Sex and Saudi

Airline worker arrested after boasting about his exploits on television

In this ultra-conservative kingdom, where husbands and wives rarely even kiss in public, many Saudis have been scandalised by a compatriot who spoke frankly about sex on satellite TV, showing off erotic toys and fantasising about joining the mile-high club.

More than 200 people have filed legal complaints against Mazen Abdul-Jawad, dubbed a "sex braggart" by the media, and Saudis say he should be severely punished. "His punishment should be as harsh as his sin," said Mohsen al-Awajy. "He has outraged everybody."

Mr Abdul-Jawad was detained a week ago for questioning. But his lawyer said the interview, which aired on the Lebanese-based LBC satellite TV station, was manipulated. He also said his client was not aware in many instances that he was being recorded. The LBC chief, Pierre Daher, refused to comment on the allegations.

The kingdom, the birthplace of Islam, enforces strict segregation of the sexes. An unrelated couple, for example, can be detained for being alone in the same car or having a cup of coffee in public. Saudis observe segregation even at home, where there are separate living rooms for male and female guests.

So Mr Abdul-Jawad's appearance on LBC's Bold Red Line programme on 15 July shocked Saudis who have rarely heard a fellow citizen publicly confess to such sexual exploits.

The segment began with the 32-year-old Saudi Airlines employee apparently talking about the first time he had sex – at age 14, with a neighbour. Then he leads viewers into his bedroom, dominated by red accessories, where the divorced father of four says "everything happens".

Another shot shows him in a red shirt and red slippers, with a stylish goatee, holding up blurred sex toys, a sex manual and a bottle he took from a box. "It's used for women who do not have sexual desire," he explains.

In another sequence, he greets three male friends at the door of his apartment in the western seaport of Jiddah. The four, who have since been detained by Saudi authorities, then briefly discuss what turns them on and how much "comfort" they get from sex. "One million per cent," notes Mr Abdul-Jawad.

Saudi papers have closely followed the saga, splashing the story on their front pages. Online viewers have posted comments laced with expletives and YouTube on Thursday disabled comments for the video.

Sulaiman al-Jumeii, Mr Abdul-Jawad's lawyer, has filed a lawsuit against the LBC satellite TV channel, which is controlled by the Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

Mr al-Jumeii said that LBC had led his client to believe that he was going to appear on a show aimed at helping couples who were too embarrassed to discuss sexual problems and that the sex toys were brought by the TV staff. LBC had not got his client's written approval for airing the segment, filmed more than seven months ago, as Saudi law stipulates, the lawyer added.

Mr Abdul-Jawad has not yet been charged. But in an interview with Okaz newspaper, he begged forgiveness from Saudi society for appearing on the show.

"I despised myself and felt low after I watched the episode," he said. "But the TV station aired only about 5 per cent of the interview ... you cannot imagine the anger that has swept through my family. Those close to me have harshly scolded me."

One of the most difficult moments, he said, was when his 14-year-old son brought him a newspaper with his father's picture in it. "He had tears in his eyes, he hugged me closely and said he was worried I would be jailed."

Promoting sex toys on national TV of a conservative country is outrageous!!


32 yrd old guy got 14 yr old son? he started at 14 and ended up being a father at 18....Preposterous!!

"I despised myself and felt low after I watched the episode,"

He should. He was a pillock out for his 15 minutes of fame..

By the way, Saudi does have kinky underwear shops and even a branch of ANN Summers.

Stupid. Doesn't know why bragging about these things is haram.

He has "sinned" and he is bragging about it..

So I'm assuming this guy is up for a Darwin award right?

Of course he has sinned , such an idiot . After knowing that he will be on TV and he knows his children will watch it too and now he is apologizing, After what .

Yeah, Gypsy. I'm sure some organisation will jump in and give him an award for fighting for 'freedom'.

Already Posted this story few weeks back by Winn

It is very sad to see some Muslims not only Saudi people loosing their values and trying to follow the west in every thing.

I will say Loudly yes lets follow the west but in the good things only.

Again who wants the mosque or church or temple will find them and who wants the bar or discos will find them.

It is you who decide to live in shit or to live in a beautiful unique life.

Andrews this is the updated version of that story... make sense this time:)

Some people just can't draw a line to their so called freedom of speech...!

If using so called sex toys and other items helps your sexual life, then keep it private.

Otherwise, you can't blame people for considering you to be a pervert.

You got exactly what you deserve, if not less than you truly deserve...


Obstacles are what you see when you set your eyes off the goal.

Hmm, I have to wonder about this one. Where is the responsibility of the station for airing this?

We have such programs back home and it is watch at your own accord. If the station aired this I would assume they have more responsibility to their viewers than some guy looking for 15 minutes of fame.


"Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock - Will Rogers"

hmmm i heard sex & the city , but sex & saudi sounds cool

maybe because i'm lebanese, maybe because i like LBC, i donno. why people are allowed to pray on TV? other show violence or even incite to kill.

I agree Amoud. The guy is a pillock for bragging about his fetishes, but surely the station and its management should cop some of the responsibility for this?

This topic is similar to the forum from last week about the Australian radio station that aired the lie detector test on the 14 year old rape victim. In that case the public were outraged at the station and its presenters for airing such rubbish, not at the guest. But in the Saudi case all teh fingers are being pointed at the Saudi guy, while so far LBC has escaped any serious criticism.

whatever choices he made bout appearing on the show/channel or not..why does he have to be punished for no harm done to anybody but himself/embarrasment to his immediate the issue that he talked about his far as i can see,he didnt admit to rape,killing another person while at why is he arrested and punished..?..waste of time for the police/law makers

Prayer is a little different than sex drsam. Prayer is something that is publicly acceptable in all faiths.


"Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock - Will Rogers"

Do you know what a Darwin Award is QL? A Chronicle of Enterprising Demises

Honoring those who improve the

accidentally removing themselves from it!

No Gypsy I didn't know what it was. Nice award :)

Your previous comment reminded me of some incidents where such ppl were sought by 'international' organisation to celebrate their audacity.

FS your heading sounds like the Sex and the City ;) You are learning fast lol


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I made a comment in another post where I was taken to task :)

The station, whichever it is , is using the fad of "reality" TV to sell its products. You will always find idiots like this coming out of the woodwork to get their 15 minutes of fame..

BTW, LBC is partly owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

what an idiot trying to blame it on the tv station saying he did not know he was being recorded. What did he think the cameras and all the mic were there for?? Showing them around his room saying the things he did, he was just trying to look cool and then got caught. Now he is trying to back-pedal.



tra la la

He also owns Rotana, which in Egypt airs a show dealing with realtionships, sexuality and even has an "agony aunt"..

He is a businessman and the channels are there to make money..

Well said.. I hope you keep your lethaer gear under lock and key :O)

is not about sexual liberty.It's more about the freedom of expression. People in Saudi have all the freedom they need but their are ssanctions in the way you express yourself in public.


- A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)

So does this guy regret his sexual exploits or does he regret publicly talkin about them?

It sounds like he regrets bragging about it on TV and not the acts themselves.

Alexa.. This is not hypocrite, as you're obviously implying. This is a societal responsibilty that aims to 'contain' sins and then everyone is answerable to Allah. Going public invites more participants. What part of this is hard to understand?

I can't help but be reminded of the latest run of news back home in that people keep getting arrested for putting videos of themselves doing illegal things on youtube. I mean really, whether or not you agree with the laws of Saudi or not, this guy Knows where he is living and knows the laws, so he did the crime and he should do the time. However the station that aired it (especially with its Saudi owner) should also be brought to task.

Alexa you are right, but when living in a conservative country he should have known the consequences of his action... now he is giving lame excuses!

Gypsy..Obviously he was assured he would be legally protected, given who the owner is.

Why there's too much hue and cry? He just admit what he did for his pleasure infront of the TV, that's it, cool!

PPPPFFFTTTTT. "Put not your trust in the princes of this world" (Isn't that in the Bible?)

Yes,he regrets talking about it. I'am sure Saudi's being the normal human beings they are,would have many people experimenting with sex.It's just that they don't go around bragging about it. I'am not sure if you read the story of a Saudi man ordering solid gold penis enlargement contraption!


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lebdrako.. why should he have to regret his acts..its his life..

So according to this guy who we can think of as a specimen of Saudi can do what you want as long as you don't get caught,

What is considered to be perverse or unacceptable in islamic countries IS taking place behind closed doors, and to solve that problem istead of punishing people who talk about it in the open they should tackle the core issue: oppression;

or else they will always get the "i'm not sorry for doing just sorry i got caught" reaction,

btw..solid gold? ya akhou el..!!

Wow, you gotta wonder who wins the "stupidity" award on this one - the airline worker, the LBC program or those who are watching, reading and licking their chops over all of this.


one of the very most repressive cultures in the world??

Please correct me if I am wrong.

It was illegal to show this type of stuff on Western TV 20 years ago (unless it was after midnight with a warning) so to me it's pretty natural that it should be illegal here.

It depends on where you stand. Saudi culture might appear repressive to the outside world but not to it's law abiding citizens who follow the religion and agree that their country has laws in accordance with the requirements. For us outsiders, it looks as if they are repressed/suppressed but IMO it's too much of a generalization.

For ex.,have we ever wondered about millions of Saudis living in harmony with the state? We just listen to these one off wierd stories and make our impression. That's a real problem.


- A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)

uh oh..mmyke..ur askin 4 it agree with u though..wait asec, while i get some pcorn n bit too early,no?

Do you guys believe in the notion of 'one step leads to the other'?

If this is acceptable, then the next step will be a Jerry Springer show!

Nothing sells better...


- Listen to Many...Speak to a Few -

ROFLMAO at the idea of a Saudi Jerry Springer. "My cousin slept with my camel!" "Brother accuses sister of behaving lewdly for showing her ankles in public!"

There are so many things done behind closed doors, and no one cares. But when it is brought out to the public, everyone is outraged. Isn't that normal? I have a gazillion friends from everywhere and with different beliefs. We talk about everything and anything, but once personal sex fantasies come up? -- that is just crossing the line. Why would I want to know what others are doing on that side of their lives? -- In Islam it is Haram to boast about your relationship with your wife/husband -- let alone freely talking about what shouldn't be done. Itha buleeytum, fa'istatiru !! That is what we learned growing up. What a shame, and how sad.

goodness, finally a show with good taste. :)

The irony is that the West considers Saudi as an equivalent to Jerry Springer...

What you said is true . The only thing i am thinking about is his children . The society wont leave them alone , the problem is that in the arab societies the reputation of the pearents reflect on the reputation of the children, that is why he was torn apart when his 14 year old brought the newspaper to him and told his father he would be jailed . The thought of jailed tortured him because if was jailed the society wont leave his kids alone . The problem is at the time he didnt think right but when his son came up and showed the newspaper then he reliased where his mistake was.

Gypsy.. that was rude..

mmyke..Exactly, you see the world based on what you are!

"Do you guys believe in the notion of 'one step leads to the other'?

If this is acceptable, then the next step will be a Jerry Springer show!"


..he would have boasted in front of the audience without realising the impact it would have on his future and kids. He is in a regretting mode now. I think he should be given some respite given that he is a family man.


- A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)

Qataria.. This is not rocket science :)

Have you noticed how Arab Channels are duplicating every single show?! I'm sure LBC ran this show as a test run..

tell me, in all honesty, that what I say is not true...objectively.

Yeah thats right . what about the smouching and all that crap in Staracademy .what do you expect from this chanel .

Pitstop, if it is haram to boast about such things, and I have no reason to believe it isn't, then why should a tv network be allowed to broadcast such content?

As Gypsy points out, until 20 years ago this sort of thing was illegal even in the west, and in fact most countries would still ban the broadcast of such content at certain times of the day to ensure that children are unlikely to view it.

Consider the situation of the Danish newspapers that published the cartoons of the prophet. Most people weren't outraged and offended by the cartoonist as an individual, but by the newspaper for publishing them, and eventually at the entire Danish population, leading to bans of Danish butter. Their anger was directed at the newspaper for endorsing and propagating the cartoons (rightfully) rather than just at the cartoonist. Without the newspaper agreeing to publish the cartoons, there woudl never have been an issue, and similarly in this instance, it was LBC who broadcast this guy's sex life into Saudi living rooms, so they too should be held partially responsible.

of course the LBC chanel should held responsible too , but i guess he knew that they will be broadcasting it on TV . so both are responsible for their action .

Ok forget the guy...where is this channel available....Hotbird or NileSat?

fubar.. You're right about holding LBC responsible, and I heard that some Saudi figures are demanding that LBC be censored in Saudi. But, again, given who the owner is, I predict that a scape-goat in the Channel will get fired and everything goes back to normal.


but it's just a omni tv not a specific on the subject jackmohan!

than most of the religious chanels selling religion, turning TV to a mere radio.

the outrageous "christian TV" where a priest heals people live on air!

or the quran verses read, while on the creen it's legal prostitution, girls posting their sizes and likes for misyar or temporary mariage.

LBC has been known for its programs.

Why shouldn't LBC be censored in Saudi?

Magazines and printed matter covering the very same topics would be censored, so why is TV given the freedom to broadcast offensive content?

LBC is not a tabloid station though. jaras tv is to me!

well, i hope he will learn his lesson when is throughly dealt with, because if you got such a thing it should be to your own private why making it public?

Its all about trying to get ratings.. The amount of publicity this has generated probably means that more and more people are tuning into the channel now..

Why would anyone, especially Saudis, want to tune in to see men talk about their preferred positions while waving around sex toys? I would have thought that this would be bad publicity for LBC, but maybe I've misjudged the viewers.

“Another shot shows him in a red shirt and red slippers, with a stylish goatee, holding up blurred sex toys, a sex manual and a bottle he took from a box. "It's used for women who do not have sexual desire," “

Would love to know what’s in the bottle :O)

It's lemon gin Brit ;)

I thought maybe it was video head cleaner...

Its not always necessary following the western value. When it itch down there, what can you do. We are all human being with feelings. I don't blame him for that.

I had the same doubt...then I thought maybe am am

He's just an idiot on TV, and I'm sure he was shocked when this aired.

He probably sat with the reporters for hours speaking about many things, then for 10 minutes started talking about this stuff (I'm sure he was trying to impress a Lebanese female reporter - he was thinking with the small head that doesn't have a brain).

They will throw books at him.

I won't get into the extend of the books that will be launched in his direction, but. Books will fly.


in middle east have a greater sexual apetite due to their food habits lol ;) They eat dates,palms,olive and khoboos which m akes them more ho**y...Not sure if it's


- A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)

ROFL.... I'm guessing ver heavy book :O)

Why is it that the term Lebanese is a recurring one in this thread ?


- A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)

aphrodisiacs are plenty in every culture. from oysters, to cumcumber, to rhinoceros horn...

what makes them hornier is scarcity i believe hehehe!

not everyday one have the chance to get s*x but when he does, ya mama!

lol..otherwise I was thinking of following the same diet...LOL


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Not only middle eastern menu, Guinness Stout + Raw Egg should do

groundnut to have the same quality if had with jaggery lol


- A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)

Viagra will be depleted then

Lebdrako, this is about a program aired on LBC.

...About the sexual endeavors of a ?

check out another thread on the main page here.


- A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)

Hehe, Gypsy you are definately East Coast all the way if you make reference to "panty remover".

Any of you Brits remember that show "Queer as Folk"? I tell you, if this is indeed a stepping stone and will set the presidence for all future TV here I sure hope it doesnt get to that point. That show was just gross.... ____________________________________________________

"Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock - Will Rogers"

And I presume that the most outraged people were immaculate! Let's be serious....

Queer As Folk wasn't all that different to Sex and the City in my book.

Both were about a bunch of desperate whores sleeping with anything on two legs.

Queer as Folk was at least funnier then the L word.

At least the guys on QAF weren't seen as 'aspirational'. There are any number of girls who want to grow up and be Samantha....

The QAF guys, in both the UK and American versions weren't held up as role models. If anything their character flaws were a major part of the plot. Sex and the City seemed to me at least to be convincing girls to sleep around and have fun and life will be endless cosmos, frocks, 6 inch heels, and all that casual sex will be ever so rewarding and empowering....

6 inch heels are too high for any women fubar.

I like women in six inch heels.. Preferably with fishnets..

sorry but i think this is boring topic in qatark pleas stop it dont discuss more

proud&pure PAKISTANi

Seems that you missed these ladies in burqa back home.

Brit - 6 inch heels with Fishnet..

Wy it reminds me of you cruising around Chinese Dolls in Ramada Parking... :)


Man created religion ..not GOD... get over it guys...- FS

Just picture a 4' 11" tiger lily , made up like Marcel Marceiue teetering around on six inch heels .....

Perfection !

Brits - ha ha

Ya not difficult to picture...

Centre of Gravity is above the Arrrrsssss but out of the body...

I feel bad for the Spinal Cord and Calf muscles...

Poor things have to bear the brunt for chicks to look better..... :)


Man created religion ..not GOD... get over it guys...- FS

It would make the hip muscle more stronger anyway, for continuous usage. Gud news for these guys

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