously i told them that i am going to Rome, if i said i want to go to Paris they will send me down to French Embassy.

sorry Shradday ... not much help here :-(

novita... thats exactly what the embassy of Italy and Netherlands told me over the phone. I guess I will go with the Italian embassy.

Thanks a lot novita. You were great help.

Any other suggestions for the trip do let me know.

uk too??? I need to get one done for someone to go to germany and then the uk

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I have an experience about student visa.i have applied from nepal it takes minimum one week and maximum 3 month for the visa .which type of visa u need ? But europe is tightened and tightened.Its to hard to grab the visa.But you can go embassy and aseked the form they will provide free .They will take little sum of penny.

Best of luck for your visa./

best Regards


no Schengen visa doesnt include UK. You will have to arrange for the UK visa separately. You can get more info n forms on

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No Charmed, as far as I know the UK is outside the Schengen visa scheme

I worked in the Visa & Passport Office (CIBT) in London and our rules for applying for a Schengen was you have to apply at the embassy of the country you will spending most of your time in. So for instance... Your going to France 2 days, Germany 2 days and Spain 5 days, in that order, you would have to apply at the Spanish embassy. They usually check that from your itinery. This is the Rule in the UK im not sure if its the same here.

Oh and make sure whichever embassy you apply at you actually visit that country. So many people in the UK applied at the French embassy because its so much easier but they never actually visited France... If you do that then the next time u apply for a Schengen they wont give you one. They always check the stamps in your passport against any old visa's so be careful. Mind you some people get away with it, but they are becoming alot stricter.

samayuk thanks for the info.. as from the information i received the rules are the same here as well.I am planning a backpack trip n not through some tours so I wont be having a sketched itinery. Would they be convinced?

Thank You Very Much For The Kind Information You Provided To Our fellow Member Shraddhay here. And i Hope You Dont Charge Him With Any Fees Thank you for Your Corporation :D


In the embassies in the UK they wouldnt proceed with an application with an itinery. You can even make one up yourself just a rough idea of where your going and the duration of each stay. But again i dont know how strict they are on that. The embassies in London were very strict on the itinery, and also about being able to provide means of funds. But just try to roughly make a plan, what passport do u hold? if u dont mind me asking, i know if its S.African then Good luck :D

Its not HIM its her DaRude..

SamyaUk I hold an Indian passport. I shall check about submitting the itinery here with the embassy.

Thanks a lot for the help.

take care

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Hi Novita, i am working her in Doha, Qatar and i am planning to visit my mother in Sweden because her car accident that almost brought her to Intensive Care Unit at Hospital. Do I need a bank statement or no need because they will be the one to support me financially while staying there(I have affidavit of support/ invitation letter with me) In your experienced.. How many days required to get the results of the schengen visa..will it takes one week or more than one week. Do i need to buy a an air ticket where i am still not sure if my application approve or not... Any reply would be in great help for Novita. Thanks advance Novita

Amigo, Novita's been gone a long time. You may want to post your question as a new Forum Topic.


Yes Mandilulur.... I hope anyone in this forum can possibly help my concerns.

Fo tracking only. thanks guys for the info.

Are you a Sweden national or a national of any of the 25 Schengen member countries? Since Sweden is also a member of an EEA you don't need any schengen visa to enter Sweden.

If you are not a national of any of the schengen country then you will need the following documents.

Download the application form from the net. Or you can get it from the embassy.

Yes, you need a bank statement showing your salary transfer for last 6 months. You can get it from any outlet of your bank, you can find these outlets in major shopping malls like City centre, Villageo, hyatt plaza or Landmark. They will charge you QR 60 approximately for that and it will take only few mins.

Have you taken an employment letter from your employer, stating your job and the date when you will resume.

You need port to port confirm air ticket. It is a must. Also you have to show the insurance documents.

Submit original passport with one photo copy of the same along with the invitation letter from your sponsor from Sweden and all details like their address and passport copy.

Schengen visa processing takes about 3 working days if all the documents are in order.

Time for submission of the application is 9 to 11 am. Visa fees is QR 280 approximately and you have to pay it in cash.

All the best!!!

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